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 Richard to Subscriber No. 1

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22 JANUARY 2010

SUBSCRIBER NO. 4: You know me through my surface mail dated 2nd May 2009, wherein I had requested your kind permission for the then enclosed attachment ‘ESSENCE OF ACTUAL FREEDOM’ to be printed and freely shared with others. Your written permission was granted vide your letter dated 19th May 2009. The printing of the book is still pending due to lack of financial resource. (...).

RICHARD: (...) What I would like to discuss with you is the hold-up in the printing of your ‘Essence Of Actual Freedom’ book as I was quite taken with your prosody (inasmuch whilst versification of that nature can be quite charming, in itself, your particular style and way with words added a rather unique dimension) and am keenly interested in having your twenty-five thousand words printed and freely distributed soonest. To briefly explain why: (...snip...). All of which brings me back to your lack of financial resource: given the way the currency exchange rate works handsomely in my favour (today, the 13th of January, 1 AUD = 42.1586 INR, for instance) what would an amount of, say, one thousand Australian dollars (forty two thousand Indian rupees) do towards bringing your estimable project to fruition? After all, it needs only one spark, properly struck, to start a virtual wildfire, eh?

SUBSCRIBER NO. 4: (...) If I could get your suggested financial assistance, I will be happy and grateful to u, to print my book ESSENCE OF ACTUAL FREEDOM, in a matter of few days, and will see that it is distributed freely, without profit motive, to all possible agencies in India.

RICHARD: Excellent ... if you could provide all the details for transferring the funds – preferably for an electronic bank account-to-bank account transaction from Australia to India (which requires sending your bank SWIFT code, your bank Branch Number and your bank Account Number) – it would be appreciated. (...).

SUBSCRIBER NO. 4: I will be glad to represent AF, on your behalf in this part of Asia, with your kind permission, guidance, and goodwill.

RICHARD: Thank you for your kind offer to represent actual freedom, on my behalf, in that part of Asia.


SUBSCRIBER NO. 1: Greetings!

I have a few suggestions to offer in this: I had seen somewhere, previously, that No. 4’s last name sounds like a south Indian name ... I volunteer to help him with distribution as I am in the academic arena and might be able to help him, specifically, in North India. I could provide him contacts of book stores, other people who will be interested in reading the book etc. in India). And if an e-book was made available then the distribution could be faster.

RICHARD: G’day No. 1,

I appreciate your volunteering to help No. 4 with distribution – specifically in North India per favour being in the academic area – by providing contacts of books stores, other people interested in reading the book, and etcetera, in India.

I will certainly keep your generous offer, and suggestion about an e-book, in mind when discussing such matters with No. 4 whilst I am in India.

Again, thank you for volunteering to help.



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