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~ Richard, Peter and Vineeto

From July 1998 through to September 2006 the directors of The Actual Freedom Trust operated and maintained a public forum, as an adjunct to this web site, so as to facilitate a sharing of experience and understanding and to thus assist in elucidating just what is entailed in becoming either actually or virtually free from the human condition.

Over the course of those eight years which that purposely unmoderated discussion list operated a wide range of topics were canvassed by peoples from many walks of life – from those in alignment to what is actual, from those opposed to what is actual, and from those anywhere in between – and an enormous amount of informative material was archived on this web site as a direct result.

Please note that the numbering for the correspondents of Richard and the correspondents of Peter and Vineeto is independent, i.e. Richard’s Respondent No 2 is not the same as Peter’s and Vineeto’s Respondent No 2. For those interested there is a comparative numbering list here.

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