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 Peter to Subscriber No. 22

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20 JANUARY 2010

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: Good day Vineeto and Peter!

My queries and requests for clarification are the following, first addressed to Peter:

PETER: Good morning No. 22, given that it is currently morning where I am on the globe

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 1 – Why are you living in such an isolated ‘wilderness’ place in Australia? Why not a small city or village like Byron Bay?

PETER: I am currently on, what has been for the last 3 years, my annual holiday in an isolated wilderness place in Australia – it just happens to be about one and half hours drive from a small coastal city where I normally live and work. It did however take me two full days to get here by river given that I took my current residence with me (I live on a houseboat which means I now always take my place of residence with me whenever I holiday, even for the many short 2,3 or 4 day holidays I have each year).

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 2 – Peter, the rock: Matthew 16:13-20 (King James Version).

PETER: Peter the rock, later known as St. Peter – the tag wouldn’t work so well if my name was Elvis now?

According to the King James version of the Bible, Jesus, son of the living God, supposedly said – ‘And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it’.

I have had many similar religious/ spiritual tags applied to me in the past – the latest coming only a few days ago. In most cases it reflects the person’s inability to fully understand that actualism is not a sub-branch of spiritualism and neither is it a sub-ranch of materialism but that it is separate in its own right – it is a stand alone alternative to both – hence the term ‘the third alternative’. In other cases it is apparently deliberately used in order to either goad or to denigrate.

I just find the whole thing quite silly, particularly given that similar innuendoes and accusations have been raised and answered so many times over the years.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: What do you think about that convenient meeting with Richard 13 years ago? Serendipity?

PETER: As a guess, probably the same as what you would think about the ‘convenient’ coming across the Actual Freedom website those years ago for you, it was indeed serendipitous.

And what I said about serendipity soon after was that serendipity only means something if one acts upon the opportunity that presents itself.

And I would say the same about the serendipitous circumstance, which I happened to find myself in immediately before becoming actually free. In this case the serendipitous circumstance that presented itself meant I had no choice but to take advantage of it because ‘I’ had totally run out of objections and excuses and postponements – hence the time was ripe, as it were.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 3 – You wrote your journal only one year after that previous encounter with Richard and quickly started the actualism practice and even your own website. How and when did you know you were living in Virtual Freedom?

PETER: The definition of virtual freedom that I used was that I was as free of malice and sorrow in that I was as happy and as harmless as a ‘normal’ human being could be. This virtual freedom was a part of my (and Vineeto’s) lived ongoing experience shortly after I wrote my journal (1998). I still had to raise the bar far higher – to feeling excellent most of the time, to having regular almost-continual excellence experiences, and towards the end the extra-ordinary experience of an out-from-control/ different-way-of-being virtual freedom.

It is pertinent to point out that this 1998 definition of a virtual freedom was distinctly different to what Richard had described as virtual freedom, so much so that we can now describe two distinct aspects of a virtual freedom – the in-control pragmatic virtual freedom as described in Peter’s Journal and pioneered and lived by both Vineeto and I for some 11 years and the out-from-control virtual freedom that Richard talked about in his Journal and recently on the Yahoo list and which Vineeto was the first to break out into.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 4 – In Peter’s correspondence with Alan, 1.3.1999, you answered him that: ‘I do agree that my route is very different to Richard’s torturous and lone adventure, but from now on we will all follow a very simple and direct path to Actual Freedom. It may have slight eccentricities for different people, but there is no other ‘way’ or other ‘path’. It will become easier and easier as more is written, as more people come along, as the ‘long grass’ is trampled, as the ‘Demons’ are laid to rest, as the traps and fears are exposed for the illusion they are.’ (

Did you have a premonition about a ‘very simple and direct path [route] to Actual Freedom’?

PETER: Not at all. It was something that Vineeto and I had discussed with Richard many times, right from the very early days. Richard has written about it many times, for example –

[Richard]: ‘I would want no one to follow in my footsteps, for I had to run the full gamut of dread to break through to what lay beyond the deception. I realised, at about nine in the morning, that eleven years ago I had inadvertently surrendered my will to a god ... the ‘Absolute’ that I cunningly considered to be ‘That Which Lay Beyond’ had turned out to be Divinity in disguise.’ Richard Articles, A Brief Personal History, 1997


[Richard]: ‘The question is: Does one have to go through Enlightenment?

I say no. That is the way I went, but my favourite saying is that James Cook spent many, many months of hardship in a little old wooden boat to get to Australia – including running aground upon a reef into the bargain – that is what I did. Now one can hop into an aeroplane and get here in twenty nine hours whilst watching an in-flight movie and eating pre-cooked meals on the way.’ Richard Audio-taped Dialogues, No Feelings Not No Mind, 1997

Some more references can be found here –

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 5 – Why since August, 2006 until this month in 2010 did you have a hiatus? Even Richard and Vineeto were still in action during that time ...

PETER: I didn’t have a hiatus as you put it. What caused me to stop writing on the AF mailing list was that I had run out of fresh words to say – I had said all I could about an in-control virtual freedom (the only subject I could write with any authority about). And I also saw no point at the time in trying to continue to have a useful dialogue while the list was dominated by people whose sole agenda was argumentative.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 6 – Peter, do you sense that your actual gravity center shifted to the heart/solar plexus now? I ask because you wrote to Subscriber No. 2 about this:

‘After the rudimentary microscopic backbone was formed, one of the very next cell types to transform from the next cell divisions were heart muscle cells, each one of which twitched such that as they began to collect together they eventually formed a pulsation or beating whole – the beginnings of a human heart, the essential blood pumping organ that gives vitality to a human body.’ (14.1.2010)

PETER: I see that my lack of clarity about this issue in the very first post to the Direct Route mail-out list has lead to a good deal of confusion, made even more confusing by my even more lack of clarity in the follow up post to Subscriber No. 10. (to No. 10, 17.1.2010)

Firstly it is good to put these posts in context in that they were both very raw in that they were written very soon after becoming actually free of the human condition. Whilst I had had some experiences of some minor remnants of the habitual patterns of previous behaviour prior to this (such as jumping from one topic to another in conversations or jumping from one thing to do to the next without fully completing the first instead of sensibly prioritising things to be done and re-adjusting my priorities when and as appropriate) experiencing the physical remnants of a previous very strong (12 year long) motivation still running as a physical sensation after becoming actually free was quite unexpected and at first confusing for me.

Now that the physical remnants of ‘his’ habitual heart-felt feelings and compulsive drive about doing whatever ‘he’ could to bring about peace on earth have now finally disappeared, I can understand what was happening at the time and also understand why it happened. An illusionary identity, over a period of 60 odd years, is so real that it caused physical symptoms in the flesh and body – a tightening of the chest muscles, in this case. When the identity expired these physical reactions were still habitually at ‘work’ and thus some after-the-event tidying up is required. A bare awareness or apperceptive attentiveness, does the trick far, far quicker than any identity-centred awareness could ever do.

Although I had an inkling of what to expect after becoming actually free because, although Richard reported how he experienced a ‘fine-tuning’ after the event ...

Richard: ‘...there needs to be a tidying-up of social mores and habitual patterns ‘after the event’ anyway ... an actual freedom does not miraculously remove every little detail. It does make the fine-tuning a breeze, though.’ Richard, List AF, No. 12b, 16.2.1999.

... it still came as somewhat of a shock to experience it myself, hence the confusion that transpired in my writing.

What I find remarkable is that one correspondent was able to work out what was happening for himself, apparently by a clear-eyed reading of the answers to questions posted on the Direct Route mail-out, and subsequently archived on the AF website –

Subscriber No. 2: ‘As for Peter’s experience ‘around the heart area’, I suspect / speculate that it’s nothing more than a temporary physical hangover of the now-defunct affective faculty...’ (Message #8899 Yahoo Group Actual Freedom)

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 7 – How do you plan to spread this direct route to other people from foreign nations that don’t speak the English language?

PETER: The directors of the Actual Freedom Trust are conversant in one language only (apart from Vineeto’s now long-out-of-use German) whereas there some 8 other languages which each have over 100 million speakers

Richard has recently experienced the shortfalls of trying to translate another language into English and it then became even more startlingly evident that only an actually free person would, and could, be able to write about actual freedom in their own words, based upon their own lived experience of an actual freedom, in their own particular native language

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: Do you pretend to write a new book and/or make a new DVD and/or create your own web site too?

PETER: We have no current plans for any such things as we already have enough new projects on the go.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: That’s all my fellow Peter. Like you said (something that is still burning into me): ‘Nothing left to lose’.

PETER: That’s such good news to hear, No. 22.

You may well find that a serendipitous circumstance will happen when you have no choice but to proceed on to finally fulfilling your destiny

Cheers ... Peter

Mail Out 24

 Vineeto to Subscriber No. 22

24 JANUARY 2010

Hi No. 22,

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: Next, to my fellow Vineeto: 1 – Do you think the approximated time to achieve Actual Freedom by direct route is about 13 years or less? Maybe this long period is necessary to prepare the brain cells and synapses first by a virtual freedom before a sudden awakening in Actual Freedom. What do you think about this?

VINEETO: Richard has repeatedly reported about the significance of Irene’s death –

Richard: ‘What was taken out of the network – a psychic web connecting all feeling ‘beings’ – was the anti-actualism/ pro-spiritualism blockage/ diversion created by my second (de jure) wife’s ‘presence’ ... as in ‘her’ very ‘being’ (which is ‘being’ itself).’ (Announcement).

– and the significance of the event that soon transpired thereafter –

Richard: ‘...within the hour I was as if lifted forward by a cresting wave (to utilise surfing terminology), impressing upon Vineeto the necessity of being out-from-control/in a different-way-of being (most unusual of me to do so), and have been effortlessly riding this perfect wave ever since (to allegorise the ultimate surfing experience); the momentum gathered apace on the fourth day of Respondent No. 4’s visit (a quite essential validation of the ambience-atmosphere-milieu golden thread/ clew experiment); thereafter an analogy akin to that of a maestro conducting an orchestra is suggestive of the actual in action – all the while insouciantly atop this most perfect wave ...’ (Announcement).

While practicing actualists all over the world are beginning to report the possible effects of this event on themselves, this removal of the pro-spiritualism blockage/diversion may well speed up everyone’s process to a virtual freedom and an actual freedom

Additional to this, the magical aspect in the unfolding of events Peter, and later myself, have not only pioneered the direct route to an actual freedom (bypassing Spiritual Enlightenment) but also the transition to an actual freedom has happened in an easy manner without mammoth death-like dramas, mountains of fear and dread nor terrifying side-effects. As such the direct route path to an actual freedom has now become more accessible and more available for those who dare to care enough to take the ultimate step.

Personally I can say that it helped me a lot to have sufficient grounding in both an in-control virtual freedom (being sufficiently free from malice and sorrow and have at least a basic experiential understanding of how the human condition works in both myself and others) but this grounding and understanding can be achieved in a much shorter time, of course. This not only makes the transitions from one aspect of virtual freedom to the next more smooth and safe, it also gives me less to tidy up after becoming actually free.

That said, there is no reason why one shouldn’t become actually free first and do the cleaning up afterwards when feelings no longer obstruct/prolong the tidying up process.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 2 – Do you think even a child could achieve Actual Freedom? I ask this because you wrote:

Vineeto: ‘I had known this sweetness from previous occasions – one such experience happened during the video-shoot of the ‘Out-from-Control’ DVD we present on the website. This sweetness always accompanied an experience of closeness, barely any separation to the other person (usually Richard), but also an experience that I was close to my destiny and an awareness that what I am doing/ longing for is not merely for my ‘peace of mind’, but that it is for everybody, for every single man, woman and child on the planet – for peace on earth.’(Announcement).

VINEETO: If a child is old enough to understand the words that are written on The Actual Freedom Trust website, they would also be old enough to achieve a virtual freedom / an actual freedom.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 3 – If it is possible for a child (children are 7 to 18 years of age according to UNESCO) to learn the Actualism method, how could s/he consolidate Actual Freedom by direct route if their progenitors/tutors/teachers are not yet actualists?

VINEETO: The same way as an adult who is living with/ is working with/ associating with or interacting with ‘not yet actualists’.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 4 – Peter wrote:

Peter: ‘The circumstances were that I found myself alone with Richard as the other potential convivium members had recently departed in a fear-fuelled flurry.’ (Announcement).

Was that you? I ask this because you also wrote:

Vineeto: ‘When I returned, after a short leave of absence to the two moored rafted-up houseboats that provided our present convivium, I found myself in the company of not one, as expected, but two actually free men. Peter had become actually free in the days of my absence!’ (Announcement).


Vineeto: ‘A few times I got to experience the actual man Richard, unconcealed by my projections that I usually pasted over his person as an image but each time I got close I pulled back – scared to take the final irreversible step to join him forever.’ (Announcement).


SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 5 – You wrote:

Vineeto: ‘Richard asked me a few test-questions to confirm what just had happened. We exchanged a few notes of how it is to live in this actual world and we found that our experiences matched.’ (Announcement).

If possible, what were the few test-questions asked by Richard? And why was Peter not tested by that quiz too? Maybe because of the absence of that ‘atmosphere’ in your individual case?

VINEETO: No. 22, an actual freedom is not like bachelor’s degree presented after passing a curriculum test with a set of questions that one has to answer correctly. If I told you the precise questions, would you then not be tempted to prepare intellectual-type answers for this set of specific questions so as to appear to pass the test? You know, of course, that this is not how it works, don’t you?

Richard simply satisfied himself in the conversation following my statement that it had happened and that what I reported/ how I experienced myself did indeed match with his experience and I was told that the same happened after Peter’s event of becoming actually free.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: 6 – Are you and Peter conscious about how both of you shattered my fragile real world?! Don’t matter: it is too late now for me and I am thanking you and Peter and Richard in advance! Sincerely, No. 22.

VINEETO: No, I am not aware of how I shattered your fragile real world and as far as I know neither is Peter but I am very pleased to hear it – assuming that you are also pleased given your ‘thanking you’. You are welcome to tell me more about it if you want to.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 22: P.S.: Until today, too many Australian citizens have finished the journey to Actual Freedom! Tomorrow will be a crop of actual freedomers/ convivialists sprawling all over this planet. Perhaps starting in distant countries like India, Mexico, Brazil ... ;-)

VINEETO: I am a citizen of the world, of course, despite the fact that I live in Australia but I agree with you – currently those who are free live in Australia and there are more to come. Time for a non-English speaking person to become actually free and then, one day, we can have a No. 22’s Journal or a Mexican Journal or an Indian Journal giving yet another personal account of someone becoming free from the human condition.

Cheers Vineeto

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