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RICHARD: My previous companion wrote this about her experience of being alive:

• ‘In my first peak experience (PCE), I saw the perfection with my bodily senses, as this body. The cloud of ‘human’ superstition was momentarily lifted; no Authority, no Power, no Love and no Faith was playing a role in this perfection ... for there was no need for them. There was no lack, no want, no desires, no longing whatsoever. I saw that they only belonged inside ‘me’, as a psychological entity, and ‘my’ world-view. Nothing was wrong anywhere in this physical, earthly perfection.

All what had ever been thwarting this wondrous purity, were ‘my’ ‘human’ misconceptions and prejudices. I saw instantly that I, as this body, was actually meant to live like this all the time ... like all people could. This perfection of the universe itself has never ordained that human life should be playing an exceptional role of imperfection and ignominy. There is no outside to perfection. This whole planet is perfectly situated in this infinite universe which is characteristically propelled to the best it can grow into.’ (From ‘Richard’s Journal’ © ‘The Actual Freedom Trust’ 1997).


RESPONDENT NO. 14 (List D) to No. 2: After CRO’s – Commonly Raised Objections and FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions, now a new category: FCM’s Frequently Common Misconceptions...


  Actual Freedom is a belief system, a viewpoint, a philosophy.

   Actualism is materialistic reductionism

   Actualism is a cult.

   Actualists are all clones of Richard.


  Imagination is essential.

  There is no such thing as blind Nature.

  Children are born innocent.

  Actual Freedom is anti-nature.

  You cannot change Human Nature.


  Feelings are actual.

  Life without feelings is barren and sterile.

  Thoughts create feelings

  Actualists don’t care. (see also Selected Correspondence)

  Eating meat is not harmless.


  Apperception is just another identification.

  The ‘I’ does not really exist.

  ‘I’ cannot get rid of ‘me’.

  Richard doesn’t understand Enlightenment / was never Enlightened.

  Richard doesn’t understand Eastern spirituality.

  Jiddu Krishnamurti talked about the actual

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