Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a PCE Necessary for Practicing Actualism?

Before one can investigate beliefs, morals, etc does there have to be a recalled memory of a PCE?

So ... here it is the AF site & mailing list, an opportunity. Who can make a satisfactory use of this opportunity? Only those who can remember a PCE? I cannot recall a PCE in the sense that I cannot look into the past and say with absolute certainty ‘that was a PCE’ using actualist description as a standard. On the other hand, I can remember an ASC and I can definitely say ‘that was an out-of-the- ordinary consciousness experience’ and it was an ASC by actualist standards. Where are the PCE’s stored?

Secondly what about a person who has no memory of PCE. Is he/she in danger of getting trapped in virtual freedom itself as the ultimate? Then would you suggest that such a person should not try for virtual freedom before having a PCE? Or is it that virtual freedom may help in having a PCE?

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