Please note that Vineeto’s correspondence below was written by the actually free Vineeto

Vineeto’s Correspondence

with Claudiu on List D

(List D refers to Richard’s List D and his Respondent Numbers)

November 16 2017

CLAUDIU: Hope all is well! I’d like to ask you and Richard a last question which I only posted after Dona and Alan had left. And also to give a great thanks for participating and answering all our questions on slack. The chat transformed for the better once it started happening. Just another reason for me to do it” as well – so I can be an actually free person contributing directly on the chat.

VINEETO: Hi Claudiu,

That is very good to hear and great that it inspired you to become actually free sooner rather than later.

CLAUDIU: So the question is: I’ve been looking at ‘how’ to self immolate, in terms of ‘how’ to give permission to have the controls be let go of. I discovered a reluctance to allow the controls to be let go of. I saw the reluctance as a wanting others to approve of what I was doing! A need for permission from the others. I am not giving permission to have the controls be let go of because I’m putting my freedom in others’ hands.

I haven’t gotten past this yet. But my question is am I right in getting that the only thing that is needed is for me to give permission to let the controls be let go of to pure intent? That is having the golden clew in place and then giving permission to allow that. Then literally all ‘i’ do is enjoy as it all unfolds (which unfolding ‘i’ have no control over).

VINEETO: The “I” who would be doing the letting go *is* the controller (Remember the simile of ‘you’ and a pizza? You can slice the pizza into pieces but ‘you’ can never remove the last piece because that is still ‘you’.)

“I”, the controller, can give ‘my’self (the controller) permission to have it happen – the “it” refers to being out from under control to have one’s life live itself similar to Richard’s experience to have the painting paint itself.

What that means is that the controller goes in abeyance.

CLAUDIU: Also is it correct that it is ‘me’ I give permission to? As in it’s an allowing myself to have the controls be let go of ... since ‘i’ am the only thing standing in the way anyway?

VINEETO: Yes, that is well said – “allowing myself to have the controls be let go of”.

CLAUDIU: Finally I’m curious, the feeling of requiring permission from others... considering that ‘i’ am ‘humanity’ and ‘humanity’ is ‘me’ does that feeling also mean that ultimately ‘i’ only need permission from ‘myself’ – since the others” that ‘i’ feel ‘i’ need permission from are ‘me’ also? I find this strange to say though because they are factually speaking flesh and blood bodies separate from this one... they are not ‘me’ in actuality.

VINEETO: A clarification to your reasoning – they are not factually speaking flesh and blood bodies, they are identities using their flesh and blood tongues and vocal cords to say what the identities instruct them to say.

Those other identities will never give you permission to leave the fold, and deep down you know that.

The feeling of requiring permission from others for your actions is backed up by strong atavistic feelings that leaving the fold is deadly dangerous and this feeling is reinforced by the fact that in the past being an outcast has meant that the person couldn’t survive on their own. Even so this is no longer the case the feeling is still based on ancient human history.

So, whilst your reasoning might help you to understand it in theory that ‘I’ am humanity and humanity is ‘me’ in the psychic/affective sense, it is important to understand this experientially and eventually come to the conclusion, with supreme confidence, that it is utterly safe to abandon humanity, defying all of humanity’s wisdom, even if not a single person gives you permission to do so or agrees with you.

Your PCEs and the golden clew inform you of the utter safety of living here in the actual world.

CLAUDIU: Also a note of interest, lately I’ve been experiencing the golden clew as an experience that the world actually is indeed a magical fairy-tale like playground, where all everyone is doing is basically moving through the world and having fun. I much prefer that over the real world!

VINEETO: And this is truly wonderful.

Cheers Vineeto


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