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June 21 2006

RESPONDENT: Firstly I would like to say hello, and to say that I’m glad I’ve found this place. The eliminating social identity technique actually works.

RICHARD: Welcome to The Actual Freedom Trust mailing list ... just what ‘eliminating social identity technique’ is it that you refer to?

RESPONDENT: I’m aware that it [telepathy] is not a sympathetic subject here, but I still would very much care to talk about it. I had a few experiences with telepathy, and I just can’t deny them and what happened.

RICHARD: Nobody is asking you to deny them ... on the contrary:

• [Co-Respondent]: ‘Please, could you bring some examples of siddhis that came and went to/ from your experience?
• [Richard]: ‘Sure ... telepathy, telemetry and psychometry are the ones that immediately spring to mind’.

Nor will you be asked, for that matter, to deny ASC’s/ CCE’s, OBE’s/ NDE’s, egos/ souls, gods/ goddesses, imagination/ intuition, emotions/ passions, and so on, and so forth, either as such events/ entities/ experiences are all too real to be invalidated by mere denial.

RESPONDENT: There was one time when I’ve dreamt about something very, very precise that actually happened in the future, and few other incidents, that just can’t be random, like synchronous me-calling-to-a-friend that haven’t been in touch with for some time, and he-calling-to-me. I’m a very critical person when it comes to these issues and spirituality.

So how does Actual Freedom explains these phenomenon?

RICHARD: As the words ‘Actual Freedom’ are a shortened way of saying ‘an actual freedom from the human condition’ then what you are actually asking is how do I explain intuitive/ psychic phenomena.

RESPONDENT: It says that thought originates in the brain ...

RICHARD: As that is something I wrote then, presumably, you are referring to this:

• [Richard]: ‘... if I sit here writing this e-mail and the bladder indicates that it is full and there is the thought ‘shall I finish writing this paragraph and then go and relieve the pressure or shall I go now’ that thought is originating in this human brain and in this human skull (not in some abstract ‘thought sphere’ which exists outside of this brain). Vis.: [Mr. Uppaluri Krishnamurti]: ‘The thoughts do not come from here [pointing to his head], they are coming from outside’. [endquote]. This now reads like a nonsense statement. (...) The brain inside this skull does not pick-up thoughts from outside that exist in some abstract ‘thought sphere’ ... it originates its own thoughts as occasioned by the current situation and circumstances’.

RESPONDENT: ... [It says that thought originates in the brain], and that everyone creates them ...

RICHARD: As that is something I wrote then, presumably, you are referring to this:

• [Richard]: ‘.... thoughts originate in a particular human brain in a particular human skull at a particular time at a particular place’.

RESPONDENT: ... [It says that thought originates in the brain, and that everyone creates them], so how can telepathy be explained?

RICHARD: Quite simply: telepathy is a function of the affective faculty’s intuitive/ psychic facility.

RESPONDENT: Yes, I’m aware that for actual freedom one doesn’t need telepathy.

RICHARD: It is not a case of it being needed or not ... intuitive/ psychic phenomena have no existence in this actual world (the world of the senses).

RESPONDENT: I’m struggling to glue the telepathy experienced and the Actual Freedom view of things that says thoughts are created within us ...

RICHARD: It has nothing to do with any [quote] ‘view of things’ [endquote] ... it is an observable fact that a particular human brain in a particular human skull at a particular time at a particular place originates thought.

RESPONDENT: ... [I’m struggling to glue the telepathy experienced and the Actual Freedom view of things that says thoughts are created within us], and so thought processes can’t be interconnected in between humanity.

RICHARD: Perhaps the following exchange (posted four days before this e-mail of yours) will throw some light upon the matter:

• [Co-Respondent]: ‘Can one feel other’s feelings?
• [Richard]: ‘Only if one is a feeling being.
• [Co-Respondent]: ‘Thoughts?
• [Richard]: ‘Only if one is a feeling being with developed psychic abilities.
• [Co-Respondent]: ‘From a distance?
• [Richard]: ‘In the first instance ... yes, from a near-distance; in the latter instance ... yes, from a far-distance’.

RESPONDENT: Confused, please help.

RICHARD: By way of explanation I will first draw your attention to this quote (also posted four days before this e-mail of yours):

• [Richard]: ‘... there is an interconnectedness between all the emotional and passional entities – all emotional and passional entities are connected via a psychic web – a network of invisible vibes and currents. This interconnectedness in action is a powerful force – colloquially called ‘energy’ or ‘energies’ – wherein one entity can either seek power over another entity or seek communion with another entity by affective and/or psychic influence’.

Put briefly: a feeling being (an emotional/ passional entity within a body) imbues thought with affectivity and those affectively-tinged/ affectively-charged thoughts are involuntarily broadcast, as psychic currents/ energies, into the real world (the world of the psyche) ... thus another feeling being does not pick-up thoughts as such but, rather, intuitively feels what those psychic currents/ energies convey.

Hence the inaccuracy inherent to psychic phenomena ... but that is another topic.

June 21 2006

RESPONDENT: I’m struggling to understand your explanation of UGK.

UGK says, when there’s complete effortlessness, there would be a clinical death. Why is it that one is not in this state yet? Because one is trying to understand. When one stops, there’s the clinical death. I haven’t find any reference to this: Other Guru’s who reached Enlightenment don’t report this calamity, clinical death, and hormonal change in the body, and UGK does. If it is so, how can you compare your Enlightenment with his?

RICHARD: As I have no Enlightenment whatsoever there is nothing for me to compare with Mr. Uppaluri Krishnamurti’s Sahaja Samadhi.

RESPONDENT: What’s the difference there?

RICHARD: There is no essential difference between Enlightenment per se and Sahaja Samadhi (although Sahaja Samadhi is generally held to be superior to Nirvikalpa Samadhi).

RESPONDENT: Do you think it is possible for him to be on an Actual Freedom path?

RICHARD: It is not a matter of what I think ... it is patently obvious that Mr. Uppaluri Krishnamurti is not on the wide and wondrous path to an actual freedom from the human condition.

June 23 2006

RESPONDENT: Richard, you wrote [quote] ‘Becoming free of the human condition is an irrevocable occurrence, wherein the ‘lizard-brain’ mutates out of its primeval state ... but if this mutation is not allowed its completion one becomes enlightened’ [endquote]. What do you mean by [quote] ‘but if this mutation is not allowed its completion one becomes enlightened’ [endquote].

RICHARD: What I mean is that if the identity does not allow the process to run its full course an actual freedom from the human condition will be still-born and spiritual enlightenment/ mystical awakenment will ensue (the survival instinct runs deep).

Speaking from personal experience: had the identity in residence in 1981 known what is known nowadays ‘he’ would not have let the process stop halfway through ... by my reckoning it would have all been over in a matter of maybe 6-10 seconds (rather than 6 seconds plus eleven years).

RESPONDENT: Is it physically not possible for some for this mutation to be allowed completion?

RICHARD: No ... that quote is clearly about not allowing the occurrence its completion.

August 30 2006

RESPONDENT: This question comes out of fear. It’s the same issue again. Seems like a fractal equation can draw picture like this. This picture can show that indeed fractal equation can draw things that look natural. Can the actual universe be drawn by an infinite dimensional equation?

RICHARD: No ... the author of that webpage, whose god is known as AWI (pronounced ah-wee), is presenting a mathematical fantasy – as in the eleven-dimensional theoretical universe of m-theory – which properly belongs in the realm of science-fiction.

RESPONDENT: I see that in actuality, this body is breathing in this physical universe of the senses. And in reality, there’s an imagination of an Unknown equation. But how can I know for sure in my imagination, that physical universe can’t be drawn from an infinitudal equation?

RICHARD: You cannot know anything for sure in imagination (the dividing line between imagination and hallucination is entirely arbitrary).

RESPONDENT: If it can be, then I’m that equation and I loose all interest in life. It sucks.

RICHARD: What it takes is to remind yourself that you can only ever be that equation in imagination, and never in actuality (as that body breathing in the physical universe of the senses), and that fear can cripple rational thought on occasion.

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