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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don’t You Publish Live Dialogues?

Comments on Published Video Dialogues

May I suggest something? If you want to make your conversations public, why don’t you arrange live dialogues and make them available in your website? Nowadays technology allows video and audio through the internet without too much cost? That would help people judge you a little more accurately. This way we would have a chance to observe your reactions when questioned and without the time to ponder, which certainly the email allows you. At least we could see how you look like and how you sound!

But if you are afraid [apprehensive, embarrassed, concerned, have aversion] of using a video camera why don’t you continue using your audio recorder and make the files available, as you do with the zip files?  Wouldn’t it be easier than transcribing them? Well, it’s your business if it is more convenient for you to remain hidden behind the monitor instead of talking to people, in person or over the phone. You’ll reach just those worth reaching anyways.

Unfortunately, the video codecs used by Windows Media Player 10 (and above) are proprietary and cannot be viewed by people who use alternative operating systems, e.g., Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc. If the AF Trust has made a conscious decision to limit its publications to Microsoft-only document formats, it is of course none of my business. I just thought it worth mentioning that an open data format would reach a wider audience. The same could be said about your journal samples using MS Word / MS Reader format instead of the ubiquitous and portable PDF, or even plain HTML.

But there are some open standards and free software that works in most if not all OS; so choosing them would enable everybody to work with these. But locating software that converts one format (this WMV) to other formats... particularly some open formats maybe practical (particularly if the software that plays WMV in other OS is not to be found). I can try to help with those who genuinely face this problem; please let me know if your OS doesn’t have facility to view it. And also, if the viewer is not free. I shall try to locate information regarding this.

Peter, unfortunately that link’s content doesn’t work for me. I have win player 10, Win XP, 2.40GB, but it won’t play, worse computer crashes and reboots. It has occurred thrice already. Would appreciate if you could offer something simpler than this as an alternative.

Will the videos be made available to buy as dvd/vhs for those of us who can/will not afford the necessary computer equipment to view the free samples?

Suggestions and comments: 1. The video clip resolution should be adjustable (or multiple resolution choices should be provided). 80 megabytes containing only two minutes is way beyond the reach of most internet consumers even today (especially in the third world). 2. As suggested by others, stills can be provided for the videos. I will create some and put it up on a website, if that is allowed by the AF webmasters. 3. The ending shot of the sunset is remarkable.

I think it strange that I can buy a movie on DVD that took millions to make for 15 to 20 bucks but this actualism DVD is 77 bucks. Could someone just explain that to me? You have to take out a goddamn loan for this DVD which is as I understand it nothing new that cannot be obtained from the site. Why not audiotapes? Is it really that important that we see these people and their beautiful beards?

A question about the DVD’s: is the reason the DVD files are not available for download (at a lower price, or free of charge) because hosting costs are prohibitive, or is it something else (such as selling DVD’s is a good source of income for maintaining the site)? I ask because a – I’d like to watch them but they are too costly to buy. I know online distribution offers little or no revenue, but it wouldn’t cost you anything further either. It’s admittedly not a viable option for people who use dial-up modems but broadband – which can download a gig of data quickly – has outstripped dial-up in the developed countries.

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