Actual Freedom – A Diatribe from Gardol Yack

How I Achieved Actual Freedom
by Gardol Yack
Part Three; Section Four

May 05, 2008

GARDOL: And as for the cunning entity having these psychic experiences? Richard describes it thus: [Richard]: Unless one is motivated by integrity then one will remain a very, very cunning entity either fighting it out in the ‘real’ world or travelling on the spiritual path of self-discovery seeking self-satisfaction and self-aggrandizement. [endquote].

RICHARD: Richard does not describe it thus ... here is the passage Gardol part-quoted from (with the sentence he isolated highlighted for convenience):

• ‘In my experience there is yet another quality which may well be as important, if not more important, than altruism in evincing self-immolation. This quality is integrity [snip dictionary definition] Having experienced this integrity of innocence, benevolence and undividedness in pure consciousness experiences it then becomes a prime motivation to experience it 24 hrs. a day, every day. The absence of conflict, confusion, deceit and duplicity – the absence of both the social and instinctual entity that are in constant battle has to be experienced to be understood. One cannot understand it unless one experiences it although it certainly helps if one is prepared to risk rocking one’s boat. By digging into one’s self one is certainly much, much more likely to induce a pure consciousness experience. By doing nothing, one gets nothing in return. Unless one investigates, one never finds out. Unless one changes, one stays the same. *Unless one is motivated by integrity then one will remain a very, very cunning entity either fighting it out in the ‘real’ world or travelling on the spiritual path of self-discovery seeking self-satisfaction and self-aggrandizement*. Being guided by integrity or being guided by pure intent, to use Richard’s term, ensures that I will not deceive myself, that I will be honest with myself, that I will not settle for second best – that I will not stop until I live the pure consciousness experience, 24 hrs a day every day, until I am irrevocably free of the Human Condition. AF Library, Honesty

As the sentence which immediately follows contains the words [quote] ‘to use Richard’s term’ [endquote], and its writer speaks about not stopping until they are irrevocably free from the human condition, it is obviously not written by Richard.

The above blunder is a classic example of a one-eyed criticaster not paying any real attention, to what is on offer on The Actual Freedom Trust website, for not only does he misattribute that passage – despite the glaringly obvious indications in the immediately following sentence – he also shoots himself in the foot by selecting a passage which manifestly undermines the very theme which runs through his entire argument (that a cunning entity is, ipso facto, an untrustworthy witness).

Here is a useful word:

• ‘purblind: fig. having imperfect perception or discernment; obtuse, dull, dim-witted’. (Oxford Dictionary).

GARDOL: Here Peter waxes eloquently on the cunning entity ...

RICHARD: As a timely interjection before Gardol goes on ... that very purblindness now has him about to quote Peter (who coincidentally happens to be the writer of the above passage) as if he is waxing eloquently on, in an email he wrote to Richard on the mailing list (as per the attribution Gardol included in square brackets at its end), specifically about the identity who penetrated deeper and deeper into the apotheosised field of consciousness popularly known as spiritual enlightenment/ mystical awakenment.

GARDOL: ... [Peter]: The list goes on and on as ‘I’ fight it out for survival with others in a grim world, and ‘I’ will ultimately do anything to stay in existence. ‘I’ am rotten to the core – the combination of animal instinctual passions and an ability to think and reflect make the human animal not only malicious but cunningly malicious. This lethal combination allows the human species not only to wage wars, inflict genocide, rape, murder, torture and pillage to a scale unprecedented in any other animal species but allows for the psychic warfare and power battles, blatant denial, fantasy escapes, corruption, deception and deceit that is endemic in all human interactions. It soon became obvious that freedom from being an identity – social and animal-instinctual – was the only way to get free of this constant emotional churning and the constant selfishness of indulging in denial and escapism’. [Peter, List AF, Richard].
‘rotten to the core’ Why should Richard, or anyone else accept the ‘extraordinary proof’ as established by such an entity?

RICHARD: As this rotten-to-the-core charge of Gardol’s is but a thematic variation on that one essential line he keeps on pushing (that the entity within is an unreliable witness) it becomes transparently obvious why he sneakily snipped the link which opened to the page that detailed the first of many experiences of going beyond spiritual enlightenment/ mystical awakenment (previously considered to be only possible after physical death) and why he slyly shifted the focus onto the text which follows the word ‘furthermore’ – which means ‘in addition, additionally; moreover, esp. used when introducing a fresh consideration in an argument’ according to the Oxford Dictionary – so as to make out that penetration deeper and deeper into the transcendental field of consciousness was the main extraordinary evidence.

It almost goes without saying by this stage, of course, that the rotten-to-the-core identity was in abeyance whilst beyond enlightenment.

GARDOL: But I forgot – at the time the entity which inhabited Richard saw the psychic footprints with his psychic eye, he did not have a normal identity anymore. Richard had upgraded to a Spiritual Identity. Perhaps Richard cannot doubt the perceptions of his Spiritual I.

RICHARD: As Richard’s discovery has been actively advertised in books and on the world-wide web, for over a decade now (and latterly on high-definition video discs), with not a single other instance being evinced it becomes increasingly apparent, as each year goes by, that what Gardol characterised as [quote] ‘perceptions’ [endquote] were remarkably reliable.

GARDOL: Well, let’s see how the AF website defines the Spiritual I:
[quote]: spiritual I – A Grand identity wherein the ego is not eliminated, but escapes into a massive delusion (ego-trip) of grandeur and Divine Splendour, Oneness and Immortality, while the soul is given free reign to indulge in psychic powers and blissful imagination’. [endquote].
Oh ... that does not sound reliable to me either.

RICHARD: As that grand identity, replete with a massive delusion of grandeur (and so on and so forth), was none other than the identity who, as a direct result of many extraordinary experiences beyond enlightenment (where identity in toto/the entire affective faculty is in abeyance), altruistically ‘self’-immolated, in toto, for the benefit of this body and that body and every body then whatever that selected passage sounds like to Gardol is totally irrelevant.

GARDOL: It sounds like someone living with that identity ...

RICHARD: As there is no such thing as someone living [quote] ‘with’ [endquote] that identity –  that someone *is* the identity – there is now all the more reason as to why whatever that selected passage sounds like to Gardol is totally irrelevant.

GARDOL: ... might think in grandiose ways, such as, for example, thinking he must have ‘discovered the secret to life that will cure humanity of all the suffering that has endured through aeons’ ...

RICHARD: ‘Tis a cutting indictment on human nature that the cure for suffering would be considered grandiose.

GARDOL: ... and did it before any other human since the beginning of the human race.

RICHARD: As that secret to life (to use his phraseology) lies beyond enlightenment, where identity in toto/the entire affective faculty is in abeyance, Gardol’s fantastical imaginings have no basis in fact.

At this stage, which is where his inept mud-slinging/ clumsy smear-campaign starts to wind down, it is pertinent to point out that it was all written, anyway, by none other than the cunning (and currently deluded) entity parasitically inhabiting the flesh and blood body typing that calumny/ those slurs ... and, moreover, in a manner which displays absolutely no awareness of the fatuous incongruity of that being the case.

GARDOL: So, needless to say, as I proceeded with my critical examination, I found inconsistencies and contradictions aplenty.

RICHARD: Going by what has been clearly demonstrated throughout this diatribe it is entirely reasonable to assume, of course, that Gardol never found anything of the sort.

GARDOL: How can Richard hold such contradictory beliefs without experiencing cognitive dissonance?

RICHARD: As Gardol demonstrably found no beliefs at all – let alone contradictory ones – his query is a non-sequitur.

GARDOL: How can people follow this path or method called actualism without experiencing cognitive dissonance?

RICHARD: By reading with both eyes open (as an antidote to being one-eyed) of course.

GARDOL: Will conclude my critical evaluation, and explain how I achieved actual freedom in my next instalment.

RICHARD: As the [quote] ‘actual freedom’ [endquote] Gardol achieved turns out to be nothing other than a cheap trick, so as to deviously provide a signpost to his dial-a-delusion entrepreneurism, the conclusion of his so-called critical evaluation is where this whole tawdry exercise of his openly falls flat on its face.

GARDOL: All of this, plus a movie recommendation, in the stunning conclusion of ‘How I achieved actual freedom’. Coming soon.

RICHARD: And after that meretricious sign-off he then deliberatively let more than a week go by before posting his fourth and last instalment (in stark contrast to his first three being all posted within an 88 minute period) ... and the word deliberatively is used advisedly as he states, just before the end of that so-called stunning conclusion, that he already had it written before posting the first part. Vis.:

• [Gardol]: ‘I wrote most of this before I posted ‘How I achieved Actual Freedom’. (

Here is a useful word:

• ‘poseur: a pretentious person; somebody who tries to impress others by behaving in an affected way’. (Encarta Dictionary).

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The Third Alternative

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Here is an actual freedom from the Human Condition, surpassing Spiritual Enlightenment and any other Altered State Of Consciousness, and challenging all philosophy, psychiatry, metaphysics (including quantum physics with its mystic cosmogony), anthropology, sociology ... and any religion along with its paranormal theology. Discarding all of the beliefs that have held humankind in thralldom for aeons, the way has now been discovered that cuts through the ‘Tried and True’ and enables anyone to be, for the first time, a fully free and autonomous individual living in utter peace and tranquillity, beholden to no-one.

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