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Richard’s Correspondence

On The Actual Freedom Mailing List

With Correspondent No. 13

August 26 2000

RESPONDENT: Just discovered the web page today and was browsing through some of the correspondence when Vineeto’s statement to Gary, in so many words, pronounced Richard as the discoverer to the method of attaining actual freedom ... what? The non-believer in me finds this hard to believe! (grin). None of what is on the web page is a surprise to me ... I will just say that my life’s journey has brought me to this point ... I am in no disagreement at all ... Richard’s experiences and findings mirror my own; my reaction is, ‘Yeah! Way to go!!’ So, is Richard the ‘first’??

RICHARD: Welcome to The Actual Freedom Mailing List. I am always pleased when what is written on the web page attracts attention as it indicates that the internet is living up to its far-reaching ‘sharing of information’ reputation.

I am also pleased to know that Richard is indeed not the first ... presumably you have been sharing your discovery of an actual freedom from the human condition for many, many years now? So as to save needless repetition on this mailing list do you have a web page, wherein you detail your experience for your fellow human being, that I can access? Failing that, what books, magazine articles, newspaper reports, manuscripts, pamphlets, brochures or whatever do you have that I can acquire ... so as to compare notes, as it were? Or, maybe you have already written about your discovery on other mailing lists that I can subscribe to?

I have been scouring the books for nigh-on twenty years ... to no avail.




The Third Alternative

(Peace On Earth In This Life Time As This Flesh And Blood Body)

Here is an actual freedom from the Human Condition, surpassing Spiritual Enlightenment and any other Altered State Of Consciousness, and challenging all philosophy, psychiatry, metaphysics (including quantum physics with its mystic cosmogony), anthropology, sociology ... and any religion along with its paranormal theology. Discarding all of the beliefs that have held humankind in thralldom for aeons, the way has now been discovered that cuts through the ‘Tried and True’ and enables anyone to be, for the first time, a fully free and autonomous individual living in utter peace and tranquillity, beholden to no-one.

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