Please note that Peter’s correspondence below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

Selected Correspondence Peter

What is the Actual Freedom Trust

PETER: I thought it might be appropriate to set the record straight with a few facts about the Actual Freedom Trust. You have obviously been very busy concocting your own fantasy about the Trust, what it is, how it came about and what its purpose is simply in order to then rile against your own fantasy.

When I first came across Richard in 1997 he had just completed a first draft of his journal. He explained he wanted to put into words his discovery of an unprecedented freedom from the current human condition on the planet. He had gone looking for a typewriter and ended up with a computer and had printed his journal on A4 paper in a loose-leaf binder. When I expressed interest in reading it he printed out a copy for me to take away the next time we met. Over the ensuing months he expanded some sections of the journal and would then change the pages in my loose-leaf binder.

One day I suggested to him that it might be a good idea to put his journal on the Web so that his discovery would be easily available for whoever was interested. He was initially taken aback but while in the process of setting it up, he started investigating the Web and discovered a few mailing lists that interested him. Soon he was drawn into writing on one of these lists and the unremitting objections he stirred up have subsequently formed the basis of much of the correspondence section of The Actual Freedom Trust website.

It became apparent to both Richard and I that in presenting Richard’s discovery to a vigorous and sometimes vitriolic public scrutiny, it was appropriate and sensible to do so under the umbrella of a legal statutory entity rather than as individuals. The web site operates as the Actual Freedom Trust web site and both Richard’s Journal and Peter’s Journal have been published in the name of the Trust with the printing costs funded by a private loan to the Trust by Vineeto. It was at Richard’s suggestion that we combine our writing on one web site so as to present both Actual Freedom and actualism – the method of becoming actually free, on the one comprehensive site. This also has the advantage of further debunking any of the Guru-follower nonsense that people will insist on imagining.

Contrary to your fantasy the Trust is nothing other than a legal entity – an entity established in most legal systems around the world for circumstances such as we found ourselves in when going public.

It was obvious to me during this time of going public that Richard was cautiously hesitant rather than passionately enthusiastic, which tended to be my role at the time. I understand his hesitancy in hindsight because the response has varied from apathy to summary dismissal, from utter denial to belligerent defensiveness, from stony silence to vehement vitriol. However, peace on earth is too great a prize to be muzzled under to instinctual fear and ancient superstition. As I recall it, the suggestion to establish a mailing list came from Alan and the Trust directors all thought it appropriate and timely that we had our own ‘home turf’ mailing list – a forum where we could freely and mutually explore the beliefs, conditionings and passions that have perennially prevented human beings being able to live together in anything remotely resembling utter peace and delight-filled harmony.

The only agenda that the Actual Freedom Trust has is peace on earth. There is no other.

Whenever Vineeto and I meet Richard for a coffee or lunch, the talk is more often than not about computers and occasionally we pick his brain about his experiences in becoming free of the human condition or making sense of some aspect of the human condition. Everything that he says has usually been already written on the Web-site and said far better in words than in conversation, which is why it is far more fruitful to read his written words to get an understanding of Actual Freedom. Any attempt to make him into a Guru has always failed and always will fail because he is neither a Guru, nor a teacher. In my university days I awoke to the fact that there is a vast difference between a teacher of principles, concepts and ideals and a pioneering practitioner in the market place, something that stood me in good stead later in my spiritual years. Anyone who bothers to read of Richard’s experiences and discoveries would eventually come to recognize the words of a pioneering practitioner in the market place and not those of a head-in-the-clouds spiritual teacher.

Just another anecdote for the record. You may not have noticed but at the top of The Actual Freedom Trust website it says ‘a new, non-spiritual, down-to-earth freedom’. After reading and understanding the evolutionary nature of what Richard was saying I suggested he add the words ‘new, non-spiritual’ as a subtitle to the words Actual Freedom. After Richard read my Journal, he suggested further adding the words ‘down-to-earth’. Not that this clear forewarning discourages the plagiarists who are now frantically trying to make money or gain cheap kudos by pinching the words, spiritualizing them or vainly attempting to give their spiritual beliefs some credence by sprinkling the odd phrase in with their gobbledygook. Yet these same plagiarists, by failing to make the effort to thoroughly read and understand what is written on The Actual Freedom Trust Website, only serve to shoot themselves in the foot.

As a journalist who appears to have a passionate interest in the Actual Freedom Trust, I thought you might like to know some more facts about the Trust from another director ... just to set the record straight.

The only agenda that The Actual Freedom Trust has is peace on earth. There is no other.

RESPONDENT to No 12: If I may please, do you find it a reasonable to imagine there is some-thing called mind? And more if you will, do you find it reasonable to imagine a some-thing called ‘Peter’ that might be the owner of said mind?

PETER: Photographic evidence that a something called Peter does in fact exist. The photo was taken at a recent late-night meeting involving half of the nominal directors of the Actual Freedom Trust.

Cheers ... ... Peter

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