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Introducing Actual Freedom

An illustrated introduction to Actual Freedom,
written by Peter, recommended for all newcomers.

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Reports of Becoming Actually Free

The Wide and Wondrous Path

A précis of Actualism and the method to become free from
the Human Condition, with relevant links for in-depth information

A Guide for Practicing Actualists

A practical guide for those who already have a good understanding  
of Actual Freedom and have begun to apply the method

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The Third Alternative

Library & Glossary


–– Richard

–– Richard’s Journal incl. Sample Articles

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Schematic: Spiritual Freedom lies 180 degrees
     in the Opposite Direction to Actual Freedom

–– Peter

–– Peter’s Journal incl. Sample Articles

–– In the End (Peter’s Report of Becoming Actually Free)

Some Personal Attestations

A Brief Personal History

Richard’s Resume

A Précis of Actual Freedom

This Moment of Being Alive

Attentiveness and Sensuousness and

180 Degrees Opposite

A Conversation with a Spiritual Teacher

Peace on Earth in this Lifetime

Printable poster

A Vignette of the Boating Lifestyle

–– Audio Taped Actualism Dialogues

Confidence is Born out of Perfection

An Un-examined Life is Second-rate Living

Be Totally Rid of Emotions & Passions

No-Feelings: not No-Mind

This Moment has no Duration

Actual Intimacy is Superior to Love

A lot of Nonsense passes for Sagacity

Perfection is Possible in this Lifetime

Compassion Perpetuates Sorrow

There is a Third Alternative

Putting the Other Before Oneself

Apperception Is Bare Awareness

They Do Not Like Being Exposed

In Freedom Nothing Really Matters

The Compassion Gained Through Forgiveness Binds

Infinitude Is The Boundlessness Of Space And Time

Something Has Definitely Changed In Me

Rewiring the Brain

It Is Either Silly Or Sensible

Hurt and Hurting


Schematic: Affective Experiences vs.
     Pure Experiences

Schematic: ‘What am I’ vs. ‘Who am I’

Freedom from the Human Condition

Actual Freedom

Affective Feelings – Emotions,
     passions and Calentures

Altered State of Consciousness

     Conversations with Gods

Ancient Wisdom and the New Dark Age

Apperception vs. Choiceless Awareness

Death – Self-immolation vs. Immortality


How to Become Free from the Human Condition


Living Together


Our Animal Instincts in the Primitive Brain



Pure Consciousness Experience

Pure Consciousness Experience Descriptions


Spiritual Scientists

The Third Alternative


The universe

Virtual Freedom

Every topic is linked to selected writings and selected correspondence from Richard, Peter, Vineeto and other actualists.












–– Published Articles

Austradamus’ Predictions

Gurus – an Endangered Species?

Folks and People

Liberation from Being Man & Woman

On Death

–– Book Review ‘In Each Moment’

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–– Selected Correspondence by Topics

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–– Selected Correspondence by Topics

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A glossary of terms and meanings as used in the Actualism correspondence and writings. Definitions in italics from the Oxford Dictionary followed by a fuller explanation with links to selected correspondences.

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Sixteen Crucified Saviours




–– Descriptions of PCEs

–– Reports of Actualists Visiting Richard & Other Actualists


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CRO’s – Commonly Raised Objections

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

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