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This is cool.

I am coming out of insanity into sanity and it feels like i’ve been insane all my life and everything is as it has always been just as it is i come-to, actually IN this universe, as opposed to here but spending most of the time running around in imagined reality .

then away i slip again, but its getting easier and easier to unravel the conditioning and instincts.


fun .


Well... I don’t even know why I’m writing this comment... Just plain boredom. But basically I went crazy and the Actual Method is making me sane. It works. At times the senses get more acute. Before it was just vision. Now its all the senses. The path towards Actual Freedom isn’t that easy though. It enlightened me on how much the anti-guru UG was just another authority in my head. During one very intense PCE (or right after) memories of UG’s words kept on playing on and on in my head. I don’t know why but maybe its due to the OCD that I developed but I had no problem with pure intent all the PCEs came quickly. But I had some intense PCEs.... The same things seemed to happen when I was high off marijuana only I didn’t smoke any. Whatever basically what I am trying to say is that this method more or less cured me of my mentalness, and it could probably cure a lot of previously thought incurable mental problems. Diggin in the psyche is fun ... Matt

When I first came across AF I had a really strange reaction… I laughed on and off for three days, at the thought of how I had looked down my nose (without realising it, well, maybe sometimes I did realise it :) at the religionists, (I had read Any Rand's books) while heading in the same direction, i.e. being ‘saved’ or enlightened. I suddenly got, that because I wouldn’t accept what everyone else was accepting I was just given different/same programme. LOL.


As I have said before, after thirty years of searching I have never came across anything like this and I thought I had investigated most paths (for the want of a better word). What still puzzles me is I took to it so readily, even after seeing some rational arguments against it, I know there was also a lot of malicious criticism, on your bulletin board. I have gotten a few friends, who I usually meet up with once a week for coffee and to have a good chin-wag as we put the world to rights, interested. One of the guys, an older man, in his 80's I think, who I loaned my books to reckons it has given him a whole new interest in life. Before I give you the wrong idea, I am not trying to convert anyone LOL We have been meeting up for coffee for quite a while, I just introduced them to Actualism, which caused a few forehead wrinkles. To end, thanks again for being the pioneers for AF the world certainly needs it, whether it accepts it is the question. Andy

Im glad I found your website ... in fact, I was lonely way of dismantling my self for some time, but after being successful, I endured a severe psychosis that frightened me and my relatives and made me step back and forget everything. But since I read some of the articles on your website, I dont feel alone anymore and I strongly believe I can do it this way ... moreover, I had this experience of seeing Reality with no interference and this was the most beautiful experience in my life ... now that you say that you can go to it again, this become a serious motivation :)

So thanks again ... Tom

Your website is brilliant!

The schematics on the amygdala/ pre-frontal cortex communication shim makes everything so much easier to comprehend. Ian

Hello, I endure derealization 24/7. I’m disconnected from me and the world. Appreciate any advice. Rob

Dear Rob,

The AF website is not for people with a psychiatric condition and you would be well advised to seek psychiatric treatment. Kind regards, Vineeto, Administrator for the AF Trust


I am a computer engineer by profession, but I am also keen observer of life. I am intrigued by life and universe. I have been reading your web site for some time as it has lots of information. It has been really a fantastic discovery and the agenda of peace-on-earth is really the way to go. This encourages one to look it into very seriously as the benefits are tremendous to human beings.

However, as I read more of the web site, I observe that, the quality of questioning/responses in mails is not of good standard and not leading to anywhere. What I mean is this, Most of the mailing list questions center around disproving the discovery. Hey look, here is a man who has found something fantastic and wants to share with others for everyone’s benefit. But most of them want to corner the individual by throwing situations at him (like what will he do if he is mugged, what will he do if his wife has sex with multiple people, etc) and see how he responds. And if he responds in such way that can be interpreted as provoked, angered, etc, then they can say all these things are fraud and not pursue further.

I was wondering why it is like this, then it occurred to me, the cause seems to be you folks. I will explain it next. There is a pure intent of altruism, but it is getting corrupted as it is getting disseminated through this web site.

1) Why is it so important that Richard is the first to make this discovery? The discovery is important but not who made it. More you talk about this, more the intent is getting corrupt (as people are moved away from the main point). Mind you, you are dealing with egos who would not want to give credit to anyone being the first (as they all want to claim that), and it is a very significant claim. It may be a plain fact as put forth by you, but it is of minor relevance to the ultimate intent. So, if you can avoid getting into this debate, there is a much higher chance of success in keeping the intent pure and also spreading it faster.

2) Is there any need for comparing this discovery with any other earlier discoveries? How does it matter if J Krishnamurti, Ramana, Buddha are in ASC, to this discovery? Why you need to challenge everyone and their sayings? The discovery being fantastic by itself does not any comparisons to any earlier works. It will shine on its own merit. However, most of the discussions are on what are the flaws with others, and their works. Given that many visitors to your mailing list will be followers of those, would like to defend and will charge you, that you are defending. Given that your focus should be on the ‘pure intent’, why contaminate that with all these discussions. Not needed. Focus on what you want to say without negating what others have told. This is not helping the situation a bit, but instead causing waste of precious time and energy of everyone involved.

3) Why you want to discuss other topics on earth like Science, Sex, Food, etc. How does it matter to the discovery. The discovery does not have to do anything with it. Just like you find people who are not genuine in discovery of life and its meanings, you will find the same in science. But this does not mean science as a path to discovery is flawed. Science by definition is limited to only plain observation and hence may not comprehend everything. But the fact is that science (and technology) as a method has provided the comforts for human beings that is essential (including Internet). So why corrupt the ‘intent’ with all these junk talk and create a ‘war’ of words.

4) Why not let only Richard speak on this discovery, if others have not attained freedom from human condition completely.

Why others who are practicing actualists, handle the queries? This may lead to incomplete dissemination of facts and distort the discovery. Why create levels to this discovery? You have today created ‘virtual freedom’, tomorrow some one will create ‘partial virtual freedom’ and it continues like that, and dilute the whole discovery.

5) By doing 1 to 4 on the mailing lists and archiving it, you are increasing the gap between those who are seeking and the actual discovery. Seekers are trying to do everything to prove your facts are false and you are all fraud. Even Richard took several years to reach this ultimate, so why there is a hurry in pushing this discovery by showing its superiority in contra-distinction to what has been done in the past, in a marketing style. People will take time to get in these facts, egos take lot of time to unwind, and finally settle with this discovery. Why not simply state the facts and leave it for people to come to you for details on the discovery and its intent, Not on comparisons to earlier works.

These are all my observations and my way of looking at things. My suggestion would be that you review your agenda/intent and see for yourself that the current website is not helping the situation at all. Instead, the gap (between seekers and the discovery) is getting widened, because not-so-relevant matters are more discussed leading to war of words. Adding to this problem is, Richard’s oft stated remark, that he is having fun at the keyboard. Yes, life may be fun, but bringing peace-on-earth is a serious business.

Also, the whole discovery being so fantastic, does not need any further analysis, comparison of notes, etc. On its own merit, it will transform things on earth. Irus

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