Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Asked Questions

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  What is the purpose of this life on earth as a human being?

   What is happiness?

   What is the meaning of ‘matter is not merely passive’?

   What do you mean by Virtual Freedom?

   Where does pure intent come from?


  Is remembering a PCE necessary for practicing actualism?

   How do I induce a PCE?

   What is apperception?

   What is actual intimacy?


  What is thought?

   What is consciousness?

   What is the identity?

   Can I disappear the ‘I’ and the ‘me’?

   The universe is both infinite and eternal?

   The universe is perfect?


  The answer to ‘How am I experiencing this moment of being alive?’ (Also )

   What is the risk of using the actualism method?

   Is there a rapid way to Actual Freedom?

   Difference between ‘nipping it in the bud’ and suppressing a feeling?

   Are there multi-layered meanings in actualist writings?

   Does actualism accept/ reject ethics/ psychology?

   Is actualism applicable everywhere on earth?

   Is Actualism for mentally ill people?


  What are instinctual passions?

   Why do you say that animals are unhappy?

   What to do with the instinctual passions?

   How to end fear?

   How to end anger?

   How am ‘I’ humanity and humanity is ‘me’?

   How can you survive without instinctual passions?

   No instinctual passions, no hormones?


   How can you live without identity?

   I don’t understand life without feelings.

   How do you experience music without feelings?

   How do you determine a perfect day without feelings?

   Why is love (Love) no solution?

   What are vibes and psychic powers?

   Is it good for the body to engage in regular exercise?


   How can you be certain there is no life after death?

   Why question the spiritual teachings?

   Do you see Enlightenment as pathological?

   Is Enlightenment a necessary step to become actually free?

   How did you become Enlightened?

   How do you know you are not God/ the Antichrist?

   What happened at the seminal event?


   Why the Actual Freedom Website?

   Why do you charge for the Journals?

   What is role of the Actual Freedom Trust?

   Do you give talks? Could I write to you personally? Can I meet you?

   Why Don’t You Publish Live Dialogues? (Comments on Published Videos)

   How briefly can your way be taught?


  Richard’s personal life before Actual Freedom (see also )

  Richard’s personal life

   Richard’s personal relationships

   Sex without Libido?

   Do you sleep, dream?

   Why do you drink coffee and smoke cigarettes?

   Do body and personality change with the death of the identity?

   Did you have a brain scan?


  What is the difference between actualism and Vipassana?

   What is the difference between actuality and the Truth?

   What is the difference between reality and actuality?

   Is there a difference between a realisation and an actualisation?

   What is the difference between feeling-caring and actually caring? (See also)

   What is the difference between apperception and choiceless awareness?

   What is the difference between the ego and the soul?

   What is the difference between good feelings and feeling good?

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