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Frequently Asked Questions

Did You Have a Brain Scan?

Have you ever had a brain scan done? A nuclear magnetic resonance scan, electric or an infrared scan to determine the active versus inactive areas of your brain?

I’ve had basically two questions in regard to a possible neurological condition for your current state. 1. Were the psychiatrists aware of the possibility of TLE or any other Temporal lobe affection and whether or not you have discussed the matter? 2. Have you had/have they recommended a brain scan? 

You have mentioned that you took DSM-IV or a psychiatric appraisal; were you ever interested in a MRI or relevant brain scans … And if done, though they haven’t located the self, would you think you will be aiding the research? I don’t know much about the scans, but I thought since you are a singular case, some such measurements can provide some pointers to those (just like the brain circuitry examples in the writings). Do you think comparing scans of normal being like myself with yours reveal useful information? The purpose to make sense of the data is what exactly has happened to Richard’s brain using the neuroscientific knowledge we have now.

No 80 questioned or thought whether or not the part of the brain with monitored high activity involved in producing happiness for the Buddhist monk while meditating is also involved in producing (a-caused) happiness for an actualist asking ‘Haietmoba?’ while apperception is operating. The spiritualists have their happiness backed up by scientific fact. What would happen to an actualist who underwent the same study? If no actualist is willing to undergo this study could we not conclude that Actualists are unwilling to look at the facts, while spiritualists are? Peter, what you are saying makes complete sense, but both you and Richard are unwilling to open to such a scientific study.

How does the extinction of that survival package [blind nature’s rough and ready survival package] translate at the level of brain architecture? What changes? And where’s the evidence? Not only no major re-wiring, but no re-wiring at all took place, nothing changed in the way your neurons function – nothing observable from the outside. Is the demise of ‘me’ a simple (un-)learning process involving the neural network in its structure (...)

... where does that identity live, neuronwise? So self-immolation, to speculate wildly, implies some restructuring in/bypassing of/deletion of/change in the firing pattern of neurons in the substantia nigra? To translate into the neurological terms which you have given above ‘twas but another metaphorical inquiry about neurological remainders of the ‘self’. In light of your response here I would ask: what happened to your substantia nigra? A closer (neuro-scientifical) investigation of these aspects might, if it serves to convince some actual sceptics, be of use for this world.

No. 15 and No. 14, your posts asking for proof [fear response test] are excellent. I will repeat: I’m not a neo-buddhist skeptic like you [...]. Note about needs of proof: If that firsts astronauts didn’t have bring to Earth some rocks from the Moon, probably we will have much more than hoaxes today about Apollo 11. Credibility, dignity, sincerity, honesty, integrity, you name... in this consciousness business are the utmost, at least to me.

Have you heard of [No. 5] who has no knowledge and is asking for a proof from Richard by way of a fear response test? Maybe you missed my later post but later on I revised the test. Instead of firing a shot close range, I asked Richard to play a video game involving war. I’m sure Richard has plenty fun already and won’t need the videogame. Point is, the test that you propose is terrible.

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