Please note that Vineeto’s correspondence below was written by the actually free Vineeto

Vineeto’s Correspondence

with Geoffrey (Slack)

October 6, 2018

GEOFFREY: Vineeto,

I am Geoffrey, a French man of 42 years. You might remember me asking quite a few questions when Alan and Dona were in Ballina last year, including a few about self-immolation... Thanks again to you and Richard for your answers, which were invaluable. 

I’ve been actually free (of the instinctual passions/the feeling-being formed thereof) for a month now. As I have no doubts about my condition, and saw no point in waiting longer, I’ve told No. 9(AF). We’ve compared notes and it appears we’ve experienced a similar event, and currently live the same peace-on-earth actual freedom. He kindly gave me your email address, as I think it is only proper to tell you and Richard the good news before posting a report for all the WWW to see.

I join my (tentative) report. I’d very much appreciate any comment/correction/suggestion you might have, as I do not want to be misleading to my fellow actualists, the only motivation of my ‘coming out’ being to remind them once more that it is possible, and in so doing furthering the cause of the spread of peace-on-earth.

[Geoffrey’s report can be found here]

So there it is… Again, any suggestion would be very welcomed, even of a grammatical nature ;-).

About the key sentence: “I saw the vortex that is ‘me’ drastically slow down, as it could not move in the overarching stillness, and evaporate, as it had no substance but movement“ … I wrote a dozen different versions of it. 

Some include that there was a ‘fine’ or ‘subtle’ energy at work around my head (which No. 9(AF) confirmed as the main feature of his ‘event’, linking it to the ‘tintling’ of champagne bubbles – which I can relate to, even if I would not have come to this formulation by myself, focused that I was on the ‘vortex’ image). What I clearly sensed was that ‘something’ was happening in my brain, in a way that I had never sensed before. 

Some versions include the fact that this ‘process’ took a few seconds to unfold. Seconds during which I was somehow ‘stuck’, like characters in cartoons can stay still in the middle of a jump – although I was still physically walking. By my recollection I’d say it took around four seconds. No. 9(AF) later told me his own guess was from 2 to 5 seconds, probably 3-4. 

One version includes the (maybe anecdotical) fact that the swirling ‘currents’ of the vortex were mostly grey, while some appeared to be of a light-blue colour. 

All in all, I don’t really know what to do concerning the description of the event proper. I can’t help but notice that no such description is included in your report. No. 9(AF) told me he inserted his own description when he emailed his report to you, but not on his ‘published’ version (“for verification purposes“ as he told me). 

If I’d had such a description available, maybe my experience would not have been so ‘personal’ (the vortex image, which I’ve never seen described in this context before). Also I might have just thought “oh it’s the same event” and not bother recollecting what exactly happened to me – as I took great care in doing, in the absence of previous ‘notions’ about how it is ‘supposed’ to be.

Any advice on your part, either about the description itself (what should be included or not) or on whether to include a description of the event at all, would be very welcomed. 

About the fact that I am actually free of the instinctual passions/the feeling-being formed thereof (a very apt formulation – as that is indeed precisely what I’m free of), I am of course ready to answer any questions you might have.

And, generally, I’d be very grateful for any advice you see fit to give me.

I will have questions regarding moving forward towards full actual freedom, but for the time being I’m enjoying my condition, and acclimatising to the new (and awesome) state of things.

Once again, let me seize this opportunity to express all my thanks to Richard and yourself for everything that you’ve done, both in discovering and describing Actual Freedom and the way to achieve this condition. I would never had thought such a thing possible if it weren’t for your dedication. I now live in paradise and it is thanks to you. May many follow!

Yours… freely :-)


VINEETO: Hi Geoffrey,

Wow, what wonder-ful news!

Thank you for your message and tentative) report.

When I read what you call the ‘key sentence’, and the two short sentences after it, I had tears of joy in my eyes – another human being has forever escaped the clutches of the human condition.

I find it an excellent report and would not change any word of it, especially not the ‘key sentence’.

Everyone’s experience is slightly different because the experience of ‘me’ disappearing is informed by the identity you were and therefore idiosyncratic to everyone. What is common to everyone is a pivotal moment/ a definitive event of an irrevocable change. […]

As for any advice or information to give to you – enjoy and appreciate.

You will be surprised how easy it is now because it happens spontaneously.

Thank you.

Cheers Vineeto

October 10, 2018

GEOFFREY: Thank you for your message! I’m very happy that you enjoyed my report. 

Let me inform you that I’ve just posted it both on Yahoo and Slack (although it might take some time for it to appear on Yahoo apparently…). Now just wait for the reactions ;-)

About your advice (“enjoy and appreciate“) it is very welcomed as I’ve been contemplating with amazement how the ‘method’ makes so much sense now. 

How much enjoyment there is now! 

How much appreciation!

How much better can it get? 

Haha we’ll see…



VINEETO: Hi Geoffrey,

Great to hear that the ‘method’ makes so much sense to you now. The means to the end is no different to the end.

As for “How much better can it get” – this quote from Richard might go towards answering that –

Richard: “The more you feel good the more feeling good happens; the more feeling good happens the better you feel; the better you feel the more feeling better gets ... and so on and so on ... gradually increasing ever-incrementally until one day you can get to the stage the identity in residence all those years ago got to where ‘he’ would say how ‘he’ had to invent a new word (‘bester’) because how on earth could best keep on getting better.

(Be warned: the sky is not the limit).” (Richard, List D, No 11, 25 November 2009a)

Cheers Vineeto

December 21, 2018

VINEETO: Hi Geoffrey,

You wrote: «Vineeto [to No. 9(AF)]: Once the guardian has abdicated you are then able to allow the experience of infinitude and the utter purity of its perfection to happen, slowly, gently, as much as you can bear, again and again. »

My question is about this « once… then… ».

What about allowing the experience of infinitude before the total abdication of the guardian?

Is it impossible (the guardian, being an ‘identity’, taints the experience), or just not conducive to progress, or something else?

I thought this increasing experience of infinitude would be at least an element of this abdication of the guardian. « See, I can take it, I don’t need you ». Or maybe that the ‘light’ of this experience would ‘burn’ the guardian so to speak.

VINEETO: I am well aware that the data pool of experience is very small – in fact, I am the only person so far who proceeded from a basic actual freedom via the direct route to a full actual freedom (Richard became actually free via enlightenment and his own process was similar but slightly different). Nevertheless, it is the only process that has worked so far, so you can assess what I have to report according to your own intelligence.

The guardian is called the guardian because it guards your thoughts, words and behaviour according to the beliefs and values inculcated by the society you live in. This guardian is shadowy as it is not backed up by instinctual passions and a feeling being, but it still has the qualities of a more or less coherent identity, *dictating* how an actual freedom *should* be acted out, including how the progress to a full actual freedom should be acted out (thus ensuring the genuine full freedom will not happen). For a full actual freedom to happen you need to leave humanity well and truly behind.

As such, according to my experience, as well as from some interactions with newly free people, the guardian does not simply “burn” out – I found that it needs to agree to abdicate just as the feeling being needed to agree to its demise.

With all that in mind, of course you allow the experience of infinitude as much as you can bear but the *purity* of the perfection of this infinitude can only be permanently experienced, when the guardian is no longer extant. Until then you can have a taste of it for short periods, comparable to the PCE for a feeling being.

GEOFFREY: The most recent one happened after I had allowed it more, and more, and « let’s see how much I can take »…

Here are my notes (very short, as all I could think about when the experience ended was to go home as soon as possible, close the curtains and sleep, which I did).

>There was light. A grid of lights, all the way to infinity, each light smaller than a particle. The vast stillness from which everything is generated. The source of the manifest universe. The same grid in the air, the ground, in this body. All being the same thing. The substrate, the coming into being of what is.

Do you recognise this? What is for sure is that I’ve been ‘avoiding’ going back there since it happened, it was ‘too much’ to bare.  I guess I was not really going for it « slowly, gently »… and again, the guardian is still extant, although it appears to be getting more « insubstantial » by the day.

What do you think?

VINEETO: To make it clear what we are talking about –

1. The stillness is due to the fact that in actuality time does not move

2. The source of matter as mass (“the manifest universe”) is, of course, matter as energy.

3. With that in mind your last sentence sounds metempirical to me because “what is” (a label used by metempirics for something beyond matter) consists in actuality entirely of matter, both as energy and mass.

Is it possible that your guardian could be somewhat influencing the interpretation of your overwhelming experience of infinitude ?

I found that the best way to make the guarding less substantial was to find remnant beliefs and replace them with facts, and to examine if and how any of my attitudes were influenced by /based on societal morals and ethics.

Cheers Vineeto

December 26, 2018

GEOFFREY: Thank you very much for your detailed answer!

VINEETO: Is it possible that your guardian could be somewhat influencing the interpretation of your overwhelming experience of infinitude ?

GEOFFREY: It is not only possible, but indeed certain. That is what happened. I saw it happening. The experience was just finished that the guardian had already started a process of interpretation, maybe of ‘appropriation’ of the experience. And it went on and on. Changing the memory of the experience so that it fits with its beliefs (here: scientific and philosophical beliefs about the universe, consciousness, etc.).

It appears that I needed to hear you say this though, to accept it fully. The consequences are huge.

[Vineeto]: … including how the progress to a full actual freedom should be acted out (thus ensuring the genuine full freedom will not happen).

This makes perfect sense. And I’m quite stunned that I hadn’t grasped how important this is before.

I now see the necessity of the total abdication of the guardian. And the parallels to the situation prior to self-immolation.

I’m very grateful, your answer has given me quite the realisation.

VINEETO: Hi Geoffrey,

I am glad you can see it for yourself. The consequences are indeed huge.

For feeling beings it easily happens that when they read The Actual Freedom Trust website they inadvertently replace certain key words with words familiar to them and more fitting to their own preconceived convictions – I have seen this many times in Richard’s and my own correspondences with others. For instance –

RESPONDENT: I have noticed that you apply many of the traditional attributes of spirit to matter: infinite, eternal, benevolent, benign, even, I believe, intelligent in a non-anthropomorphic way.

RICHARD: Not ‘applying’, no ... these ‘attributes’ are actually properties (infinite and eternal) and qualities (immaculate and consummate) and values (benevolent and benign) and are my direct experience, each moment again, and those words are my description of what is actually happening (properties plus qualities equals values). It is that peoples for millennia have been ‘stealing’ the properties and qualities and values of this physical universe and attributing them to their particular metaphysical fantasy (whichever god or goddess that is the ‘flavour of the month’) ... and anthropocentrically adding a few (power-based) properties and qualities and values while they at it in order to make him/her into a supreme being. I am simply bringing those properties and qualities and values back where they have belonged all along ... to this infinite and eternal universe (stripping the power-based extraneities along the way).

But the universe itself is not intelligent (even in a ‘non-anthropomorphic way’) ... this universe, being infinite and eternal, is much, much more than merely intelligent. Intelligence, which is the ability to think, reflect, compare, evaluate and implement considered action for benevolent reasons, cannot comprehend infinity and eternity (as infinitude has no opposite there is none of the cause and effect relationship which is what intelligence needs in order to operate). Only apperceptive awareness can perceive and/or apprehend infinitude (thus I am this universe experiencing its own infinitude apperceptively). And, as a human being, I am this universe experiencing itself intelligently (just as the universe experiences itself as a cat or a dog or whatever: as a cat, this universe experiences itself miaowing and as a dog this universe experiences itself barking and so on).

Thus this universe is not consciousness per se (nor capital ‘C’ Consciousness). (Richard, General Correspondence, Page 9, 19 April 2000)  

However, when the instinctual passions and the feeling being formed thereof are extinct it is, of course, much easier to diligently re-examine any false notions one may have picked up about what is actual.

I wish you fun to play the detective with yourself and detect those preconceived notions from all areas of life (‘scientific’, philosophical, political, social, medical, etc), and while doing it, you may also discover some of the various and ubiquitous scams that have been played on a gullible public.

After all, everything that has been written about any topic – absolutely everything – has been written by feeling beings. Richard wrote many times that whichever area he looked into facts were few and far between.

I had sometimes confusing and disorienting periods during this time of becoming fully free as I discovered the implications and ramifications of this infinite, eternal and perdurable universe from my original self-centric perspective, and Richard had to remind me that the human condition is weird and as such coming out of it will also be experienced as weird at times. It’s par for the course.

Cheers Vineeto


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