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26 JANUARY 2010

SUBSCRIBER NO. 24: I once asked Peter if he thought he was any closer to the goal of actual freedom than when he had first started. If I recall correctly Peter you said that you were no closer than when you had started. Something about the door to actual freedom always being open and it being a matter of mustering up enough intent to walk through. Is this characterization of your answer correct? Is that how it was?

PETER: A search of the AF website revealed the following snippet from our previous conversation. This seems to be what you are referring to –

[Subscriber No. 24]: Is fear still a factor at that point? How far away from it do you think you are?

[Peter]: I am in fact still the same step away from being actually free as I was at the start, the only difference – and it is no small difference – is that I have stripped away all of the excuses I used to have as to why I shouldn’t take that step.

I recently heard Richard say that becoming virtually free of malice and sorrow is something you do ‘in the meantime’ – meaning it is something you do if you are not yet free of the human condition. My experience is that unless one is willing to make that level of commitment to actualizing peace on earth, then one might as well forget the whole notion of becoming free of the human condition, because otherwise, what one would be doing in essence would be ‘waiting for Godot’. Peter, List AF No.92, 5.1.2006

To me the conversation is quite clear but if you have a specific question relating to what I said at the time I am happy to answer it.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 24: What I am getting at is, at that final moment did it seem as though all your work had culminated into something.


The circumstances were such that in the preceding hours prior to the final seamless moment betwixt being a ‘feeling being’ and becoming actually free I never looked back to what ‘I’ had done previously and nor did ‘I’ look forward. ‘I’ stood still, as it were, thereby enabling me to give my full attention to what was happening, as it was happening.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 24: Or that it was just a matter of getting the ‘courage’ so to speak to break on through?


Neither ‘my’ courage nor ‘my’ lack of courage played any part ‘to break on through’ as you put it.

In hindsight I would say that pure intent (almost unimpeded by ‘me’) was operating from ‘my’ side hence ‘I’ had no choice, hence no say in the matter of becoming free. Magic very soon happened in that ‘I’ had an extra-ordinary experience of a palpable totally non-affective sweetness as I described in my initial report after becoming actually free. This experience of sweetness was for me the precursor to the final end of ‘me’ as an illusionary parasitical identity.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 24: I know the beginning is work, as far as getting things off the ground, but was there a sense of getting closer the more insights you gained?

PETER: No. The sense of getting closer only happened after Irene’s death (Richard’s former companion in his enlightened years and for a few years after he became actually free). The ‘blockage’ she created whilst being alive has already been described in the Announcement.

Prior to Irene’s death the major insight I had was that my freedom was inextricably linked to the success of the convivium project – which in the end proved to be precisely the case.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 24: Thanks, No. 24

PETER: A pleasure to be able to make things clearer for you, and others, of course.

Cheers ... Peter

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