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Frequently Asked Questions

Questioning the Teachings?

‘No-one dares to question the Teaching itself’. What do you mean by that, exactly?

What if it is not gurus fault but people understood them incorrectly once they died.

For me it sure takes away from the validity of what he [Jiddu Krishnamurti] said if he didn’t live it.

Hum Richard, what does ‘sacrosanct’ mean? As long as you ‘show’ your knowledge your ‘Intelligence’ cannot show through (if there is any). Feelings are not real, they are like knowledge, a lie!! (No. 10, being non knowledgeable). Hum. Please tell me anew, what does sacrosanct mean to you, Richard, perhaps using one word? No. 10, an empty vessel, for something that is ‘not real’ (or real) to pass through, unencumbered!

Richard, it is not clear to me that, according to you whether: a) Buddha left a legacy to his community (Bhikkhus and others), a legacy under which freedom is attainable only after physical death. And hence this legacy is responsible for no peace on earth. Or: b) Buddha in some way personally responsible for no peace on earth because he ‘postponed’ freedom until the physical death. Or: c) Some other possibility which I have not thought of.

The second way being the assumption of a higher force power that can be asked for assistance to improve the quality of experience of a human being or even through a personal effort like for instance in Zen meditation. Historically it can be verified that here have been people who followed that second path and some of them claim that the achieved result in doing so (the following of that path) has been highly beneficial to themself if not generically speaking a goal to realise for everybody’s benefit (in other words something goooooood).

So despite the fact that most religions and philosophers often define enlightenment as the ultimate state of being at the same time as saying that don’t know what it is because they haven’t got there, you know what it is so well (without being there) that you say it is worthless.

As far as the Jesus stuff goes; it all began when you made the ‘flat earth’ statement, proceeding to attempt to disqualify him by virtue of some silly argument that went something like ... Well if Jesus knew so much why didn’t he tell his disciples ... I thought this was a foolish thing for one to say since it should be obvious to the average mind that not all Jesus said and did was passed on to us.

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