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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Identity?

You claim that ‘this body called Richard hosts no identity whatsoever’. I would like to understand more deeply what it is that the body called Richard does not host. What do you mean by ‘identity’? You also claim that there is ‘a flesh and blood body being apperceptively aware’. Is not that bodily apperceptive awareness, your identity? Identity is ‘the state or fact of remaining the same one, as under varying aspects or conditions’, ‘the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another’ (Macquarie, 2nd. ed.). Are you claiming that there is nothing that remains the same (in you) as (your) sense and reflective experience changes?

G’day Richard, How do I learn and discover the essence of who ‘I’ am? Thank you.

I have yet to get an answer for how to detect ‘I’ ... (and location of ‘I’, ‘me’, etc)

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