The Actual Freedom Trust ~ DVD Series

DVD Series

‘Conversations about the Human Condition

and how to become free from it’

The conversations on these DVD’s are between fellow human beings: as such they are informal discussions, in contrast to formal dialogues, as the whole purpose of making the videos publicly available is so that the visual/ audile interaction of the parties concerned can be seen/heard – rather than just having the written word interaction on The Actual Freedom Trust Mailing List available on The Actual Freedom Trust web site to go by.

As such anyone interested in enabling the already always existing peace-on-earth into being apparent for themselves can ascertain just what an actual freedom from the human condition and/or a virtual freedom in practice looks and sounds like in action.

Each videoed instance is a vital opportunity to be catapulted into the magical wonder-land that this verdant and azure planet actually is.

DVD Contents

  • Slide Show

An illustrated and narrated Introduction to Actual Freedom in PowerPoint slide show format

  • Video Conversation

High Definition (720p) Windows Movie Video in Widescreen format, duration approx. 45 min.

  • Complementary Information

Correspondence and articles

  • Actual Freedom Screen Saver

Scrolling text over nature images and sounds

Excerpts of Video Conversations

Sample ‘Out from Control’, approx. 2 min., High Definition (720p) Windows Movie Video

Sample ‘Virtual Freedom’, approx. 2 min., High Definition (720p) Windows Movie Video

Sample ‘A Pure Consciousness Experience’, approx. 4 min., High Definition (720p) Windows Movie Video

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A Down-to-Earth Freedom from the Human Condition – Happy and Harmless in this Lifetime

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