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Pacifism; Pacifist; Non-Violence; Ahimsa

1. As the Enlightened Beings have only transcended duality, they have to cling to ‘The Good’ in order to resist ‘The Bad’ (hence their pacifism).

2. Just look at all the recorded instances of anger in the many Masters that have paraded their stuff throughout history (...) Why do you think they all have to advocate pacifism, if they can actually trust their precious state of ‘being’ so much?

3. With the extirpation of the identity both malice and sorrow are eliminated and not merely transcended as in Spiritual Enlightenment – so one does not have to practice pacifism (...) Veritably, actualism is a wonderful freedom, with no need for controls at all.

4. If one holds a strong and passionate belief in not causing any pain and suffering to other sentient beings then one must be more than a fruitarian [eating only the flesh of the fruit and not the kernel or seed of new life] ... one must be a pacifist as well.

5. Whenever someone attacks me I always have the option to defend myself if the situation warrants such a course of action ... there is no ‘turning the other cheek’ pacifism, defeatism, fatalism or martyrdom operating in this flesh and blood body (...) Have you ever noticed that it is bodiless entities that propagate the ‘do not defend yourself’ dictum?

6. Modifying one’s negative feelings toward the other by coating them with positive feelings may fool some people for some of the time. (...) No feelings at all means one is happy and harmless and the other leaves one alone ... which does away with the need for that dubious remedy of pacifism (non-violence).

7. One is peaceful only when one has eliminated malice – what is commonly called evil – from oneself in its entirety (...) Then one is innocent (free from sin and sinning) and thus automatically peaceful ... which means one does not have to be a pacifist (which is but an imitation of the actual).

8. What ‘little options’ would you like to have? (...) To continue to experience fear and aggression ... and have to apply the correctives of trust and pacifism? To never see peace-on-earth? It is not only foolish ... it is downright dangerous.

9. It is the gullible youth and dedicated career soldiers that do all the action whilst the pusillanimous pacifist can sit safely at home ... all the while casting guilt trips at those who have the intestinal fortitude to get off their backsides and do something about maintaining law and order at the point of a gun where morality and ethicality fails to curb the ‘savage beast’ that lurks deep within the human breast.

10. Pacifism means that the bully-boys get to rule the world. The Tibetan situation is a particular case in point.

11. People are basically the same wherever they live, whatever their culture. Everybody suffers from sorrow and malice, with its attendant love and hate, compassion and anger, fear and trust, aggression and pacifism and so on and so on. It is a situation common to all human beings.

12. Unlike in enlightenment, pacifism plays no part here. Being free of sorrow and malice – not having merely transcended them and sugar-coated ‘me’ with Love and Compassion and Beauty and Truth – if someone bops me on the nose, I am free to bop them back with a liberated impunity.

13. If one were to be devious enough to be a pacifist, then all of the pre-conceived truths – the beliefs which come with being a pacifist – dictate one’s course of action and not the facts of the situation themselves. Thus one never meets each situation fresh ... which is pretty silly seeing that each situation is novel.

14. I am not talking of having to suppress the intent to harm – being a pacifist practising non-violence – I am talking of not even having the intent at all ... ever. The reason why I am not harmful is that in an actual freedom I have no furious urges, no instinctive anger, no impulsive rages, no inveterate hostilities, no evil disposition ... no malicious or sorrowful tendencies whatsoever.

15. Specifically regarding the mystic’s version of ‘peace on earth’ (aka ‘pacifism’): although the bully-boys and feisty-femmes get to rule the world by force the committed mystic has a one-way ticket booked to the promised land ... physical death is a blessed release into ‘That’ (by Whatever Name).

16. It is malice (and sorrow), not physical force, that is the source of the problem of aggressive behaviour ... ‘non-violence’ is nothing but a salve to a conscience that is secretly aware that one is as covertly guilty of malice (and sorrow) as one’s aggressive assailant is overtly guilty of malice (and sorrow).

17. Pacifism and surrender (meekness and humility and so on) are primary among the principle injunctions handed down by the Gurus and the God-men.

18. To deal with fear they [the saints, sages and seers] advocate faith and/or trust; to deal with aggression they advocate restraint and/or pacifism; to deal with nurture they advocate detachment and/or celibacy; to deal with desire they advocate asceticism and/or austerity ... and so on. Is it not simpler to be totally void of fear and aggression and nurture and desire?

19. Finding the root cause [of the human condition] will automatically dispense with superficial coping methods such as ‘agreeing to disagree’ (rationalism) and ‘turning the other cheek’ (pacifism).

20. Pacifism in principle translates as anarchy in action; the bully-boys and feisty-femmes get to rule the world because of gullible peoples ‘just accepting’ aggression in others through obeying unliveable edicts handed down on high from bodiless entities. Tibet is a particular case in point ... is this the world you would pass on to your children and children’s children and so on?

21. Pacifism is an ideal; in an idea of peace, people are into altering behavioural patterns (rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic) whereas what I speak of is the elimination of that which causes the aberrant behaviour in the first place.

22. The chief characteristics of Enlightenment – Union with the Divine, Universal Compassion, Love Agapé, Ineffable Bliss, Divine Rapture, The Truth, Timelessness, Spacelessness, Immortality, Aloneness, Oneness, Pacifism, Surrender, Trust, Beauty, and Goodness – being redundant in this totally new condition, are no longer extant.

23. The whole thing about not eating meat comes from that ‘non-violence’ trip – ‘Ahimsa’ in India – about trying to be harmless by not killing anything ... all the while being malicious and sorrowful in thought and feeling.

24. The Buddhist monk, who burnt himself to death as a protest against the war in his country, broke one of the cardinal precepts of ‘ahimsa’ ... he killed someone.

25. Jainism, reflecting a belief in an absolute soul (‘Siddha’), holds that karma is affected in its density by the deeds that a person does. Thus, the burden of the old karma is added to the new karma that is acquired during the next existence until the soul frees itself by religious disciplines, especially by ahimsa (‘non-violence’), and rises to the place of liberated souls at the top of the universe (‘Siddha-Shila’).

26. In my tenth year [of being enlightened] I tentatively approached one of the last bastions of spiritual enlightenment: pacifism. Almost all of the other attributes of what I called an ‘Absolute Freedom’ had been stripped away and if I was to undo what is called ahimsa in the east – non-violence – then there would not be much left of my precious ‘Peace On Earth’ that I was charged to bring.

27.Put simply: it is not violence per se (as in physical force/restraint) or the potential for violence which is the problem: it is ‘me’, as the emotions and passions, fuelling the violence, or fuelling the potential for violence, who begets all the misery and mayhem.



The Third Alternative

(Peace On Earth In This Life Time As This Flesh And Blood Body)

Here is an actual freedom from the Human Condition, surpassing Spiritual Enlightenment and any other Altered State Of Consciousness, and challenging all philosophy, psychiatry, metaphysics (including quantum physics with its mystic cosmogony), anthropology, sociology ... and any religion along with its paranormal theology. Discarding all of the beliefs that have held humankind in thralldom for aeons, the way has now been discovered that cuts through the ‘Tried and True’ and enables anyone to be, for the first time, a fully free and autonomous individual living in utter peace and tranquillity, beholden to no-one.

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