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Vineeto’s Correspondence

List D Respondent No 4

(List D refers to Richard’s List D and his Respondent Numbers)

January 7 2013

Common Sense and Facts

Hi Everybody,

I think it’s time to insert some more common sense and facts into the discussions that are presently going on here.

First, I want to contradict [No. 12] where he says that he has never known [No. 4] to lie (Message 12xxx).

I have.

And it is not only the lies that [No. 4] tells in the sense of proliferating unsubstantiated made-up stuff (his interpretations of the hearsay tales he heard and his mis- and dis-information of what he saw and heard while in the presence of 5 actually free people – 4 of them newly free – during his second visit in February 2010) but also his deliberate omissions in his posts.

For instance – why all the song and dance about the so-called PTSD article(see) – has ‘[No. 4]’ witnessed any signs of post traumatic stress syndromes in any of the people he met during his visit – Peter, Pamela, [name withheld], myself or Richard – so as to warrant the massive maligning campaign that he has conducted for more than two years now and the ongoing invasion of privacy?

None of the newly free people have ever been to war or have ever been exposed to traumatic stress so as to warrant even a hint of any post traumatic stress disorder, let alone the kind of ‘neurological and pathological disorder’ [No. 4] tries to make out we all have due to being free from the instinctual passions and the feeling being formed thereof.

To compensate for the absence of such a proof that an actual freedom is the ‘neurological and pathological disorder’ [No. 4] tries to make it out to be, he instead endevours to paint a picture in which all the newly free people, by their very freedom from the instinctual passions and the necessity for the curbing function of morals and ethics, are therefore all immoral and unethical.

For example, he lied about myself, Pamela, [name withheld] and Peter. He invented and then embellishes stories of an ‘alpha male’ – and even [No. 25] and [No. 1] have taken on and are repeating this libel (Message 12xxx) – and of women who prostitute themselves for an actual freedom and of Peter having been cuckolded when none of these imagined events have ever taken place, neither in his presence nor in his absence. He was well aware that at the time of his visit we were all single, members of a convivium, and yet he described the persons concerned as ‘husband of’, ‘wife of’, ‘partner of’ etc. to refit us into his narrow-minded moralistic social order and then apply his own instinctually-fuelled imagination of what a freedom from this moralistic social order would look like. These are deliberate lies to further his cause of demonstrating an actual freedom to be a danger to humanity.

If this is not maligning, libelling and defaming then I don’t know what is.

Yet there is a clear demonstration that he knows, deep down, that none of what he believes to be ‘true’ in his head can stand scrutiny. Even though he is one of the few people who have not only Richard’s private email address but also his private telephone number, and even though he only lives a few hours drive away from Richard’s residence, he never even made any attempt to contact either Richard, myself or Peter to discuss his misgivings and get clarification on his contrary impressions.

He chose instead to write publicly on at least two emails forums plus proliferate his opinions and unsubstantiated impressions surreptitiously (privately) to various people without ever checking if his subjective judgement was correct or incorrect with the persons accused of such grave so-called ‘neurological and pathological disorders’.

He even said, when coming first unto this list, that he ‘wondered at times if I’ve made a colossal mistake’ (Message 10xxx). No. 00 questioned him about it and he said ‘because to do so *in error* would be ... not good, to put it mildly’ [emphasis his] (Message 11xxx).

I can say, from what I have been living these past three years, that it is indeed a ‘colossal mistake’ and ‘not good, to put it mildly’. It is trifling with people’s lives (to borrow that phrase) on a conviction that is virtually based only on strong feelings, imagination and a few snippets of unsubstantiated hearsay tales. A thirty-something young woman could be actually free right now and ‘the happiest person on this earth’ as she put it (Message 10xxx) , had she not been encouraged by [No. 4] to abandon her initial life-plan.

Now I know, from personal experience, what the underlying cause is for [No. 4’s] whole elaborate international campaign. First let me present it in his own words –


[No. 4]: ‘The principal ‘mutineers’ were Pamela and Vineeto, both of whom are now actually free.

They were experiencing something that seems to be almost mandatory at some point[1] on the road to actual freedom: *seeing Richard as a dangerous lunatic*.

Welcome aboard ;-)

Cheers, [No. 4.

[1] *or, in my case, many such instances*.’ (Message 9229, 5.3.2010) [emphases added]


[No. 4], your incessant fighting against the benefits of an actual freedom is the manifestation of what has become known, amongst actualists here, as ‘F.A.S.’ – ‘Fatal Attraction Syndrome’. Devika was the first to be stricken by it, when she transmogrified into ‘Irene’ and started to badmouth Richard and blackguard actualism. She stubbornly stuck to her choice to never ever turn back again and prematurely died a lonesome spinster.

[No. 4], you have come close, really close, to becoming actually free yourself, and for about four weeks after your second visit you wrote glowingly and confidently about your own experiences and about an actual freedom itself. You understood what Richard was reporting/ describing without any problem and you could even explain it to others to your satisfaction.

And then the old identity took charge again, who we all knew so well from your posts on the Actual Freedom mailing list, and you have been busily and passionately, like a born-again saviour, leading people astray ever since.


Feeling-being ‘Vineeto’ knows this situation first hand as it happened to ‘her’ twice. The first time was when Richard and ‘Vineeto’ had met to talk about the video shoot a week after it was taken and ‘she’ unsuspectingly came close to the actual world territory, so to speak. Richard said to ‘her’, encouragingly, ‘you are really close-by right now’ and within a split second, ‘Vineeto’ pulled back, closed up and avoided any in-depth discussion about becoming actually free with Richard for more than 2 years.

The second occasion is alluded to in the above Message #9229. In the early morning of December 29, 2009, feeling-being ‘Vineeto’ was overtaken by a panic attack, which convinced ‘her’ that, although everything written on the website was coherent, correct and a valid description of the actual world as ‘she’ had experienced it in ‘her’ own PCEs, seeing Richard to be insane who needed to be feared and avoided. (The reason why Peter wasn’t infected was because he had seen it all before when this happened to Devika/Irene).

This second panic only lasted for 3 days but because it happened during the out-from-control virtual freedom it turned into an out-of-control panic mode. Only ‘her’ decade-long training in keeping ‘her’ hands in ‘her’ pockets and neither repress nor express the intense feelings racing through ‘her’ allowed the extreme situation to subside so soon afterwards … and look where I am today.

I have been actually free for exactly three years now – the last two of them fully actually free – and life is so wonderful, so carefree, so delightful without the instinctual passions and the identity formed thereof that it leaves your, [No. 4], emotive call to keep ‘what human beings have hitherto held dear’ (Message 12xxx) for dead.


[No. 4], do you really want to run away from paradise for the rest of your life and, whenever the temptation of this ‘Fatal Attraction Syndrome’ strikes (as possibly indicated in Message 12xx0 and 12xx5), rally people to join you in your anti-actualist stance in order to protect ‘you’ so that this ‘terrible’ fate – an actual freedom from the human condition – will not inadvertently befall you?

Think about it – this is ‘your’ dilemma and only you alone can solve it.

Cheers Vineeto


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