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Absolutely delighted to see the person in image and voice for the first time ... whose writings I have been reading for years. It is a great pleasure. And great videography too ... kudos to you, Peter ... once again.

But I see that actualism/ actual freedom can be... and has been conveyed well enough by the written word. And as far as the substance goes, the details the video provides is not that important: written word has it all. But the new medium definitely has more advantages than disadvantages compared to the writings. I wonder how this is going to change the receptivity amongst the naysayers – we will have to wait and see.

It is such a bonus. Can’t wait to see/hear the full version. Thanks for this sample. Respondent No 33

Even in the short clip one can tell Richard is utterly sincere and sensible (non delusional). Can’t wait to see the whole thing. This journey just gets better. Kudos! to you all! Respondent No 66, 8.7.2005

While the DVDs are in no way necessary to practicing actualism, they were done well and were very interesting to me.

Watching Richard closely, it seemed that he was indeed *passionless*/ imperturbable/ at complete ease … etc … Any accusation that Richard is some sort of ‘nut’, or charlatan is put to sufficient death upon anyone watching with a reasonable amount of objectivity and sincerity (and sense that was a fear of mine, the price was worth it to put that furphy to death once and for all). There really are no excuses for me to ‘hold back’ in the pursuit of a virtual freedom now. Respondent No 66, 1.11.2005

What is very nice about the DVD’s is that by seeing how Richard actual talks to a fellow human, one comes out with a very strong impression that he is unbroken, easeful, friendly, sincere, and well intentioned.

If a picture is worth a thousand words … then a video is worth a million. In fact, the DVD ‘picture’ in my case was perhaps even worth more than 4-6 million words, [i.e. the actual freedom website in toto. Of course the website is priceless as it was my first contact with this new way of experiencing life] as it was what finally put an end to my time consuming {time wasting} ‘hunt for Richard’s flaws’. Respondent No 66, 18.2.2006

I finally entered the 21st century and got a new computer and cable internet so I downloaded the video ‘Out From Control’ with Richard and Vineeto and just watched it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I really got what Richard was saying about the actual world. Also, I thought that Vineeto is more laid back on video than she sounds in email. Come to think of it, I also thought that Richard sounded more laid back on video than he does in email. Respondent No 16

I find the clip somewhat reassuring, and it gives me more cause to question the reliability of intuition. Compared with impressions derived from text-only interactions, I like the way Richard comes across. All the ‘what-they-choose-to-do-with-it-is-their-business’ type stuff that I’ve read on this mailing list over the years has had an air of smug, aloof superiority about it, but in the flesh it does strike me that way; (in case it isn’t obvious, make that ‘does not strike me that way...’) it seems more like an easygoing ‘well, yeah, this is the way it is, but I’m not going to try to force it down anyone’s throat.’

It also makes it possible to see Richard’s ‘pedantry’ as a kind of infinite patience to get things right eventually, provided the other doesn’t lose his cool and shows enough interest in sorting the matter out – which I seldom have (‘unhurried willingness’ would have conveyed the intent better, without the saintly connotations of ‘infinite patience’.).

Vineeto, too, seems very different from the intuitive impression I’ve formed of her. To put it mildly, I had imagined someone a lot more tough and haughty in manner. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of any particular argument, it’s kinda surprising to see that I’ve been fighting a phantom as well as the real Vineeto.

All rather interesting ... Respondent No 60

Well that’s a hard hitting interview & interviewer ... Vineeto really putting it to Dick. That’s like Condoleezza Rice questioning Bush ... it’s like Himmler interviewing Hitler ... John questioning Jesus ... Mullah Omar speaking with Bin Laden... shall I go on?! What a joke!

It’s amazing that all the clones, monkeys, parrots, conned, deluded, desperate and ridiculous see what they want to see in this pathetic 2 minute video. All I see is a man who has conned himself and for some sad age-old reason, able to con others. Poor Vineeto and Peter... taken by Osho and now this clown. Other than the sad realities of a deluded clown deluding others, it really is a laugh. It’s a good thing that Dick is not serious. All his followers and hangers on his every breath, should take that into account.

There is nothing to this guy ... nothing at all, much less the answers to mankind. Good one Dick! Keep’em coming! Respondent No 58

I’m sceptic at what Richard is communicating non-verbally. Defensive ‘wrist locking’. Crossing arms and legs. High shoulders. The body leaning forward. The hand almost covering the mouth (words). Closed posture. Respondent No 95 (R)

It is interesting – more interesting than I would have expected – to put a face on actual freedom / happiness and harmlessness. It should not matter to any great extent what an actualist looks like, but I can’t help being somewhat relieved that neither you nor Richard are like this :-  Respondent No 82

I used to consider Richard’s style of communication as needlessly pedantic, now I consider it as the only way to have communication about such a radical topic with normal people who latch on to words and who are inclined to misinterpret and accuse Richard of either ambiguity, of contradiction or of falsehood. Especially after seeing him communicate in a much more easygoing manner with people who are not looking for an excuse to tear him down. Respondent No 71

I just finished watching the two DVDs and have mixed thoughts about it.

On one hand, the physical appearance of Richard and Peter and Vineeto was interesting to see. I think that Richard’s current partner makes a two second appearance in the ‘Virtual Freedom’ DVD in the beginning, but I might be mistaken... it could be someone else (whoever it was, she looks pretty good).

I wish I could have heard more of Richard talking or maybe of him and his friends doing other things besides just sitting in place and being filmed for an hour. Those discussions were somewhat interesting (I did enjoy the ‘Out from Control’ film with Vineeto better though because of the interaction and Vineeto is pretty entertaining to watch and her thoughts and long silences had Richard asking plenty of questions and filling in silent moments with insightful comments) but something like a documentary would be more attractive. The theme could be: ‘A week in the life of an actually freed human being.’ The film could be filled with various day to day conversations and encounters with different people. Maybe snips of Richard’s daily routine or Peter’s or Vineeto’s.

What actually free people do day-to-day and what aspiring actualists do would be neat to observe.

It was pretty interesting to see how a bonafide free person from the human condition looks like. I wonder if another actually freed male would find it more sensible and practical to grow a large, dense beard or would decide to be more clean shaven. Maybe it is an Australian thing for older men to grow their facial hair out ... I don’t know. Would an actually free woman probably decide to not shave her legs and such? Maybe Richard, Peter, and Vineeto could answer this.

There is really no point in buying these DVDs, however. The film’s content is straight out of what you can find at The Actual Freedom website. If you want to know what Peter, Vineeto, and Richard look like and sound like you can just download the two 2-minute sample video files on the site.

Maybe the administrators can come ‘correct’ next time and do a documentary type flick. That would be cool... If not, I think the site’s literary contents coupled with Richard’s Journal and these videos paints a pretty good picture of the life of an actualist.

Oh, and thanks for the incredibly fast delivery, you guys. I was surprised. Respondent No 90

I received the DVD [‘A PCE’] today, watched it, and thought it was excellent. The content on this DVD was especially great for me as it was really relevant to issues I’ve been dealing with or turning over in my head lately. The atmosphere in the video was great, the background and surroundings were fantastic, the lady was very pleasant and Richard seemed quite jovial and talkative ... it was all amazing to take in. I had a couple ‘excellence experience’ while watching it as well ... which is always great. There were no technical problems I could find ... everything ran smoothly. Respondent No 90, 22.2.2008

Re: DVD Review

Disgusting! The childish demand for attention played out ad nauseam. Really disgusting.

Way to go Richard! How old did you say you were, 6? Really disgusting. Respondent No 62

I watched the DVD’s yesterday and I was struck by how regal, clear, articulate and amiable Richard was. I was afraid he’d be a freak! List D, Respondent No 44, 22. 8. 2013

Gotta say I so totally enjoyed watching both the videos !!..some particular points of interest came up which have inspired me further.. the best investment I made this year.. and you [Vineeto] sounded hilarious at times that made me laugh a couple of times haha List D, Respondent No 32, 16.11.2016

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