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Please note that the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Doubt: To be uncertain in opinion about, hold questionable, hesitate to believe. A state of affairs such as to occasion uncertainty. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: A most insidious feeling that gradually envelops us as the world we emerge into changes from that which is simply perceived by the senses, into a fearful world of emotional upheaval both in one’s self and in those around us. We emerge from a good, safe and warm nest to soon be confronted by confusion, uncertainty, maliciousness, lies, and a bewildering choice of actions, morals, ethics, traditions, values and opinions. One’s thoughts race in a never ending cascade of rambling fears and false bravado and one’s feelings swing wildly from ecstasy to depression.

The traditional antidotes to doubt and fear are trust, faith and hope and, as such, are a wobbly lot of values to proceed in any action with surety or confidence. To wallow in doubt is but to wallow, and beneath the doubt, ever lurking, lies fear, untouched and unchallenged, trapping yet another victim to the Human Condition. For those daring enough to replace beliefs with facts, feelings with common sense, and doubt with intent and action, it is then possible to calmly and trenchantly investigate and eliminate instinctual fear with its associated malice and sorrow.

Given that a simple definition of a fact is that it is something that can be verified by seeing, touching, hearing, smelling or tasting and that it demonstratively so to anyone. For instance, the computer monitor you are watching and these words on the monitor are facts. This may seem simplistic but many meta-physically inclined people have trouble with even this level of sensibility. The other definition of a fact is that it should work, and this should be able to be demonstrated, replicated and substantiated by repeatable experiments. This eliminates belief, trust, faith, hope, conviction, intuition and doubt from any investigation for one always has fact as a reliable touchstone.

In a PCE it is startlingly evident that the human condition we are born into doesn’t work – it begets either cynical acceptance or fanciful denial as the prime mechanisms of coping with malice and sorrow. It then becomes an imperative to question all the morals, ethics, ideals, theories, ideas, concepts, truths, doctrines and dogmas that have been passed on to us by those who were here before us. Once begun in earnest, this process does not result in endless questioning loops for as one replaces fact with belief one’s confidence grows to the point where one no longer needs to believe others – the very action of believing stops. This is not a meta-physical ‘knowing’ or feeling, but a sensible down-to-earth discovery and acknowledgement of the facts of human existence on earth. From this feet-on-the-ground state of increasing confidence and heightened sensuousness one is then able to step out of the human condition with gay abandon and impunity.

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