Actual Freedom – Mailing List ‘D’ Correspondence

Richard’s Correspondence On Mailing List ‘D’

with Correspondent No. 7

Continued from Mailing List ‘AF’: No. 59

Re: Richard

May 10 2009

RESPONDENT No. 6: Thank you, Richard for sharing your experiences and discovery on the AF site. (...)

RESPONDENT: I second No. 6 ... also, thank you for:

Never allowing me to regard you as a guru (although sometimes I’ve felt that I could be yours ;-)

Helping me understand that a solution, however ingenious, has no significance if the problem does not exist (awesome time-saver).

Showing me that happiness really is a choice.

Please give my best to Peter and Vineeto.


P.S. Yes, life is grand!

RICHARD: G’day No. 7, Ha ... I could not be a guru even if I wanted to (which I do not, of course) as there is no psychic field, here.

And, yes, it is surprising how often one looks for a solution before checking to see if there is, in fact, a problem in the first place.

I am always pleased when someone grasps the fact that how this moment is experienced is indeed in their hands and their hands alone.

Which is, amongst other wonders, why life is grand.

Regards, Richard.

P.S.: I certainly will give your best to Peter and Vineeto (we are meeting for a social chit-chat tomorrow afternoon).

November 16 2009

Re: Peculiar Information # 5

RICHARD: As I finally received a long-expected phone call yesterday advising me of the death of my second wife (de jure), from a terminal illness first diagnosed in February this year, my reports will no longer have to be quite so circumscribed in regards her interactions with me.

RESPONDENT: I much appreciate that you have decided to share this information with us ... personally, it helps shine a different light on ‘my’ sense of importance and continuity. I didn’t expect it. I wish those that were in her life all the best.

RICHARD: G’day No. 7, Although that information was solely in the context of my reports being circumscribed, by the fact that the persons concerned were both readily identifiable and still alive, it did not elude me that the death of the very first practicing actualist was a salutary reminder that everybody is but a missed heat-beat or two away from death each and every day of their life.

(I also expanded upon just why my third wife was currently out of the country for added emphasis).

The very fact of the propinquity of death became a pivotal element in taking the first step on the wide and wondrous path, back in 1981, when a neighbouring farmer’s fourteen-year old son was killed in a car crash. A woman from another farm, whilst telling me all about it, bemoaned the fact that his future as a potential concert-pianist was tragically cut short (quite a normal observation).

What struck me rigid for the nonce was the more valid fact that this boy had virtually missed-out on a normal childhood through being forced, by well-meaning parents of course, into endless hours of piano-practice while his siblings and peers were outside playing games (as children are wont to do). And now he was dead – it had all been for naught – and he would never, ever be able to come out and play.

From that moment on death was my constant companion; an ever-present reminder that to die without having ever lived fully – as in totally fulfilled, completely satisfied, utterly content – was such a waste of a life.

I would say to people, then, that were I to live that which the PCE’s had made apparent – as in an irrevocable permanency – for only five minutes I would then happily die.

That is how precious an actual freedom from the human condition is.

Regards, Richard.

December 05 2009

Re: Just casual conversation....


[Richard]: ‘I have oft-times said that I would be delighted to meet, hear about, or read of somebody else in actual freedom so as to compare notes, as it were, and tease out what is idiosyncratic (bodily specific) from what is generic (species specific)’.

So... what with the 5-month PCE and all, have you been able to ‘tease out’ anything notable of late?

Specifically, is an actual freedom from the human condition a potential threat to my everyday cup of freshly-brewed caffeinated morning coffee?

RICHARD: No ... nor alcohol, either.

Regards, Richard.

December 08 2009

Re: Just casual conversation....

RESPONDENT: Specifically, is an actual freedom from the human condition a potential threat to my everyday cup of freshly-brewed caffeinated morning coffee?

RICHARD: No ... nor alcohol, either.

RESPONDENT: Thank you for replying, Richard.

RICHARD: G’day No. 7, Thank you for your eagle-eyed query ... and the brevity of my reply was due only to being about to head out the door for an appointment, as I had more to say about this topic, and omitted to add a ‘more later’ codicil before clicking send and setting off.

RESPONDENT: I will begin spiking my morning coffee then :o)

RICHARD: Ha ... that is something I have never done as, and this is just a matter of personal taste, it spoiled the flavour of the both the coffee and whatever it was spiked with (each of which were enjoyable on their own but not in combination). I have the same with chocolate and nuts: individually, yes, but as a combination, no (again but a matter of personal taste).

Be that as it may ... what I wanted to add is that over the past two years I have gradually been able to partake of a moderate amount of alcoholic drinks (which pleases me as I had always enjoyed a glass of wine with a meal, plus a post-prandial port and cigar with either very dark chocolate and/or nuts in the shell or a cheese platter).

My limit, however, is around about the equivalent of two ‘standard drinks’ and I still only drink decaffeinated coffee or a mild tea such as rooibos with bergamot. Also, apart from tobacco I use no other substances (such as marijuana and other criminalised vegetation) and if a no-nicotine tobacco was ever to be marketed – the equivalent to decaffeinated coffee – it would be of interest to me as any herbal substitutes I have tried are way too strong.

Another thing which has changed for me is that, whereas I used to sleep about 3-4 hours a night these days it is more like 4-5 hours. Sleep is still unconsciousness (no dreams) and I generally awake in the same position as falling asleep (usually no moving about).

I still only need one meal a day – with either cheese and crackers or a handful of nuts as a snack or for supper – as any more is just an uncomfortable experience. My diet is mainly a fresh salad with protein (usually seafood) although in the colder months a curry dish (either fish or chicken) with basmati rice is welcome ... as is a hearty stew (lamb or beef) with potato mash (liberally seasoned with butter, iodised sea salt and freshly cracked peppercorns).

A cold collation of ham (off the bone or prosciutto), bacon (pancetta), smoked fish (ocean trout/ atlantic salmon/ deep-sea tuna), sliced chicken breast and other delicatessen meats, pâtés and cheeses, with a fresh salad is an occasional option.

The only other thing worthy of comment is that, although I have been sexually inactive (celibate) for most of this past year, there have been no nocturnal climactic events (as contrasted to the previous period of celibacy, in my mid- thirties, where such was the norm about every 3-4 weeks). Although age may be a factor the most obvious reason is the total lack of libido (instinctual lust/ impulsive sex-drive) upon an actual freedom as distinct from a sublimated/ transcended libido in spiritual enlightenment/ mystical awakenment.

The total absence of sexual impulse is one of the many fringe-benefits of being freed from the instinctual passions: when with a sexual partner I can happily have sex all day and every day; when without a sexual partner I do not miss it at all ... not even in the slightest.

Also, I am really enjoying living on my own (having only ever done so for a three-month period previously) and filling in the word widower – rather than the words divorced or separated – on official forms, as being my marital status, does seem to have a certain cachet to it even in this supposedly liberalised/ non-discriminatory day and age. In other words, the only decent or seemly way, in societal eyes, to have a marriage end is through spousal death.

Regards, Richard.

December 10 2009

Re: :o)

RESPONDENT: Just wanted to bump Richard down so that I could have all five rows to myself (main page) ... a first for me (the norm for No. 5 ;-)

P.S. Cursed be the one that breaks it...

RICHARD: Ha ... just a quick note to let you know, as that was me (8041), your curse is currently languishing in the unfathomable depths of the intraversable abyss – aimlessly searching for its intended target – which lies at the extreme edges of the ‘real-world’ (the world of the psyche).

Regards, Richard.

P.S.: With the total absence of any psyche whatsoever, in this flesh and blood body, neither curses nor blessings can ever hope to reach their mark ... ‘tis a grand life where neither god nor demon has even the slightest chance of ever gaining a footing.

It is particularly great being thus god-proof, so to speak (‘proof’ as in bullet-proof, child-proof, fire-proof, oven-proof, sound-proof, water-proof and so on), and the sooner all the gods and goddesses cease meddling in human affairs the sooner there will be global peace and prosperity for all.

December 10 2009

Re: :o)

RESPONDENT: P.S. Cursed be the one that breaks it...

RICHARD: Ha ... just a quick note to let you know, as that was me (8041), your curse is currently languishing in the unfathomable depths of the intraversable abyss – aimlessly searching for its intended target – which lies at the extreme edges of the ‘real-world’ (...bla, bla, bla) [snipped by Respondent].

RESPONDENT: Yeah, well, my curse just so happens to be ... bla, bla, bla

RICHARD: Oh, look ... there’s a unicorn over there!

Regards, Richard.

Continued as discussion about Respondent No. 7 with No. 4

January 05 2010

Subject: Re: A Long-Awaited Public Announcement

RICHARD: ... this naive boy from the farm writing all these millions of words, this big kid with adult sensibilities tapping with two fingers at this keyboard, is perpetually aged circa 14 years (à la the ‘Peter Pan’ chronicles for example) until physical death.

RESPONDENT: It’s as if you are reading my mind ... I was going to type something very similar, you beat me to it!

RICHARD: G’day No. 7, Aha ... somebody finally understands!

You know, I have been telling this to people for years but to no avail ... for a recent instance:

• [Richard]: ‘ ( ... ) around the time of puberty onwards, adolescents become increasingly serious and childhood fun gives way to societally-inculcated obligations and responsibility.

As these are embedded into an instinctually affective programme (I have seen many a frisky lamb turn into a sedate sheep, and frolicsome calves into sombre cattle, as maturity takes its toll) they turn into having the appearance of being innate ... when they are not.

Life here in this actual world – the world of sensuous delight – is akin to being a child again but with the undeniable advantage of adult sensibilities; when the occasion calls for it I can adopt a suitably solemn expression, nod sagely as appropriate, and get away with being just a big kid having a ball in the otherwise grim and glum land of the grown-ups; indeed, I can even tell them how much fun I am having – that I am just a big kid – and yet they are so serious they assume me to be making some kind of obscure or idiosyncratic joke’. (message 8208)

Now, as far as I am concerned the above quote could not be more clear – I even provide an explanation via a frisky lamb/ frolicsome calves example and the [quote] ‘instinctually affective’ [endquote] cause for a sedate sheep/ sombre cattle plus the embedment into that [quote] ‘affective’ [endquote] programme of the societally-inculcated obligations and responsibility (as in morals and/or ethics and values and/or principles and beliefs and/or truths) – yet only recently two people, whom I know for a fact read all my posts to this forum, literally freaked out upon direct access to me as I actually am (perpetually aged circa 14 years) and absconded in a sheer funk from what they took to be an insane man with a dual personality/ split personality disorder.

I kid you not.

That episode was so real to them I have no choice but to make their utterly distressing experience public knowledge, so as to pre-empt any repeat while this new era is being ushered in, because the last thing I would want is more panic-stricken people being rushed to hospital by ambulance late at night due to their whole world falling apart upon their (totally believed) discovery that the originator of an actual freedom from the human condition is insane (is living a lie/is a charlatan/is a con-man/is a whatever) and, thus, that an actual freedom itself has a fundamental impurity.

(One of the two persons concerned returned to sensibility upon being reminded of the fact that, because when providing a report/ description/ explanation I say what I mean and I mean what I say, my words are to be taken strictly at face value).

RESPONDENT: I will never take you seriously again (I don’t think I can ever be serious again).

RICHARD: Good ... and I look forward to the day when 6.5 billion peoples also become incapable of ever being serious again. I know I have said it before, on many an occasion, but it is worth driving the point home that 160,000,000 sane people were killed in wars alone, in the last 100 years, by their sane fellow human beings and an estimated 40,000,000 people took life so seriously they committed suicide in the same 100-year period.

It is simply not possible to take life seriously here ... sincerely, yes, but seriously? No way ... life is much too much fun, here, to ever be serious.

RESPONDENT: Thank you for playing with me.

RICHARD: You are very welcome ... I have deliberately refrained from commenting on any of your excellent posts (those which came after the implications and ramifications of the ... um ... the ‘lonesome spinster’ issue took effect) so as to not unduly influence the unfolding process. (Plus I have been otherwise engaged, anyway, with local matters requiring my undivided attention).

RESPONDENT: P.S. I have nothing left to hide but, as I am finding out, still much to expose.

RICHARD: Or, put differently, still much to have exposed (by the unfolding process) whereupon all what is usually required of you is to make sense of what the unfoldment brings about so as to have the process proceed with all due dispatch.

(There is a distinct difference betwixt the actualism method and the actualism process – inasmuch the former is voluntary, or still-in-control, and the latter is involuntary, or out-from-control – to the degree that any comparison is akin to chalk and cheese in regards effect).

‘Tis nice to know you are here, No. 7, on this planet we all share.

Regards, Richard.

January 4 2013

Re: it is impossible to marry Actualism and Buddhism

RESPONDENT No. 19: ... there was some other privacy concern from another person, so maybe when time permits I can repost them back to this list with the edit of just one co-respondent’s name, only that it will flood everybody’s inbox – 47 count).

RESPONDENT: I assume you are referring to me (as ‘another person’) ... if so, thank you for the consideration, although I am not concerned about my (first) name (so please don’t take it upon yourself to edit this ‘co-respondent’s name’ as that is not an issue).

RICHARD: G’day No. 7, Your above comment regarding your [quote] ‘(first) name’ [endquote] caught my eye, the other day, and reminded me of something you had written in February last year (2012). Vis.:

From: [Respondent]
Date: Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:00 pm
Subject: Re: [No. 2] and [No. 4]
Dear No. 12, It’s very nice to ‘see’ you, too... thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your experience with the ‘actually free’. Regarding the drama, I don’t know [No. 12], I am confused about this, like I said … disharmony, all around.
I can’t state for a fact that Richard is innocent... and I can’t state for a fact that the ‘poltroons’, or what their inside information indicates, are in the wrong... but why did Richard recently name [No. 6 (Sock Puppet ‘A’)] again, by her real name, after this person explicitly demanded not to be named on this list (why do this, if you are free of malice and sorrow)?

Your query, and parenthesised comment, puzzled me at the time as it made no sense to critique me for the manner in which I was conducting my correspondence (which was clearly in accord with the agreement arrived at by both the parties concerned after some considerable discussion).

As it was of no particular interest to me at the time (your ill-informed opinion of me, as per that snide comment in parenthesis, is your problem and not mine) I attended to other matters instead.

However, as you pointedly bring it to the forum’s attention yet again – nearly a year later – it occurred to me that this was as good a time as any to draw attention to the fact that this whole don’t-mention-a-certain-person’s-first-name farce has gone on far too long.

Indeed, it appears that your co-respondent deleted four (4) of my posts from the public record (parking an edited copy of them in an obscure forum virtually nobody knows about is pointless) for a reason which exceeded his remit.

Furthermore, on each occasion I access this forum’s web archives, I am reminded again (as I type out both a user-name and password in order to do so) of that agreement arrived at after some considerable discussion.

What follows is a potted-version of how that agreement was arrived at. Vis.:

From: [No. 6 (Sock Puppet ‘A’)]
Date: Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:53 pm
Subject: Re: setting the record straight
[...]. If within 5 days all messages that I posted on this forum, where my name has been mentioned are not removed, I will take legal recourse against the list owners and moderators.


From: [List Owner]
Date: Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:55 pm
Subject: Re: setting the record straight
[Respondent No. 24]: Hi [List Owner], I think [No. 6] is not talking about self authored posts but any posts containing full or only first name.
BTW all posts containing full name have already been removed but those with only first name have not.
[List Owner]: I see. Thanks, [No. 24].
I don’t want to delete other people’s posts without their permission unless they contain something illegal or present a real risk of harm to others.
There are ways around this.
[No. 6] could try to obtain permission from each author to delete any post containing his/her name, but this would be difficult and time consuming.
An easier option would be to change the group settings so that the group archives are only visible to other members, not to the general public.
What do you think, [No. 6]? What exactly is the risk to you, and how is it best averted? Would making the archives private (ie. members only) solve the problem?
Regards, [List Owner]


From: [List Owner]
Date: Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:00 am
Subject: Re: The moderator is a staunch follower
[List Owner]: If you are concerned about your name being associated with AF and being findable by Google searches or similar, this could be solved by closing the list archives to the public, leaving them accessible to members only.
All posts containing your full name have already been deleted.
Regards, [List Owner]


From: [No. 6 (Sock Puppet ‘A’)]
Date: Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:36 am
Subject: Re: The moderator is a staunch follower
[List Owner],No. 19: thank you for the offer of helping.
Making past messages available to members only will help in some way. [...].
It will be helpful if all messages containing my name are deleted. Of course, if that is +impossible+ task for moderators of this forum, then make the archives accessible to members only. My apologies for a long winding message. I think it is time to stop wasting my time and that of others on this issue now. [...].

Do you not see that the whole point of making the archives ‘accessible to members only’ was so that all messages containing that *first name only* need not be deleted?

In other words, it was only ever the case of either the full name or the last name which was/is a concern – which is a concern I fully concur with of course (not that anyone takes the slightest notice of that) – yet this farce continues to this very day.

All of which brings me back to your Feb 15, 2012, query and parenthesised comment. Vis.:

[Respondent]: ‘(...) why did Richard recently name [No. 6 (Sock Puppet ‘A’)] again, by her real name, after this person explicitly demanded not to be named on this list (why do this, if you are free of malice and sorrow)?’ [endquote].

Do you now have an answer to your query (inasmuch you can now see, surely, I was acting in good faith/in accord with that agreement)?

Regards, Richard.



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