Actual Freedom – Mailing List ‘D’ Correspondence

Richard’s Correspondence On Mailing List ‘D’

with Correspondent No. 41

May 31 2013

Re: Few humble words from Justine

JUSTINE: Dear All, My respects to you All.

Auspiciousness and Peace to All.

1) This is Justine, whom Mr. Richard announced as actually free.

2) My love for Mr. Richard is unbounded.

3) Mr. Richard is a saint of a rare kind.

4) Osho Rajneesh calls such people as ‘rasc_l saints’, who called George Gurdjieff too by that name.

5) Osho says that such people are not for following by others, though they have arrived at liberation – and they cannot guide others, and as well are bound to mislead others.

6) I hereby declare that I quit actualism as envisaged by Mr, Richard.

7) I have shut down my blog

8) I will no more write publicly in any form, on actualism of Mr. Richard.

9) [Female identifier words withheld] about whom Mr. Richard wrote that ‘a woman from Indian origin became actually free overnight’ by meeting him – hereby announces that she did not found any change in herself as claimed by Mr. Richard.

10) In fact, after meeting him, she was worried that Mr. Richard suggested to her, that lying for one’s own convenience is fully allowed. That very minute she has discarded actualism.

11) From now on, I am neither ‘for’ Mr. Richard nor ‘against’ him. Those who have common sense won’t waste their ‘precious LIFE’ with him.

12) Again I wish to record ‘MY’ HUMBLE OPINION that Mr. Richard is a saint of highest order (a tapaswin), in spite of himself being a psychiatric patient (Everyone is insane but me – as Richard’s writings convey), – and he is NOT the one who has finally come to bring ‘actual peace’ to this world. Such a one will never come. May God, or Existence bless Mr. Richard for his sacrifices and goodwill for this ailing humanity.

RESPONDENT: Well done Justine, clearing away illusions is the way forward.

RICHARD: G’day No. 41, Your (unsolicited) congratulatory counsel/ guidance/ advice to Justine, stemming as it evidentially does from your publicly-expressed concern about his well-being in Message No. 13562, caught my eye whilst scrolling through the latest posts.

(Especially so because these two are the only emails of yours – other than initially whingeing about how posts ‘seem to be so unorganized’ (#13556) and your follow-up admission of ineptitude (#13561), in that regard, two hours and twenty minutes later – since newly subscribing only six days previous (on May 22, 2013).

It was your [quote] ‘clearing away illusions’ [endquote] phrasing which particularly gained my attention as the impression conveyed by Justine’s above points numbered 1-to-12 is, rather, of illusions being added.

Starting with Point No. 1 above (‘This is Justine, whom Mr. Richard announced as actually free’): the following three publicly-posted emails from Justine – his first three emails to the Direct Route mail-out list (which he sent at 11:34 AM and 2:54 PM and 6:24 PM on Wednesday the 13th of January 2010) – whereby he announced he became actually free at 3:30 AM on the 4th of January, 2010, will indubitably demonstrate this ‘illusions being added’ observation.


From: J. Koperumcholan
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 5:04 PM
To: direct-route@...
Subject: Dear Ms. Vineeto,

• [Justine]: [...]. I had absorbed Mr. Richard’s AF stuff, with OBSESSION, for few years. In the past, I was an Oshoite by name Swami Dhyan Adhar, for twenty years. Two years back, spontaneously, there appeared a sentence in my mind. It was, ‘ACTUAL HAS NO VIBES’. My whole being took it up, every breath, day and night, even during sleep for these two years. On 4-1-2010, as I got up from my bed by 3-30 AM I was so happy to see that ‘I have all the time in the world’.

This persisted the whole day, whatever I was doing, it persisted the next day and it is so solidly so this moment too. There is no way for it to disappear, except when my physical body is bound to disappear in death’. [...].

Please note his last sentence (‘There is no way for it to disappear, except when my physical body is bound to disappear in death’) is a quite unequivocal announcement.

Also, an explanatory note: Justine’s ‘I have all the time in the world’ phrasing is a direct reference to Vineeto’s description of the pivotal event/ the definitive moment of becoming (newly) free that had been published only a few days prior to the Direct Route mail-out list being made available for public access over a thirty-day period.


• [Vineeto]: ‘On Monday evening the fourth of January 2010 (...) a dynamic and quite frivolous interaction developed and in that un- inhibited hilarious atmosphere I blew the last remaining cobwebs of seriousness, cautiousness and social correctness out of the corners of my psyche. It was all very casual, jovial and funny, unrehearsed and spontaneous and I became confident that this is how I wanted to live my life forever. I heard myself saying to Richard that ‘We’ve got all the time in the world’ and when I contemplated on the sentence that had just slipped out, time suddenly stood still. I stopped in mid-sentence and the ensuing silence caught the attention of my two companions. It was all over, in an instant ...’. (A Long Awaited Public Announcement)

Here is his second email (sent 3 hours & 20 minutes later):

From: J. Koperumcholan
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 8:24 PM
To: Direct Route to Actual Freedom
Subject: Re: Subscription Information

• [Justine]: Thanks to Richard, Peter, and Vineeto.
May I take this opportunity, to explain some more, about me, so that u all may know how much AF transformed my life, from the earlier pit where I was suffocating intolerably by the so called Traditional Spirituality.
[...]. I had all the experiences of Kundalini arousal. My guru said I have got Siddhi (accomplishment) of the Mantra. I became a author of few spiritual books too.
By age 34 I resigned my job, because I could not concentrate on any work. I wanted seclusion. [...]. When I threw away my job, my quest grew more. There was no peace. I was worried, tense, panicked. [...]. Finally I found some meaning with Rajneesh. I never met him physically. But joined the local centers and lived the life of a true Osho sanyasin, for more than 19 years. Finally I collapsed. I felt something was missing.
While browsing the PC on 19-2-2007, by 12-15 PM casually I fell on the website of Actual Freedom. Instantly I understood, this is the thing that was missing in my life.
I wept for three days lingering on my fortune of finding this unknown website. I was surprised why nobody talked such plain things earlier. I became OBSESSED with it. Since I was socially secluded I was able to afford to absorb Actual Freedom themes so deeply and uninterruptedly. From 1-1-2008 I follow the theme ACTUAL HAS NO VIBES (It was a shortened form of a theme I made by Richard: Actual has no vibes/nothing survives body’s end/extinction is full blithe/ vanish without trace is fact). It was an absorbing practice every minute, day and night, even while asleep. On 4-1-2010 by 3-30 AM I felt all is really over. Earlier I had this feeling hundreds of times.
But there was always more to do. Now there is only PEACE.
Every minute is rich and fresh. It can be described... But Richard, Peter, and Vineeto have done it more than enough and tabled in the website.
Thank you Richard, Peter and Vineeto.

Here is his third email (sent 3 hours & 30 minutes later):

From: J. Koperumcholan
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 11:54 PM
To: direct-route@...
Subject: we rejoice! OK!!

• [Justine]: Richard sir, your words gave me the courage to do IT! How to return my gratitude to u? Gratitude is useless. It is nothing. But it is EVERYTHING too.
We rejoice.. Is it OK?
Peter sir, hats off to u. We shared the same pain. We rejoice. OK?
Vineeto Madam, all is well now. We rejoice. OK?

Please note he explicitly equates what had happened for him, nine days prior, with the reports both Vineeto and Peter had recently provided for publication.

Quite obviously, then, it was Justine who announced himself as actually free and not Richard.

And, just to drive that point home here is a follow-up email, also posted to the Direct Route mail-out list, which he sent the next day:

From: J. Koperumcholan
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:33 PM
To: Direct Route to Actual Freedom
Subject: Re:

• [Justine]: [...] I will be glad to represent AF, on your behalf in this part of Asia, with your kind permission, guidance, and goodwill. [...].

Incidentally, that was the moment – the moment of reading that sentence – when I knew (without any decision having to be made) I would be going to India in the near future.

Lastly (for now) here is what he sent two days later:

From: J. Koperumcholan
Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 3:16 PM
To: direct-route@...
Subject: Morning walk

• [Justine]: [...]. This early morning outdoor walking, I had a flash wherein the name of my next book appeared in my mind. Its name is ‘ MY JOURNEY TO THE ACTUAL WORLD’. The details entered my brain with accuracy, in a single INSTANT download, with all particulars, design, and flavour. It made me float in some hundredth heaven, my feet barely touching the ground. The intensity of pleasure was unbearable, equally the pain of humanity also pressing my nerves and brain cells. For two hours, it was aweful, the pleasure waves refusing to subside. I took your face to my mind, to get some support. Now I am normal, ordinary as usual, in the BOUNDLESS STILLNESS that entered me irrevocably, on 4-1-2010.

His last sentence (‘the BOUNDLESS STILLNESS that entered me irrevocably’) is, again, quite an unequivocal example of just which person it was who announced Justine as actually free ... yet here is what he posted to this forum, as his very first point (Point No. 1), along with your (unsolicited) counsel/ guidance/ advice juxtaposed for the sake of clarity in communication:

• [Justine]: ‘1) This is Justine, whom Mr. Richard announced as actually free’ [endquote].

• [Respondent]: ‘Well done Justine, clearing away illusions is the way forward’.

And here is my question (specifically bearing in mind he performs this onus-shifting illusion again with his gratuitous ‘as claimed by Mr. Richard’ wording in Point No. 9):

In what way is it [quote] ‘clearing away illusions’ [endquote] to actually be adding illusions?

(I will refrain from going on and addressing more of his numbered points in this email, as it would become far too long, but be duly advised that they can be addressed in the same ‘adding illusions’ vein).

Regards, Richard.



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