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RESPONDENT: One thing that puzzled me though – I could understand the objections to all the content (as I was going through all that), but why the respondents objected to the style and coherent presentation and inquiry into the issues involved? why did they cop-out in between? of course the answer can be found within me: the various beliefs and opinions one has is not interested in total and coherent inquiry; it is far, far difficult to substantiate all the emotionally felt ‘truths’ etc. which are ‘previously acquired images/ideas that reflect neither autonomous reasoning nor apperception’.

RICHARD: Yes ... the term ‘cognitive dissonance’ would be better described as a ‘feeling-fed cognitive dissonance’ as it is not just a mental blockage which causes people to be unable to grasp innovative things that are to their own advantage and to fight so hard to retain the existing belief systems which are inimical to their welfare.

It is the strangest of incongruities in regards to human pertinacity that peoples will invent reasons and struggle to maintain a state of affairs that is detrimental to their own advancement ... even those conditions which enslave them.


RESPONDENT: ... sometimes I find that Richard does not seem to be able to read between the lines in the way that I and others on the list can. I have considered that to be evidence of his having lost an affective faculty – but it makes communication with him painfully difficult for me.

PETER: Have you noticed that a good many people come to this list expecting their egos to be pampered to, wanting to have the usual wishy-washy superficial conversations about the human condition, wanting to keep the conversation on a philosophical level, hoping to have their pet beliefs confirmed, wanting to keep their cards close to their chest rather than lay them on the table or desperately wanting to prove Richard wrong presumably in order that they can then dismiss actualism and continue on living their life as-it-is? And have you also noticed that so many leave in a huff when their expectations are not met?


   Richard is not the first to be free from the Human Condition

   Richard only pretends or imagines to be free.

   I think Richard does have feelings.

   Actualism is not new.

   The actualism method is not unique.

   A Pure Consciousness Experience is not universal


  There is no proof that that the actualism method works.

   The actualism method does not work.

   The actualism method is too difficult.

   Actualism makes empty promises.

   Virtual freedom is sham.

   Actualism is dogmatism and insists on ideological purity.

   Everyone has to find their own way to freedom.


  I don’t like your style.

  Nitpicking, Differences are merely semantic.

  One-Up-Man-Ship, confrontational and defensive

  Actualists are arrogant and think they know-it-all.

  Actualists are authoritative and have to be always right.

  Actualists are proselytizing and too verbose.

  Actualists are condescending and aggressive


  Actualism is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  Richard is malicious

  Actualists are twisting my words

  Richard is attacking Jiddu Krishnamurti

  Truth cannot be spoken.

  No proof that God doesn’t exist

  No proof that time and space actually exist


  Richard is insane.

  Actual Freedom is drug-induced / just like on drugs.

  Actualists are only after your money

  Without instinctual passions we have no defence against attacks from aliens

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