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Peter to Subscriber No. 9

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16 JANUARY 2010

SUBSCRIBER NO. 9: Congratulations Peter and Vineeto I’m so happy to hear of your success!!!!

I’d like to hear more about the quality of sweetness that you describe. It seems unfamiliar so I’m probably misunderstanding it.

PETER: Hi No. 9,

I’ll just repost what I had written about this stage of my becoming actually free so as to put any comments I might make into context.

Peter: ‘Some time in the evening of a day of delightfully relaxed reminiscings, reflections and musings, I leaned forward wondering what it was like for Richard living in the actual world of people, things and events as distinct from living in a self-created illusionary bubble of one’s own making. Wondering about the nature of his experiencing, I suddenly became aware of a quite extraordinary sweetness – a sweetness that was palpable rather than feeling based. I heard the words ‘This is not only for me, this is for everybody’ as I was literally being bathed in this sweetness.

‘This all-consuming experience of sweetness lasted perhaps less that a minute but this precursor left me with the utter confidence to proceed further into the actual world – indeed it was so seductive an experience that I was literally compelled to investigate further. Peter, Announcement

As I indicate the nature of this experience of sweetness was palpable (as in sensate-like, although the sweetness was not accompanied by either taste, touch, smell sensations, nor did it have any auditory or visual aspects to it) rather than being feeling based.

Also the reason I added a footnote to the experience of sweetness is that it was an experience I had that indicated for me what lay at the end of my path to actual freedom – what I later took to be a ‘sensuous direct experience of the benignity, purity and perfection of the paradisaical playground-like world that flesh and blood body-only humans actually live in.’ Richard, in his inserted note on the exact same event, wrote –

Richard: ‘... as he had profound intimation of words portraying the philanthropic nature of altruistic ‘self’-sacrifice he expressed how sweet ‘his’ ending was to be; he spoke with soft intensity of how ‘he’ would go gladly into a sweetness of such all-consuming magnitude, of how sweetful a demise it was such that no human could ever have possibly wished for; of how there was no (expected) fear so vast as to best be called dread whatsoever; of how there was no darkness, no blackness, no abyss, no whatever, at all but, instead, only this incredible all-encompassing sweetness to go blessedly (my word not his) into oblivion with.’ Richard, Announcement

I have no doubt that I also said these words given that the pre-actually free Peter’s intention (as well as Vineeto’s intention) all along had been to lay a direct route path to an actual freedom (avoiding Enlightenment) and he could see no reason that such a direct route should be as torrid, tortuous or traumatic as experienced by the initial discoverer of the actual world of people, things and events. the sweetness he experienced at the end of his path could be seen as a sign of success in that the path he pioneered together with Vineeto did not lead to a traumatic end for ‘him’ but a sweet, smooth and seamless transition to becoming actually free from the human condition.

A careful reading of my account of becoming actually free as compared to Vineeto’s account will reveal that my account talks of a three stage process, the first of which was my experience of sweetness whereas Vineeto’s account mentions only a single notable event remarkably similar to my last stage.

Given this variance it appears that my particularly outstanding experience of a palpable sweetness could very well be unique only to me given my role as a pioneer of this new direct route (with the usual caution given the small evidence sample thus far) and the most outstanding memory I have of what I said at the time was that ‘This is not only for me, this is for everybody’ – a patently obvious demonstration of an actual caring for others in action.

I also advise re-reading Vineeto’s account for her differing but similar description of her experiences of sweetness in the days leading up to ‘her’ demise so that you can gain a fuller understanding of the ‘quality of sweetness’ for yourself and by yourself. I also recommend reading Vineeto’s response to No. 10’s question dated posted on Friday, January 15, 2010 on the Direct Route mail-out for more of her experiences of sweetness.

In short, this is an excellent topic to muse over as it is about the crucial role that a near-actual caring for one’s fellow human beings plays in the process of becoming actually free. In fact, what is evident is that without this vital ingredient in one’s intent the whole pursuit of an actual freedom will remain an utterly ‘self’-centred desire – doomed to perpetual stagnation and ongoing failure.

Given that I had only one mentor to follow, I know that I spent a good deal of time and effort in checking out Richard’s experiences and seeing if they worked for me – I had to chuckle at No. 2’s recent report of attempting to die as I spent many a night in a futile attempt to do the same. Given that there are now two reports of the direct route and presumably more to follow sooner rather than later, it is important to take note of the similarities – what may well be generic (applicable to all) – and what may well be specific (individual idiosyncrasies).

Again it is important to point out what was most important aspect of ‘my’ freedom (and confirmed by Vineeto’s subsequent freedom) –

Peter: ‘What pleases me most about becoming actually free of the human condition is how easy it was for me, which means that there is no reason that it should not be equally easy for those who will follow in my footsteps, and Vineeto has already proven that this is the case.’ Peter, Announcement

As I said at the end of my report – Such perfection ...

To which I would now add – and such magic!

SUBSCRIBER NO. 9: Also I’d really like to hear more about the experience of becoming actually free and how things changed afterward, Some things you wrote about are very familiar to me and based on your descriptions it’s possible I may have come close to attaining an actual freedom myself a year ago. My identity collapsed which seemed like glimpsing the absolute – it wasn’t spiritual in any way, but absolute seemed a good word for it. That collapse was immediately followed by a series of prolonged intense PCEs, and when they faded I could sense there was a distance between my experience and the actuality – very much like the veil Peter described – an upon noticing it the gap disappeared and the PCE returned in full force. The PCEs and the ability to immediately close the gap between ‘me’ and the PCE lasted for a few days then faded.

PETER: I don’t think I can add further to the report posted other than respond as I am currently to specific questions raised.

As to how things changed afterwards, given that some of the changes are still taking place in a world that is unfamiliar to me (given that I have been locked out of it for so long) I prefer to write about it at some other time with more clarity than I could do now. Also my attention is focussed on the current list of questions more directly related to the long-awaited announcement.

Cheers ... Peter

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