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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Charge for the Journals /DVDs?

Why are you guys (Peter and Richard) charging money for online journals?

Why are you guys (Peter and Richard) charging money for online journals?

I paid for a paperback version. Would you consider sending me the email version also? (I’m real keen to dig in to it). Here is how I was looking at it: 1) before i asked for something for nothing. 2) this time I paid the $ for the paper version and as sending the e-version would cost you zero, I decided to ask (actual companies do ‘deals’ like this all the time, so the question was far from unreasonable). I have no problem whatsoever supporting the AF Trust with buying an e-version when I have some extra cash.

A question about the DVD’s: is the reason the DVD files are not available for download (at a lower price, or free of charge) because hosting costs are prohibitive, or is it something else (such as selling DVD’s is a good source of income for maintaining the site)? I ask because a – I’d like to watch them but they are too costly to buy. I know online distribution offers little or no revenue, but it wouldn’t cost you anything further either. It’s admittedly not a viable option for people who use dial-up modems but broadband – which can download a gig of data quickly – has outstripped dial-up in the developed countries.

Hi Richard. Thanks for posting this. It is great to see new writing from you. I’m not sure what your plans are to offer new writing but something you may wish to consider is a fairly recent web development called ‘patronage’ or ‘micro patronage’ where readers can support the ongoing contributions to sites they’re interested in via one time or ongoing donations. uses PayPal and BuddhistGeeks uses for this function. I would be happy to take part in such an actualist patronage program.

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