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Please note that some text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Delusion: 1. The action of deluding or of being deluded; the state of being deluded. 2. A false impression or opinion, esp. as a symptom of mental illness. Delude –– Cause to accept foolishly a false or mistaken belief; deceive, beguile; impose upon with false impressions. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: To delude oneself is to take on, willingly accept, and fervently indulge in a belief to the point of being totally convinced of it being a fact. This condition is most common in spiritual believers who proclaim their beliefs to be a ‘truths’, thereby carefully and cleverly avoiding using the word fact. Thus belief, masquerading as ‘truth’, is then held in higher esteem than fact and even more so when it is proclaimed to be a Truth, the capitalization instantly and magically endowing it with some Divine omnipresence and omnipotence. To call a belief a ‘Truth’, while blatantly and deliberately disregarding what is factual and actual, is delusion in the extreme. Given that a delusion is a symptom of mental illness , the active cultivation of delusion, as in spiritual and meditation practices, leads directly to the institutionalized insanity of religion.

delusions of grandeur –– an exaggerated estimation of one’s own status or personality; megalomania. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: The Altered State of Consciousness commonly known as Enlightenment is a classic delusion of grandeur for how exaggerated an estimation of one’s own personality can there be than to consider oneself to be God or at One with God. In a monotheist society such an extreme delusion would be regarded as a severe case of mental illness, but in the current New Dark Age with the fashion for Eastern Spiritual belief this delusion of grandeur is coveted and regarded in the highest esteem. Sustained by passionate belief to the point of conviction, the Glamour, Glory and Glitz of not only becoming God, but having others worship you as a God, is a mightily seductive lure for the merely mortal ‘self’.

The greatest delusion of grandeur is the transition from ‘self’ to ‘Self’, from mundane mortality to Divine Immortality.

Richard: I know that I am not God for I was for eleven years – from September 1981 until October 1992 ... whereupon it become obvious to me that I was living in a massive delusion.

In 1980 I had a peak experience wherein I saw that everything was already perfect as-it-is and that ‘I’, the psychological entity, was standing in the way ... and no-one else was preventing me from achieving the ultimate goal of being a free human. In that peak experience I saw ‘myself’. ‘I’ was the end product of society and nothing more. ‘I’ was an emotional construct of all of the beliefs, values, morals, ethics, mores, customs, traditions, doctrines, ideologies and so on. ‘I’ was nothing but an emotional-mental fabrication ... a sense of identity with its conscience. I also saw that ‘I’ was a lost, lonely, frightened – and a very, very cunning – entity. Just as those Christians who are said to be possessed by an evil entity and need to be exorcised, I saw that every human being had been endowed with a social entity ... and it was called being normal. To say that I was amazed rather fails to adequately describe the feeling of relief that after all there was a solution to the human situation here on earth. I was ecstatic.

That proved to be my undoing – as far as an actual freedom is concerned. Ecstasy led to euphoria and euphoria led to bliss. In the blissful state I manifested and became Love Agapé which led to an emanation of Divine Compassion for all living beings who were suffering and in sorrow by virtue of the fact that they were ignorant of the Divine Order of things ... for an Absolute had been revealed to me in that Love and Compassion – it was that Love Agapé and Divine Compassion – and I had been chosen to bring this self-same Love and Compassion to earth. I was to go through a process, when I returned to normal, that would result in my being well-prepared to usher in this new age of peace and prosperity to all humankind. As this revelation continued, I saw a new ‘me’ coming into existence ... a grand ‘Me’, a glorious ‘Me’ and a spiritually fulfilling ‘Me’. I was the Saviour Of Humankind!

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