Please note that Peter’s correspondence below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

Peter’s Correspondence on Mailing List C

Correspondent No 5

Topics covered

Malice and sorrow, original sin, Tabula Rasa



RESPONDENT: Peter wrote – among lots of other stuff: blah, blah, blah, ...

[Peter]: ‘spiritually here usually achieved by meditative practice, the spiritual people manage to live in a state of denial and renunciation of the real world they so desperately seek to escape’. [endquote].

 ... blah, blah ...

I don’t get it... Spiritual as compared to everyday/mundane? Being spiritual equals a state of denial/ renunciation/ escape????? Where do you get this stuff???

I can be totally meditative while I go to the market or even watch a movie on TV... and I can certainly be quite mundane while sitting ‘trying to be (or better yet appearing to be) in meditation...

And what makes you think that if I am totally immersed in a dance therefore making it a meditation... that I am renouncing or trying to escape anything???

I think your dictionary definitions and your trying to be deep about a fairly non-complex issue, such as being in H&N is a little above my head... (thankfully)

PETER: The denial and renunciation of the spiritual path (Eastern Religions) is evident in the exalted position of the Gurus and Sannyasins in the East. Sexual repression and ignorance abounds, repression of women is notorious, rampant poverty and disease is the direct result of turning away from the benefit of intelligent thinking and resulting technological advances, and the famed compassion in practice necessitates a higher, holier position to those for whom one feels compassion towards. The Dalai Lama is venerated as the re-incarnation of ‘the Lord who looks down with compassion on the world of sentient beings’. These are the facts of what 3,000 years of spirituality have produced, compared with the blind faith in what might be possible, one day ... if only ....


RESPONDENT: The following words you wrote are the base assumption underlying all that you (Peter, Vineeto, Richard) are spewing – take that one basic premise away and what have you got? ... NOTHING!

[Vineeto]: ‘Given that the base feelings are malice and sorrow (sadness, resentment, hate, depression, melancholy, loneliness, etc.)’ [endquote].

Obviously your temperament and world view fit in quite well with the idea of ‘original sin’. THAT is your biggest error.

PETER: A few words in reply to your post –

Well, I have written many times in my journal (Peace-chapter) of the malice I felt in me to the point of wanting to kill someone, and many times of sadness to the point of despair. These feelings I felt in me and often they would overwhelm me to the point of feeling possessed. A ‘blind rage’ would come over me, be it jealousy or anger. Similarly a deep melancholy would sometimes ‘swamp’ me and I know in others that this can be a deep depression to the point of suicide. What I have discovered is that these feelings are the instinctual feelings of malice and sorrow that we are born with. They are biological ‘software’ if you like and hard wired in, unlike the social conditioning and identity. This is what people mean when they say ‘you can’t change human nature’.

This is accepted in the west as born in sin or acknowledged in the east as the karmic cycle of suffering. Or do you go along with the theory that we are born innocent and pure (Tabula Rasa)? Can you tell me what you see as the source of sadness and violence in the world? It is a great topic to discuss. I know that for me it was essential to see and acknowledge both the sorrow and malice in me before I had any chance of eliminating it. Malice was the toughest one, because generally I was what is called a nice guy, I went out of my way to be good, not rock the boat, but eventually I saw that, no matter how ‘good’ I was, I still caused ripples. Even if it was only in withdrawing, being sullen, a word here, a gesture there.

Enough, I am on a short post promise – I think I did well!

Looking forward to talking again.

RESPONDENT: P.S. ‘There is only ONE looking out from all the pairs of eyes simultaneously’

PETER: If there is only ONE, surely it must be God?



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