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Vineeto to Rick

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17 JANUARY 2010

Hi Rick,

VINEETO in ‘Announcement’: ‘Those last few days of Vineeto, the identity, were filled with playfulness and laughter and thus provided me with a carefree environment for the last explorations of just what were my remaining obstacles and inhibitions to joining my fellow convivialists in the actual world.’

RICK: Vineeto, if I may ask, just what were those ‘remaining obstacles and inhibitions to joining [your] fellow convivialists in the actual world’?

VINEETO: Sexuality and authority.

RICK: Also, neither Peter or Vineeto experienced the drama of death and no ‘going out in a blaze of glory’. Any guesses as to how come?

VINEETO: Richard’s reports in regards to becoming free describe the experiences of the very first man to become free from the human condition, via the route of Spiritual Enlightenment. Peter and I from the start had the benefit of Richard’s hindsight and followed his advice to avoid the Rock of Enlightenment. None of us (including Richard) knew exactly what would happen once we both were out-from-control (see my post to No. 5 16.1.2010).

What emerged was that by making a once-in-a-lifetime decision to step out-from-control (past the wall of fear) the issue of the drama of death was replaced by an ever-increasing exciting, sometimes thrilling pull forward towards an actual freedom. Fear of my personal death was replaced by the pure intent to do this (becoming actually free) not only for my personal benefit but for the benefit of everybody /for peace on earth for everybody.

As for the ‘going out in a blaze of glory’ here is what I wrote to No. 5 yesterday

It [the period of being out-from-control before becoming actually free] is an absolutely thrilling, marvellous and wonderful time of adventure and if there has to be a blaze of glory in the overall story to an actual freedom, this is definitely IT.

RICK: How was it when you guys let Richard know that you had joined him? What was his reaction? Did he start ‘dancing down the hall with joy and delight!’?

VINEETO: Ha, a day after I returned, after a short leave of absence, Richard and Peter performed an hilarious impromptu stomping dance in the living room around a mock campfire, celebrating their newly-formed mateship for life (Peter just having joined Richard in the actual world). A few days later Richard presented his newly-found mate with an old-fashioned handcrafted two-litre wooden barrel full of quality whiskey to celebrate this special epoch-changing event and all the following occasions when a celebratory drink may be in order.

After I told Richard and Peter of my pivotal moment when time stood still forever (because the identity that kept count of real-time had disappeared forever) we talked for a while about the profound significance of the event and then went back to even more frivolous bantering amongst us with a glass of excellent red wine, until it was time to go to sleep and, for me, to allow my brain to integrate the potential physical/ neural implications and ramifications of what had happened a few hours earlier.

RICK: And I must ask you both for my clarification: There is not now nor has there been a trace, since each of your respective life-changing events occurred, of the most miniscule proportions of even a smidgen of fear, insecurity, or discontent of any kind, correct?

VINEETO: No, not as a feeling. There have been moments when the body’s habitual physical side effects of feelings, such as stomach contraction, tightening /pain around the chest or light-headedness, have imitated what used to be a feeling but no feelings followed. The physical symptoms soon subsided as well. These symptoms signify moments of fine-tuning and Richard has written about this before –

Richard: ‘...there needs to be a tidying-up of social mores and habitual patterns ‘after the event’ anyway ... an actual freedom does not miraculously remove every little detail. It does make the fine-tuning a breeze, though.’ Richard, The Actual Freedom Trust mailing list, No. 12b, 16.2.1999.

RICK: Furthermore, there is absolutely no vulnerability to experience even a smidgen of fear, insecurity, or discontent of any kind regardless of the circumstances (say even under extreme conditions such as undergoing medieval-era torture; witnessessing/ experiencing any act of incomprehensible brutality), correct?

VINEETO: I have experienced mental confusion in various degrees, which is to be expected given the brand-newness of living in the actual world and I experienced physical discomfort when I stubbed my toe once, but I haven’t experienced fear, insecurity or any emotional discomfort whatsoever.

I haven’t undergone ‘medieval-era torture’ but will report should I ever be silly enough to get myself into a position where someone applies such torture. Since being actually free I haven’t witnessed/ experienced ‘any act of incomprehensible brutality’ – I am too busy answering emails to be watching television – but I am well aware that acts of ‘incomprehensible brutality’ are happening every day around the globe.

That’s the very reason why I am so busy writing about the newly found easy and repeatable way to an actual freedom from the human condition! The more people become virtually free and eventually actually free the less ‘incomprehensible brutality’ will happen in the world.

In short: I am where I am today because I cared enough for peace on earth for everyone to dare to overcome my personal seemingly insurmountable fear and move forward towards that hitherto entirely unknown territory that lay between me and an actual freedom from the human condition.

RICK: Are you absolutely 100% certain that the world would be experienced by you as being ‘brilliant, beneficial and wunderbar (marvellous, miraculous, prodigious, wonderful, glorious, terrific, tremendous, magical, splendid, delightful)’ under the above-mentioned trying circumstances, for instance?

VINEETO: I don’t do hypotheticals – it is part of living in this actual tangible universe with no imaginative faculty available.

You may find this excerpt of Richard’s writing informative in that regard –

• [Respondent]: How short is that step?

• [Richard]: That step is of an unmeasurable shortness due to an incapacity to distinguish between ‘me’ doing it and it happening to ‘me’ ... as mentioned only recently in an e-mail to another:

[Richard]: ‘... one has to want it like one has never wanted anything else before ... so much so that all the instinctual passionate energy of desire, normally frittered away on petty desires, is fuelling and impelling/ propelling one into this thing and this thing only (‘impelling’ as in a pulling from the front and ‘propelling’ as in being pushed from behind). There is a ‘must’ to it (one must do it/it must happen) and a ‘will’ to it (one will do it/ it will happen) and one is both driven and drawn until there is an inevitability that sets in. Now it is unstoppable and all the above ceases of its own accord ... one is unable to distinguish between ‘me’ doing it and it happening to ‘me’. One has escaped one’s fate and achieved one’s destiny’.

• [Respondent]: If, 25 years ago to the day, young ‘Richard’ had read and understood the entire content of the Actual Freedom Trust website, how long do you think it would have taken him to ‘self’-immolate?

• [Richard]: I cannot even begin to speculate about such an hypothetical situation and set of circumstances as there are just too many incalculable contingencies (unidentifiable variables and non-specifiable parameters) to factor in ... what I can be reasonably sure about, however, is that were the persona you refer to have become cognisant of the gist of the content of the Actual Freedom Trust website, prior to the four-hour pure consciousness experience (PCE) in mid-1980, ‘he’ would have dismissed it all as being put together by whackoes. For example:

[Co-Respondent]: I seriously doubt that I have ‘self-immolated’ and, I must say, I doubt that you have either. I think others have raised these doubts as well.

[Richard]: Indeed ... it is an outrageous thing for a white westerner in a suburban house to say. If the ‘me’ that was for 33 years could have met me today face-to- face (or read my words) ‘he’ would have dismissed me as being ‘off with the fairies’ or ‘you are up yourself’ as ‘he’ was quite cynical and sarcastic. But ... one night ‘he’ had a PCE that made ‘him’ sit up and pay attention. Thus I am freed to be here ... now.

(Richard, The Actual Freedom Trust mailing list, No. 106, 04 Jan 06)

Cheers Vineeto

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