Introducing Actual Freedom

Actual Freedom – The Third Alternative

Please note that the entire text of the Introduction was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

Everybody has had a pure consciousness experience sometime in their life where, for a brief period, one magically finds oneself in a ‘self’-less state of sensate-only experiencing and the perfection and purity of the actual world – the fairy-tale like physical universe – becomes stunningly and sensuously apparent.

The pure consciousness experience offers a glimpse or window out from the ‘real’ world everyone is born into (and therefore assumes to be all there is), and one suddenly finds oneself in the unimaginable, magical, fairytale-like actual world.

A pure consciousness experience is a temporary, ‘self’-less and sensuous experience of the perfection and purity of the actual universe. A PCE offers a glimpse or window out from the ‘real’ world everyone is born into (and therefore assumes to be all there is), and one suddenly finds oneself in the unimaginable, magical, fairytale-like actual world.

For a brief period, there is no ‘self’ as a mediator, interpreter, censor or spoiler. All is directly evidenced by the physical senses to be pure, perfect, delightful. One’s intelligence is freed of any emotions and affective feelings – thinking becomes benign, clear and concise – free of malice and sorrow. The already-existing innate purity and perfection that becomes stunningly apparent in this ‘self’-less state instantly renders redundant the need for any morals, ethics or any kind of ‘self’-control. With awareness and intelligence operating totally freed from the Human Condition, ‘I’ can then be clearly seen for what ‘I’ am – a parasitical identity who is the source of ‘my’ own suffering and ‘my’ own malice.

This physical universe is clearly seen to be already perfect and it is obvious that it is only what goes on in human heads and hearts – the Human Condition, manifest in each of us as a personal ‘self’ – that is the cause of the appalling human malice and sorrow. It is also clear that the affective instinctual passions – the loves and loyalties, the impulses and urges as well as the ideals and beliefs that human beings are willing to fight and kill for, or to suffer and die for – are the root cause of human malice and sorrow. One’s own ‘self’-inflicted problems lie in the very feelings and emotions that arise from the animal instinctual passions – and the PCE experientially confirms this fact.

For an actualist, the pure consciousness experience becomes one’s guiding light and to live that pure experience 24 hrs. a day, every day, becomes one’s sincere intent.

The Pure Consciousness Experience leads to the cultivation and activation of …

From the experience and the memory of the purity and perfection experienced in the ‘self’-less state of the pure consciousness experience one can glean pure intent.

With pure intent as one’s guideline one will not settle for any ‘ego’-less Altered State of Consciousness. One will settle for nothing less than living the ‘self’-less pure consciousness experience of actual purity and perfection, 24 hrs. a day, every day.

By the time one reaches adulthood one has a fully developed sense of ‘real’-world cynicism. This attitude to life on earth is fuelled by societal spiritual and religious beliefs that life on earth is meant to be a suffering existence and that ultimate peace and happiness is only possible after physical death in a mythical after-life.

This view is further reinforced and strengthened by the commonly-held ancient belief that children are born ‘innocent’ and are corrupted by ‘evil’ or ‘wrong thinking’ since birth. These beliefs combine to form the unanimous view that ‘life’s a bitch’, and ‘you can’t change Human Nature’ – the deeply cynical concepts that underpin the Human Condition.

Abandoning these cynical ‘real world’ and ‘spiritual world’ beliefs about human existence is essential if one is to even consider becoming free of the Human Condition. In order to begin the process of changing human nature in oneself, one needs to re-activate and cultivate one’s innate naiveté – the closest one can get to innocence while still remaining a ‘self’.

In the pure consciousness experience the direct experience of the purity and perfection of the actual world becomes suddenly apparent and ‘who’ one was literally moments before magically fades away as though a distant and discordant memory. One’s fears and battles, troubles and worries, anger and sadness disappear along with one’s very persona, for the PCE is a ‘self’-less state. In the PCE it becomes inconceivable that human beings could be malicious to each other to the point of waging war and sorrowful to the point of suicide whilst living on this delightful, bountiful, paradisiacal planet.

Many people who have had PCEs are subsequently moved to do something about the Human Condition on the planet and then set about attempting to change others, their partners or ‘society’ at large. What they forget, or ignore, is the fact that they have only briefly experienced this state of personal freedom from malice and sorrow when they themselves were in a ‘self’-less state – in short that the problem is ‘me’ and my passions and not ‘others’ and their passions.

The world already abounds with over 6 billion people all busy trying to change each other according to their own insights, beliefs, whims, morals or ethics – an exercise in utter futility that does nothing but further contribute to human malice and sorrow. It is vital to the process of becoming free of the Human Condition that one fully and utterly comprehends that the only person one needs to change, and indeed can change, is oneself.

Continually attempting to change others or demanding that others change is but to fight, battle and seek power over others and when these attempts inevitably fail, disappointment, resentment and anger arise. The perpetual failure of men and women to live together in equity, peace and harmony is a poignant proof of this instinctual emotional pattern in action.

As is evident from the PCE, the only way to evince genuine peace and harmony with one’s fellow human beings is to have no ‘self’ at all – no ‘me’ who feels offended, or who instinctually feels the need to fight with others. To become actually innocent, actually free of all feelings of malice and sorrow, is the means to both finding personal peace and happiness and to be able to live in peace and harmony with one’s fellow human beings.


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