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Humour: A quality of action, speech, etc., which causes amusement; facetiousness, comicality; (more fully sense of humour) the faculty of perceiving and enjoying what is ludicrous or amusing; a sense of the ludicrous or amusing. Oxford Dictionary

Richard: It’s no big deal ... humour is just finding something funny.

It is possible to extinguish this identity – this ‘Me’ which is the second ‘I’ of Mr. Ventkataraman Aiyer (aka Ramana) fame – and go beyond enlightenment into an actual freedom. One then lives in this actual world of sensual delight that under-pins both the illusory grim and glum ‘everyday reality’ experienced by 5.8 billion people and the delusory loving and compassionate ‘Greater Reality’ experienced by 0.0000001 of the population. Then one is both happy and harmless automatically. Your sense of being – the real ‘me’ – is what is evidenced when one says: ‘But what about me, nobody loves me for me’! For a woman it is: ‘You only want me for my body ... and not for me’. For a man it is: ‘You only want me for my money ... and not for me’. For a child it is: ‘You only want to be my friend because of my toys (or sweets or whatever)’. This sense of ‘me’ – this being – arises out of the basic instincts that blind nature endowed us all with as a rough and ready ‘soft-ware’ package to make a start in life. These instincts – mainly fear and aggression and nurture and desire – appear as a rudimentary self. This is why it is felt to be one’s ‘Original Face’ – to use the Zen terminology – if one is open to ‘what is’.

You need to have a keen sense of humour. This business of becoming free is not – contrary to popular opinion – a serious business at all. Be totally sincere ... most definitely utterly sincere, as genuineness is essential. But serious ... no way. Humour is essential – it is inevitable in an actual freedom – and one has a lot of fun along the way. An actual freedom is all about having fun; about enjoying being here; about delighting in being alive. All that ‘being serious’ stuff actively works against peace-on-earth. One has to want to be here on this planet … most people resent being here and wish to escape. This method will bring one into being more fully here than anyone has ever been before. If you do not want to be here, then forget it.

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