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Please note that some text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Delight: Give great pleasure or enjoyment to; please highly. Be highly pleased (to do, with), take great pleasure (in). Enjoy greatly, delight in. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: Usually delight is associated with innocence, naiveté and spontaneity. A much under-rated and rarely found quality in humans but abundantly obvious in the actual world. This delight, together with perfection and purity, is readily apparent in the peak experience or PCE and is increasingly experienced on the wide and wondrous path to actual freedom. Delight is, after all, the intrinsic experience of humans when free of malice and sorrow.

As the senses are increasingly freed, a veritable smorgasbord of sensual delight becomes readily apparent. Serendipity abounds and a fascination with life activates delight and sensuousness as one does all one can to mimic the perfection and purity that becomes increasingly apparent all around in the physical world. One’s mind, more and more freed of imagination and the chemical influence of instinctual passions, is capable of great clarity and, as apperceptive awareness replaces self-centred neurosis, one knows one’s days are numbered. One is literally and figuratively coming to one’s senses and is less as less affected by feelings and emotions arising from the animal instinctual passions. By this total and sincere dedication to what is actual, pure and perfect, one eventually abandons control, so to speak, whereby the very process of ‘self’-immolation is set in motion – then it is not a process that one has any control over, it is happening by itself.

Richard: Awareness-cum-attentiveness and sensuousness will facilitate what the wide and wondrous path to an actual freedom is on about: a virtual freedom wherein the ‘good’ feelings – the affectionate and desirable emotions and passions (those that are loving and trusting) are minimised along with the ‘bad’ feelings – the hostile and invidious emotions and passions (those that are hateful and fearful) – so that one is free to be feeling good, feeling happy and harmless and feeling excellent/ perfect for 99% of the time. If one deactivates the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings and activates the felicitous/ innocuous feelings (happiness, delight, joie de vivre/ bonhomie, friendliness, amiability and so on) with this freed-up affective energy, in conjunction with sensuousness (delectation, enjoyment, appreciation, relish, zest, gusto and so on), then the ensuing sense of amazement, marvel and wonder can result in apperceptiveness (unmediated perception).

Now, delight is what is humanly possible, given sufficient pure intent obtained from the felicity/ innocuity born of the pure consciousness experience, and from the position of delight, one can vitalise one’s joie de vivre by the amazement at the fun of it all ... and then one can – with sufficient abandon – become over-joyed and move into marvelling at being here and doing this business called being alive now. Then one is no longer intuitively making sense of life ... the delicious wonder of it all drives any such instinctive meaning away. Such luscious wonder fosters the innate condition of naiveté – the nourishing of which is essential if fascination in it all is to occur – and the charm of life itself easily engages dedication to peace-on-earth. Then, as one gazes intently at the world about by glancing lightly with sensuously caressing eyes, out of the corner of one’s eye comes – sweetly – the magical fairy-tale-like paradise that this verdant earth actually is ... and one is the experiencing of what is happening.

But refrain from possessing it and making it your own ... or else ‘twill vanish as softly as it appeared.

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