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with Correspondent No. 58

October 21 2003

RESPONDENT: Hi, y’all. I’m from Tennessee, in the USA. I’m middle-aged, of moderate means and minimal needs. I’m the mother of a grown, married daughter and an ex-wife twice over. I stumbled across the Actual Freedom website today in an unrelated search (but how unrelated can a search be if ‘animal instincts’ led me to the site?). My curiosity piqued, I read several long, involved essays written by Richard. I like the ideal, or reality, or potentiality of ‘happy and harmless’. I don’t like giving up on love and service as a working model for ‘my best way’. I’m open, though.

RICHARD: You will find my shortest, simplest, non-essay type of writing at the following URL:

Usually it is in response to when peoples ask me ‘what do you mean by ...’, or tell me ‘this has all been said before by ...’, that the long, involved essay-type writing comes about.

As for any reluctance to let go of amorosity: felicity/ innocuity is never serious ... sincere, yes, but serious?

No way ... life was meant to be easy.




The Third Alternative

(Peace On Earth In This Life Time As This Flesh And Blood Body)

Here is an actual freedom from the Human Condition, surpassing Spiritual Enlightenment and any other Altered State Of Consciousness, and challenging all philosophy, psychiatry, metaphysics (including quantum physics with its mystic cosmogony), anthropology, sociology ... and any religion along with its paranormal theology. Discarding all of the beliefs that have held humankind in thralldom for aeons, the way has now been discovered that cuts through the ‘Tried and True’ and enables anyone to be, for the first time, a fully free and autonomous individual living in utter peace and tranquillity, beholden to no-one.

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