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Child; Children; Grand-Children; Child-Raising; Parenting

1. The genetically-inherited instinctual passion of nurture [means that] one will of course be driven by blind nature to take care of one’s children instinctually.

2. Given your previous description of your primal response to your children’s actions it would appear that being cognisant of the role of ‘mother’ does not necessarily free you from being a mother.

3. I say the same to my grandchildren when they are hurt, desolate or crying as I say to any body and every body – no body is special – which is: all mental-emotional-psychic suffering is an unnecessary and self-inflicted wound.

4. This [being driven to keep your children alive] is undeniably the basic instinctual passion of nurture: to provide, protect, support, cultivate, nourish ... blind nature’s rough and ready survival package.

5. I not only ‘observed’ my biological children from birth onward, I actively participated in finding out about myself, life, the universe and what it is to be a human being through intimate interaction at the grass-roots level of association ... bonding, nurturing and protecting.

6. For far too long has a benighted ‘humanity’ imposed its values and beliefs upon its children – the newest recruits to the human race – to easily shake them off.

7. [No emotions at all pass through my heart when I see my children and grandchildren as] I experience all people equally with the same actual intimacy ... no separation whatsoever.

8. There were four children from the first marriage (...) they are all adults now and are living their own lives as they see fit ... which means that I never, ever give them any unsolicited advice.

9. The sight of tiny children with unnecessarily bloated bellies and protruding eyes all covered with unnecessary pestilent running sores lying on their unnecessary death-beds on the rubbish-strewn sidewalks tore at my ‘divine’ heart and on down to the depths of my ‘divine’ being (I was the full suite of transcendent feelings back then) and I knew that this ‘divine’ nonsense had gone on long enough.

10. Are you seriously trying to tell me that all the sexually abused babies and all the sexually abused infants and all the sexually abused children of any gender in the world are happy whilst it is happening?

11. The biological parents of that six-year old boy were non-religious, non church-going people (and still are to this day for as far as I know) ... it was the ‘loving believers’ in the small-town community that I was referring to who turned their righteous anger upon that child and threatened eternal damnation.

12. Children quite often have ready access to a very effective ... um ... radar system (their ability to detect bovine faecal matter when they are acutely feeling the ‘vibes’ that betray the superficial urbane, genteel and cultivated manners of an adult).

13. I am the father of four children and have seven grandchildren and I have had ample time to observe ‘the spontaneous joy and intense awareness in the environment an infant displays in the early months of life’.

14. None of the supposed ‘innocence of children’ comes anywhere near to the matchless purity of the innocence of the actual.

15. My question is this: why does someone wish it upon all the children of the future that they be born of parents with a (currently) brute nature?

16. What use is a bodiless peace? How is that going to help, for example, the 40,000 children that die each year from preventable diseases?

17. Experiments have been done in order to determine when the ‘theory of mind’ develops in children (which research is important to take personally because all adults were children before they were adults).

18. I saw how ‘I’ was treating ‘my’ wife, ‘my’ children, ‘my’ friends, ‘my’ acquaintances, ‘my’ colleagues and – most of all – ‘myself’.

19. If one does not have the goal ‘peace-on-earth’ as a number one priority in one’s life – wherein everything else (husband/wife, children, business, house, car, personal possessions and so on) becomes secondary – then another 160,000,000 will be killed in wars by their fellow human next century.

20. My question is this: why do you wish it upon the children of the future that they be born of parents with ‘a fundamental character flaw’?

21. I have raised four children (personal interactive experience).

22. I passed this kind of information onto my children ... and anyone else who wants to listen.

23. My current companion and I are, by choice, childless and will stay so ... enough is enough!

24. There is no way that the baby can comprehend the parental words ‘it’s fire, danger!, don’t touch it’ ... what is conveyed is the feeling of danger by a transfer of feelings (‘vibes’).

25. Statistically, the most dangerous place is in a person’s own home ... the ‘stranger-danger’ rule impressed into children is based upon an (approximately) 10% incidence.

26. ‘He’ was a married man, with four children, running ‘his’ own business, with a house mortgage to pay off and a car on hire purchase.

27. As you have children in your care and are actively promoting your philosophy on the Internet, it behoves you to examine the consequences of those who would be influenced by your impracticable words ... and I mean the children in particular.

28. I never sent any of my children to full-time school until aged eleven-twelve (so as to avoid the inevitable indoctrination cunningly disguised as socialisation) and taught them at home instead.

29. I was running my own business; working 10 to 12 hour days, six or seven days a week; raising a family of four school-age children; paying off a mortgage and a car and juggling bill payments; leading a busy social life ... all in all, a normal human existence.

30. I eventually got married and had four children and bought a house and ... in short, I was relatively normal and did all the expected things.

31. As children – the newest recruits to the human race – we knew nothing and were gullibly ready to imbibe anything ... we all took the bait hook, line and sinker.

32. Why do you ‘guess’ that I would kill children and eat them ... and by the dozen, too? I have written about this utter freedom before ... have you forgotten?

33. The sixties (...) mentality led to many trekking eagerly and gullibly to the Himalayas and other exotic locations seeking the esoteric solution to life’s problems – with predictably disastrous results (their children wound up believing in ‘Supreme Souls’ and the such-like).

34. If you have ever been a parent yourself you will know by direct experience that society requires that you instil values and principles in your children through reward and punishment.

35. Speaking personally, ‘I’ lost everything: ‘my’ wife, ‘my’ children, ‘my’ business, ‘my’ house, ‘my’ car ... the lot.

36. My association – there is no relationship in actuality – with them is no different than with any other fellow human being ... and which fellowship regard they all have, to varying degrees, had some perplexity in accommodating themselves to (as exemplified by the second-youngest saying, at age twenty two or thereabouts, that she sometimes wished she had had a normal father as, unlike her then girlfriends who were getting married and having children of their own, she had ‘inherited’ a quest to pursue and could not settle down).

37. For most of the 11 years I was more than loving with children, more than compassionate, as I was love, I was compassion ... or, better put, there was only love, there was only compassion. ... Ahh ... these days children are, like everybody else, my fellow human beings and fellowship regard epitomises all interaction

38. So much for ‘suffer the little children to come unto me’, eh? The three references provided as a footnote unambiguously refer to juveniles ... specifically described as (1) young children ... and (2) little children ... and (3) infants.

39. Speaking of which, not until the eldest was about ten years of age did it dawn upon me that children train their parents – they being so utterly helpless and totally dependent at birth – almost as much parents their children ... so much so that re-training is sometimes necessary to undo it all when they eventually leave the nest.

40. ... the relationship had changed, during that era, from one of parentage to one of friendship

41. Apart from being innately curious children are also inherently imitative ... 

42. No ... and anyway, as life in the womb is a life awash with chemicals coming, via the placenta, from the mother whenever she feels anxious, afraid, angry, and so on and so forth, it is hardly the paradisaical environment you make it out to be.

43. Not all parents comprehend that what their function is, essentially, is to instead prepare their offspring well for adulthood. Giving a child a lot of licence (aka the freedom to be themself as they instinctually are) is hardly the stuff of a good, solid, well-balanced foundation. Oh, I was given very little (if any) licence as a child ... thus I was well-prepared for adulthood.

44. There is a marked difference to being authoritarian (being an autocratic disciplinarian) and being authoritative – as in proceeding from competent authority (expertise/ experience) – and children generally appreciate guidance as the world at large can be, and often is, a bewildering/ frightful place for them ... especially in the playground (where the bully-boys and feisty-femmes act-out the law of the jungle on a daily basis).

45. All children are born with instinctual passions, such as fear and aggression and nurture and desire, and a child given a lot of freedom to (thus impulsively) be as fearful/ aggressive/ nurturant/ desirous as they instinctually are falls more into the category of being a neglected child than anything else.



The Third Alternative

(Peace On Earth In This Life Time As This Flesh And Blood Body)

Here is an actual freedom from the Human Condition, surpassing Spiritual Enlightenment and any other Altered State Of Consciousness, and challenging all philosophy, psychiatry, metaphysics (including quantum physics with its mystic cosmogony), anthropology, sociology ... and any religion along with its paranormal theology. Discarding all of the beliefs that have held humankind in thralldom for aeons, the way has now been discovered that cuts through the ‘Tried and True’ and enables anyone to be, for the first time, a fully free and autonomous individual living in utter peace and tranquillity, beholden to no-one.

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