Introducing Actual Freedom

The Traditional ‘Spiritual’ Solutions

Please note that the entire text of the Introduction was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

traditional Eastern spiritual belief ...

Eastern religions are generally henotheistic in that they believe in a single creator God and yet allow worship of other Gods or Goddesses believing them to be manifestations of the supreme deity or are non-theistic in that they ascribe no personal attributes to the Divine energy that supposedly permeates the universe. Whilst Western religions believe that one’s soul is immortal, deathless and eternal and after physical death will live forever in God’s presence, Eastern religions often propose that a chosen few can achieve a personal constant state of God-realization or Enlightenment whilst on earth prior to their final Union after physical death.

The other fundamental concept underpinning Eastern religion is that life on earth is ultimately ‘unsatisfactory’ and that one’s soul is continually reborn into earthly suffering and only through pure acts, pure thoughts and devotion can one hope to be reborn at a ‘higher level’ in order to be able to finally transcend this cycle of earthly suffering via Enlightenment.  The state of Enlightenment is not only venerated as a permanent state of Godliness and blissfulness, but it is regarded as necessary in order to be able to achieve a final release from the endless miserable cycle of re-birth upon physical death into an ‘other-worldly’ Greater Reality.

The means to achieve Enlightenment is to dissociate from the physical world through the practice of meditation and ‘right thinking’ such that one can eventually transcend the physical world of the senses and tune into a Greater Reality. In this other world’ one not only connects with, and identifies with, the ‘good’ and holy feelings such bliss, compassion, truth, beauty, oneness, unity and wholeness but one can also literally feel as though on is at one with’ the Creator, be it a He, She or It.

the failure of traditional

The fashionable practice of meditation, sitting silently and retreating from the world of the senses, is a means of dissociating from the physical world and retreating into an imaginary ‘inner’ world where feeling and fantasy are free to run riot. One is actively extolled to abandon sensible thought, to surrender one’s will to a divine Energy or Entity, and to completely trust one’s feelings. This practice of giving full reign to one’s ‘good’ instinctual passions and narcissistic imagination while denying and attempting to transcend the ‘bad’ instinctual passions and grim reality has inevitably led to an impassioned delusion – the delusion of mortal human beings believing themselves to be God-realized or immortal God-men.

The Eastern religious fervour for worshipping mortal men and women as immortal Gods is an affront to intelligence that does nothing but perpetuate human misery, suffering and enslavement to ancient fears and ignorance. Any chance of an actual peace on earth is readily and eagerly forfeited for an imaginary peace after physical death … or, for the rare few, the chance to feel like God-on-earth.

In addition, Eastern spiritual belief has it that human existence on earth is a ‘necessary suffering’ and that ultimate peace and fulfillment lies ‘elsewhere’, after death. This ‘necessary suffering’ is in fact the Human Condition of malice and sorrow and includes war, murder, rape, torture, domestic violence, corruption, despair and suicide. With this belief that all this suffering is necessary to human existence firmly habituated on the planet it is no wonder that human suffering and resentment continue to flourish.

Extolling these primitive superstitions and beliefs of Eastern spiritualism as great wisdom or even the ‘Truth’ is to actively deny that it is the instinctual passions – both the revered Good and the repressed Bad – that are the root cause of human malice and sorrow. Indulging in the practice of denial and the belief of transcendence only serves to prevent one from undertaking the common sense investigation that can bring an irrevocable end to one’s personal malice and sorrow.


So far, we have seen that this infinite and eternal, perfect and pure physical universe has materially manifested and evolved luxuriant and abundant carbon-based life on this planet. The human species, the most sophisticated of these life forms, capable of thinking, planning and reflecting, represents the pinnacle of the emergence and development of life, as we know it, in the universe. At present the human species has developed to the point where an increasing proportion of the population are enjoying unprecedented safety, comfort, leisure and pleasure.

so far, so bad ...

So far, we have seen that the Human Condition on the planet is still epitomized by malice and sorrow as exemplified by all the wars, murders, rapes, domestic violence, corruption, sadness, depression and suicide. We have further seen that malice and sorrow are the direct result of a genetically-encoded instinctual survival program located in the primitive animal brain in the human animal and that it is this ancient genetically-encoded program that gives rise to the animal instinctual passions of fear, aggression, nurture and desire that are so evident in human beings.

so far, so sad ...

So far, we have seen that all the well-meaning traditional moral and ethical attempts to curb the worst excesses of human malice and sorrow have failed, are still failing, and always will fail to evince anything remotely resembling peace and harmony amongst human beings.

so far, so mad ...

So far, we have seen that praying to mythical Gods and trusting and hoping for a mythical freedom from suffering in an imaginary life after death, or aiming for spiritual enlightenment, is nothing other than a senseless denial and an impassioned delusion based solely on primitive beliefs and superstitions.

There is, however, a third alternative to either remaining ‘normal’ or becoming ‘spiritual’, and this third alternative offers a genuine and actual freedom from the Human Condition of malice and sorrow.

A way has now been pioneered to ‘re-program’ the human brain such that one can safely delete one’s instilled social programming of morals, ethics, beliefs, spiritual superstitions and psittacisms.

One is then able to ‘dig deeper’ and evince an extinction of the insidious influence of the genetically-encoded instinctual animal passions of fear, aggression, nurture and desire.

Given that each and every individual human being is both socially and genetically programmed it is therefore purely a personal task to free oneself from malice and sorrow.

One simply needs to unselfishly devote one’s life to the pioneering task of irrevocable change by seizing the immediate opportunity of investigating the Human Condition in operation in oneself ... as one’s ‘self’.

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