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U. G. Krishnamurti

Uppalari G. Krishnamurti was born in Andhra Pradesh in 1918. He studied Philosophy in Madras University. He had early training in the scriptures and meditation. His quest, like many before, was spiritual – to realize the Self. He is indeed said to have attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Notwithstanding, his quest remained.

Because of family inheritance he never had to work. He went to the U. S. in the 1950’s seeking treatment for an illness of his son. (That son died recently in Bombay). He lectured in the US for Theosophical Society on Indian culture.

Personally he was a ‘misfit’, an unadjusted man. This led to family troubles. His family was sent back to India, his wife died in a mental asylum, and he never met the rest of his family until many years later. Meanwhile he was totally lost, drifting from place to place. Being financially and in every way broke, he ended up at the Indian embassy in Geneva, Switzerland, requesting a ‘lift’ to India. A Swiss lady who worked there called Valentine DeKervan gave him shelter and became a lifelong friend, travelling companion and benefactor of U.G. Now 87 and no longer able to travel, Valentine lives in Bangalore, South India. J.S.R.L. Narayana Moorty

U.G. claims that the thoughtless state occurs when thought collapses. What is left is the harmonious mode of function of the organism where thoughts appear and disappear in accordance with a natural rhythm and in response to a challenge. The body functions in a natural state freed from the morbid hold of thought. Thought per se is not the problem, but it is only its self-perpetuating process that is dangerous. The death of thought as a self-perpetuating mechanism involves death, as in the case of U.G.

Was it a state of trance? Mystic examples like Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Ramana Maharshi exist in India. But wherever it happened and to whom it ever happened, it is unique. In the case of U.G. the sensory system disappeared beginning with touch, then taste, smell, sight, hearing, one each day for five days. The order of the disappearance is striking. These sense organs went into dysfunction in the order of their development in the human fetus in the embryonic state. U.G. does not see any distinction between material goals and spiritual goals. Spiritual goals are as self-centered as material goals. Spiritual goals are illusory and only extensions of material goals. If you think of God, it is only for your security that you do. Faith in God is a means to achieve material goals. It is just a delusion.

His message is that he has no message for mankind. He cannot save us from our basic dilemma or from our self-deception. Yet he says, ‘If I cannot help you, no one can.’ Dr. O. S. Reddy, Hyderabad 1994

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