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Continued from Mailing List ‘AF’: Alan

Jun 21 2015

Re: Stuckness

ALAN to Claudiu: Hello again Claudiu,

I have been continuing to contemplate on your last post and doing much reading of what I previously wrote. Unfortunately I ‘lost’ all my files and correspondence when my computer crashed without a back-up in the early naughties so now only have the AF archives for reference.

I discussed ‘experiences’ extensively with Richard, Vineeto and Peter and the following exchange is perhaps the most relevant to our current discussion which I have found.

[Alan to Vineeto]: I am still none too sure what virtual freedom’ is – and it matters not one jot. It is all too easy, as I am prone to do, to get caught up in ‘intellectualising’ and setting ‘targets’. Peter continuously points out to us that what matters is enjoying and living this moment – a bit like the birds in ‘Island’ by Aldous Huxley, flying around, crying ‘Here and Now, Boys’. Activating one’s delight and joie de vivre at simply being here, in this moment, makes the difference between ‘good’ feelings and ‘feeling good’ and the ‘difference between virtual freedom and actual freedom’ meaningless questions – I am this moment living me – and it is so fantastic, so great – the doing of it, is what it is all about. While the enquiry and the finding are very necessary (and great fun) it is the doing which is the business. [...] (../actualism/vineeto/list-af/alan-c.htm#2.5.1999)

What I was attempting to convey to you was that ‘it is the doing which is the business’. Not the labels used to describe the experience nor where one is at on the ‘ladder’ to an actual freedom for there is no ‘ladder’. I said it in the above exchange. ‘If I am worrying about whether I have had a perfect day, or am living in virtual freedom, I am never going to have a perfect day’.

As I said in that exchange (and I think you know from our time in Australia) I tend to intellectualise and set targets so our current exchange has been of immense benefit in getting me to have another ‘dig about’ – or perhaps that should be another spot of ‘deep sea diving’.

RICHARD: G’day Alan,

As I happen to be at the ‘Yahoo Groups’ website at the moment – and given how you mention having thoughts such as ‘you are posting this to try and get RPV to respond’ – here is a quick online response from ‘R’ (and I say ‘quick’ because my current aim, as I advised in Message № 19547, is to continue on with my explication of the ‘peasant-mentality’ topic, responding in chronological order to the replies to my initial post, until it is fully comprehensible).

Where you say that what you were ‘attempting to convey’ to Claudiu was that ‘it is the doing which is the business’ – and ‘not the labels used to describe the experience’ – please be advised that it is the quality of ‘the experience’ (i.e., the quality of ‘the doing’ itself), which he is primarily concerned about on your behalf, as he is surely well aware of that hoary mystico-spiritual adage ‘the word is not the thing’ (i.e., that ‘the labels’ are not ‘the business’) or that hackneyed psycho-secular maxim ‘the map is not the territory’ (i.e., that ‘the labels’ are not ‘the doing’).

For what it is worth, I well recall the period when feeling-being ‘Peter’ first began putting what he was then reading in ‘The Actualism Journal’ into practice with a newly-found female companion – which ‘he’ wrote about in ‘Peter’s Journal’ – as it soon became obvious to both Grace and myself that the first flush of male-female attraction was self-evidently having ‘him’ under the impression that the sublime oneness-intimacy ‘he’ was experiencing (as in an ASC) was an actual intimacy (as in a PCE) and so we bided our time, until that (affectively-induced) ‘chemistry’ began to wear off and ‘he’ came to ‘his’ senses of ‘his’ own accord, as the heightened rush of blind-nature’s mating passions are too powerful a force to be reckoned with.

Why not enjoy it for what it is, Alan, rather than force-fit it into what it is not?


February 29 2016

Subject: Re Yet Another Summary of the Actualism Method

ANDRW: (Message № 22102). As far as I know/ remember this is the first time Richard has pointed out his concerns with [No. 49]’s way of going about actualism.

RICHARD: Well now, that is because it was the first time [No. 49] was openly dismissive of the actualism method – as depicted on the third and last scrolling banners in the ‘This Moment of Being Alive’ article – inasmuch he methought-it-was-therefore-it-was quite unhelpful to glibly produce, or pronounce, what is printed on those banners as being a method and, further, that in his opinion those banner words were not describing a method at all.

’Twas the step too far – which left me with no choice but to ‘head it off at the pass’, so to speak, lest it gather momentum through finding favour with any other entities instinctually more cunning than the norm[1] running with it – [...elided...]. (Richard, List D, Andrew, 28 February 2016)


[1]Wherever there be no underestimating the extent to which a lost, lonely, frightened and very, very cunning feeling-being will go in order to remain affectively-psychically in existence – millions upon millions of years of blind nature’s successful perpetuation of the species via its rough-and-ready instinctual survival passions blindly dictates no other course of action can ever instinctually come about – is where there be far less likelihood of ascribing to nescience that which quite properly has its roots in the visceral wiliness of the wild which has so successfully proliferated the species thus far.
It is no-one’s fault if they be more cunning – more instinctively wily – than the norm as it is genetic inheritance which determines the degree to which instinctual drives, urges, impulses, appetites, and all the rest, are operating.
’Tis no little thing what we are doing here on this forum – the implications and ramifications stemming from actively participating in this pioneering enterprise are truly enormous – and I am well-pleased to see the vitalising pioneer-spirit, which has brought the human race thus far, is not only still alive and well but, arguably, operating and functioning even better than ever!

ALAN: Hi Richard,

An erudite, thought provoking and, as always, hugely enjoyable read.

Reading “other entities more cunning than the norm” (to which ‘class’ I undoubtedly belong) got me to wondering whether being more cunning than the norm (as determined by genetic inheritance) also gives rise to “the vitalising pioneer-spirit”. If so (and experiential evidence – as amply documented on the Actual Freedom Trust website – indicates such being the case) it means that the posters to this list (Richard excluded) are the most cunning bastards currently alive on the planet. And I find that more than a little amusing.

Life was meant to be fun


RICHARD: Alan, just a brief note whilst perusing the latest posts online because, and speaking quickly, you have it totally ...ahh... spout face as the vulpinism in question – as specifically referenced by Footnote № 1 above (i.e., “the visceral wiliness of the wild”) – is the direct opposite of naïveté (naïve = guileless, artless, ingenuous, unsophisticated, open, aboveboard, direct, frank, straightforward, child-like, simple &c.).

Of particular note is the explanatory words therein – parenthesised by em-dashes (viz.: “millions upon millions of years of blind nature’s successful perpetuation of the species via its rough-and-ready instinctual survival passions *blindly dictates no other course of action can ever instinctually come about*”) for prominent effect – which must surely indicate to even the most casual reader that this ‘visceral wiliness of the wild’ in question could never, ever, possibly be that which [quote] “also gives rise to ‘the vitalising pioneer-spirit’” [endquote] so essential to effecting radical change.

As your back-to-front discombobulation may very well be indicative of a ‘more cunning than the norm’ cozener – perhaps even of such an upside-down vulpecular callidity as to be instinctually impelled into the sliest casuistry only ever dreamed of by a normal knavishness (stopping short of being so perfidiously jesuitical as to be positively machiavellian however) – such tergiversation reminds me of what feeling-being ‘Vineeto’ reported after the first few weeks of listening to me/ reading my words.

Speaking in regards to the effects any and all attempts to fit this totally new paradigm into ‘her’ existing mindset were having, ‘she’ explained the process as being ... (1.) as if ‘her’ brain was being turned upside-down ... and how (2.) ‘she’ was having to relearn how to think all over again.

Could it be a stage you have skipped, perchance, upon having jumped the gun?




The Third Alternative

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