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Vineeto to Subscriber No. 19

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24 JANUARY 2010

Hi No. 19,

SUBSCRIBER NO. 19: Congrats Peter and Vineeto. Immensely great news.

How do you know that this is a permanent thing and not just a PCE – or in other words how is it different than 5-month PCE lady ... what gives it the stamp of permanence?

VINEETO: I know it by the way it happened. A PCE used to happen inadvertently – all of a sudden the identity had slipped into abeyance and there the world was sparkling and clear and free from affective perception. In my later PCEs I always knew that they would fade, as they had done in the past and that the identity would return to where ‘I’ had been before. Sometimes I could glean valuable information from the PCE, sometimes it was just a wonderful encouraging reprieve from being ‘me’ but whenever the identity reverted to normal transmission ‘I’ knew that ‘I’ still had a job to do – I had not yet arrived.

The ‘stamp of permanence’, as you put it, is clearly evident in the way it happened. In the Announcement I have given my report of the events that preceded the final event and it was clear to me that ‘I’ was approaching my final hour. I had never ever experienced that preceding a PCE. When the last bit of identity slipped quietly away, expressed by my sentence ‘we have all the time in the world’, there was such a remarkable stillness that I knew with certainty that IT had happened. I did not ask Richard, what he thought – I told him what had happened. I was particularly amused that the event took Richard by surprise as he had experienced none of the magical events that had happened in the two stages before Peter became actually free. (see (R) Footnotes in the Announcement.

In the chat that followed I made some further observations of what had changed in a quite remarkable manner – as I have already described in my emails before. The whole event was so un-PCE-like in its finality that the thought that this could be a PCE never ever occurred.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 19: Vineeto you wrote,

[Vineeto]: ‘The next morning was the real test – I half-expected that I had reverted back to normal but the world was just a brilliant, beneficial and wunderbar as I had experienced it the night.’ [endquote].

Who is this I (referred in the quote above) now?

VINEETO: The actual flesh-and-blood body, of course.

If you are making a grammatical comment, then I can see that the sentence is not 100% right – I would have to phrase it entirely different – something like: ‘It was so ordinary/ normal, I half-expected that the identity had crept back in overnight ...’

SUBSCRIBER NO. 19: and did you have thoughts/ expectation that normality would return?

Vineeto: As I said, half-expectation, as a final check. And just to be clear about this, what did not return was the ‘normality’ that ‘I’ as an emotional entity experienced prior to actual freedom but the ‘brilliant, beneficial and wunderbar’ ordinariness that this flesh and blood body sans identity experiences. As a normal identity I would have called this experience extra-ordinary, of course.

In other words, because an actual freedom is permanent, the actual world is not experienced in the same way as I experienced a PCE (with a WOW-factor) but is a taken for granted everyday experience – with that extra magical element that it is always utterly perfect.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 19: Post extinction of identity, how does one operate. Is there a complete break away from the pre-event order of things or does something still linger from the past?

VINEETO: Some things are very simple because the flesh-and-blood body knows how to do most things such as getting up in the morning, taking a bath/swim, making breakfast, answering the phone, typing words, reading and so on. The difference is that doing these things now is a play and a delight and no emotional interference ever occurs.

A lot of things are of course new and I am still finding out. As I said before, I only had a few interactions with identities, and living with two actually free men is an ongoing delight. Some remnant hangovers of my old identity, such as habitual patterns have already come up and are now in process of vanishing/ have vanished and I am sure some will still occur. However, with no emotional ties to impede the operation of a bare awareness/apperception, this is a fairly quick and easy task.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 19: Does universe is infinite a certainty now? And can you explain about how do you know it with so much certainty.

VINEETO: It has been a certainty for me for a long time, intellectually understood at first, that there can’t be a ‘something’ let alone a ‘nothing’ beyond the imagined borders of the universe and any such ideas were experientially confirmed in my PCEs as being nothing other than human imagination in operation. However, about a week ago, I clearly experienced this consciousness being without limits and the vast stillness of the infinite universe became fully apparent. I then experienced it as a fact that I am this infinite universe experiencing itself as a flesh-and-blood conscious human being. This experience occurred again today but is not yet an ongoing moment-to-moment experience. Richard reported that it took him several years to realize the full depth and purity of an actual freedom.

It’s still early days.

Cheers Vineeto

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