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Peter to Subscriber No. 8

30 JANUARY 2010

SUBSCRIBER NO. 8: Hi Richard/ Peter/ Vineeto,

I would like to use this 30-day direct route opportunity to ask questions about my practice, its pitfalls and for direction.

8 yrs ago, I accidentally started questioning myself – what is my intent in this present moment? What is the motive behind my thought/ action in this present moment? When the questioning process hits the target (ex: underlying fear/ anger/ past experience was exposed after severe focus and will to bring it out) it felt as if a potent and raw part of my being was touched and if I was persistant enough it would eventually drouse me with a relief/ loss of burden/ sweetness. Those were the only significant moments so far in my life that are worth living for. All the insecurities about future felt un-relevant in that moment. I realized that I didn’t need anything (money, job, rewarding situations, etc.,) to be happy (or to enjoy life). I just have to come out of my veil and stay in that sweetness.

PETER: Given that you are talking about your own particular practice, which appears by what you have said to have nothing at all to do with becoming harmless, I have no idea what you mean by ‘stay in the sweetness’.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 8: Later on, the Actual freedom concept (if I can use that word) has appealed to me bigtime. I found some basic similarity with the method that I tried.

PETER: I can’t see any ‘basic similarity’ at all between ‘the actual freedom concept’ and the method you tried, as an actualist’s intent/ motive never needs questioning, it is always crystal clear – to become happy and harmless, no what matter the end cost.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 8: Now, when I try to apply HAIETMOBA, I find myself doing investigation of the situation/ mood which gives me some relief and objectivity. However and I am not able to touch that purity like before (maybe my intent is not strong enough like before?) and also I am not able to progress to the next level. I know that my questions are pretty basic for your achievement. I hope that I explained my situation well and I really appreciate your time and patience in guiding me through.

PETER: I have written hundreds of thousands of words on the subject of putting the actualism method into practice, all of which are available on the AF website. If none of them have been of help to you, you are far better off asking such questions of your peers on the Yahoo mailing list rather than asking them of me.

My priority in the remaining time left on this mail-out facility is to answer questions from those who have read and understood the aim and purpose of this mail-out, particularly points 7 & 8.

7. This mail-out facility is only for those ready and willing to join the three of us here in this actual world ... and sooner rather than later.

8. This mail-out facility is not yet another cross-chat/ peer-group discussion forum – both the Yahoo general discussion group and the Google private discussion group already serve that purpose admirably – but is instead a 30-day opportunity to intensify an already-heightened awareness of immanent destiny, which the long-awaited public announcement must have surely awakened in all but the jaded, whereby interacting only one-on-one (hence the deliberate choice of the mail-out format) with those newly here in this actual world, whilst their immediate reports are refreshingly raw and direct, can only have a beneficial effect on anyone genuinely ‘ready and willing’ to join us here in paradise. ‘Tis a unique opportunity – a never before and never again opportunity – to be history in the making. (Announcement)

Cheers … Peter

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