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Please note that some of the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

Pure Intent

Intent: Firmly resolved on a purpose, inclination, will; what is willed, one’s desire. Oxford Dictionary

Pure: Not mixed with anything else, not adulterated. Oxford Dictionary

Pure: unalloyed, unmixed, unadulterated, uncontaminated, flawless, perfect, genuine, real, true; uncorrupted, non-corrupt, blameless, guiltless, sinless; stainless, spotless, unsullied, unblemished, impeccable, immaculate, blameless; sheer, utter, absolute, downright, out-and-out, complete, total, perfect, unmitigated, unqualified. Oxford Thesaurus

Peter: The driving force in the search for freedom from the Human Condition is intent. Only relatively few humans have sufficient interest or desire for freedom, while most remain content with the ‘normal’ pursuits of life. Up until now there have been only two choices – either remaining normal or pursuing the traditional spiritual path to an ‘other-worldly’ freedom of Enlightenment. Hundreds of millions of seekers have spent thousands of years pursuing the spiritual path with profoundly selfish intent yet the success in terms of those becoming Enlightened seems to number only in the thousands – an appallingly bad success rate. The intent of the spiritual seeker is always a tainted intent in that his or her goal is the Truth, the Good and Immortality for one’s soul, with its inherent promise of power, authority and glory.

The pure intent of Actual Freedom comes from the peak experience or PCE wherein one has a glimpse of the purity and perfection of the physical universe untainted by any ‘self’-ish and ‘self’-produced meta-physical imaginations. With pure intent as one’s guideline one will not settle for the ‘ego’-less Altered State of Consciousness that leads to the delusion of Divinity known as Enlightenment. One will settle for nothing less than living the ‘self’-less Pure Consciousness Experience of actual purity and perfection, 24 hrs. a day, every day.

Richard: Pure intent is derived from the purity of the PCE (which is when ‘I’ spontaneously cease to ‘be’) and everything is experienced to be perfect as-it-is at this moment and place ... here and now. Diligent attention paid to the pure consciousness experience gives rise to pure intent and with pure intent running as a ‘golden thread’ through one’s life, reflective contemplation about being here doing this business called being alive rapidly becomes more and more fascinating. When one is totally fascinated, reflective contemplation becomes pure awareness ... and then apperception happens of itself.

It is the quality of pure intent which pulls one forward with impunity ... pure intent transforms into action one’s determination to live a life full of gladness, peace and harmony with oneself, with a person of the other gender, and with all peoples. Pure intent produces total dedication – it is experienced as an irresistible enticement – and it makes it impossible not to do what is required (or to sweep an issue under the carpet and to let sleeping dogs lie) and to continue to conform to the long-failed dictates of the status-quo. Pure intent is not to be confused with being a ‘do-gooder’, or being full of ‘righteousness’, or being ‘moralistic’ or being ‘principled’. Pure intent is the quality that encompasses what morals and ethics aspire to but never reach. Pure intent is a manifest life-force; a genuinely occurring stream of benevolence and benignity that originates in the perfect and vast stillness that is the essential character of the infinitude of the universe. Freed by pure intent from the very necessary social constraints – designed to control a wayward ego and a compliant soul – one can have generosity of character without striving. Pure intent guides one in each and every situation and circumstance – it is an essential prerequisite to ensure a guaranteed passage through the psychic maze – until the primacy of ‘me’ as a psychological or psychic entity withers away.

With pure intent one will not rest until one has gone all the way.

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