Actualism, the Wide and Wondrous Path to Actual Freedom

The Wide and Wondrous Path to a New and
Non-Spiritual, Down-to-Earth Freedom

Why, after thousands of years of belief, trust, faith and hope have the spiritual and religious paths
not yet produced peace on earth – with no end to the litany of wars, torture, domestic
violence, murder, child abuse, failed love-affairs, sorrow and despair?

Why is it that only 0.0001% of spiritual seekers become Enlightened and the rest who fail after years of effort only blame themselves and don’t question the belief-system itself.

Why does the spiritual path not address the failure of man and woman to live together in equity, peace and harmony? Could it be that everyone has got it

180 degrees wrong?

Actual Freedom offers a third alternative to either remaining ‘normal’ or transcending the normal by practicing an awareness of an ‘inner’ world to rise ‘above it all’. Actual Freedom is an alternative that offers not only the elimination of the self, that lost, lonely, frightened and very, very cunning entity, but the elimination of the Self, that superior God-like spiritual entity as well.

Actual Freedom is to be free to constantly delight in the physical universe, its immediacy, its infinitude and its purity. To be this sensate, sensual body with awareness freed of any psychological entity whatsoever, enabling one to fully live this moment of being alive. At last to be a free autonomous human being, one emerges into this paradisiacal fairy-tale physical world where a veritable smorgasbord of sensual pleasures become apparent. With heightened senses one is able to see and experience the actual world as it is without the grey-coloured glasses of ‘normal reality’ or the rose-coloured glasses of the ‘spiritual’. Then and only then one is able to realize one’s destiny. Then one is able to be the universe experiencing itself as a sensate human being.

This web-site documents the journey and discoveries of two people on the wide and wondrous path to a new non-spiritual down-to-earth freedom – actual freedom.

We both had trodden the spiritual path intensely for some 15 years each with few tangible results. We then met a man called Richard who said, ‘Everybody has got it 180 degrees wrong’ and that he had been Enlightened until he saw through the delusion it was. He had devised a method of becoming actually free from the Human Condition – of malice and sorrow.

Fascinated and intrigued, we set out to try something new and radical. We discovered not only that a man and a woman can live together in equity and perfect peace and harmony for 24 hours a day, every day, but that by diligently applying the method described in Peter’s Journal, we free ourselves of the Human Condition completely.

... peace and harmony...

We started our relationship with a contract that we would look at everything that prevented intimacy and equity between us, and that we would not blame the other but look for both cause and solution within ourselves. In this way we questioned and eliminated no only the beliefs and instincts, which divide humans into separate warring camps of men and women, but gathered enough confidence to meticulously demolish all the beliefs, emotions and instincts that entrap human beings. It is truly the most thrilling adventure of a lifetime, a fulfilling journey beyond our wildest dreams.

The journal documents the success of applying Richard’s method to eliminate the ‘I’ and the ‘sense of being’ that keep us separate and that inevitably prevent the direct experience of intimacy with everyone and everything, with the actual world of people, things and events. With pure intent one can completely eliminate malice and sorrow, fear and aggression from the programming all humans are born with and for the first time become both

... happy and harmless.

By living together in peace and harmony, equity and freedom, we have proved that, with pure intent, this is possible for anyone on the planet. Life, after all, was meant to be easy, friendly, comfortable, peaceful, harmonious, ever-changing, fresh each moment, direct, obvious, with the senses allowing intimate and total involvement in this moment of being alive. But then again we all have sometimes suspected this and even had tantalizing glimpses of this perfection. It is the destiny we seek.

It is the greatest gift one can bestow upon oneself and others.

Please note that Peter and Vineeto’s links below point to the writings and correspondence of feeling beings ‘Peter’ and ‘Vineeto’ while they lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom. Hence most of their writings describe the experience of a virtual freedom and the actualism method as both ‘he’ and ‘she’ understood and applied it in those years before becoming actually free.

For genuine reports, descriptions and accounts of an actual freedom please refer to Richard, who discovered and immanently brought an actual freedom into this world.


Introducing Actual Freedom

An illustrated introduction to Actual Freedom, recommended for all newcomers

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The Wide and Wondrous Path

A précis of Actualism and the method to become free from the Human Condition, with relevant links for in-depth information

A Guide for Practicing Actualists

An practical guide for those who already have a good understanding of Actual Freedom and have begun to apply the method


Peter’s Journal

A very practical and down-to-earth story about putting
actualism into action in daily life – a ‘ripping yarn’ indeed

Long Awaited News Last Chapter

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A Bit of Vineeto

Vineeto’s story about eliminating female
conditioning and spiritual delusion.

Long Awaited News – Last Chapter

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Mailing-List Archives – From July 1998 through to September 2006 the directors of The Actual Freedom Trust operated and maintained a public forum, as an adjunct to this web site, so as to facilitate a sharing of experience and understanding and to thus assist in elucidating just what is entailed in becoming either actually or virtually free from the human condition.

Over the course of those eight years which that purposely unmoderated discussion list operated a wide range of topics were canvassed by peoples from many walks of life – from those in alignment to what is actual, from those opposed to what is actual, and from those anywhere in between – and an enormous amount of informative material was archived on this web site as a direct result.

Whether another forum bearing the (registered) imprimatur of The Actual Freedom Trust, and thus preserving the integrity of the matters under discussion, will be once again made available is something for future directors to consider.

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