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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at the Seminal Event?

What causes the death (of the ego; of the soul)? Is it a physical event? Part of the cause & effect universe? What was your last thought/ feeling before the events?

By saying ‘counter-frequency thought’ I mean the exactly right thought/words that will someday do the trick. I’m thinking the exactly right thought/idea will be the one that exactly duplicates the function/purpose of the psyche/identity, and because two things cannot occupy the same space, then, ZAP. ... You say it doesn’t end itself, but pushes a button to make it happen. What is that button? You are the one who experienced the emotionally fabricated nature of your identity that day out in the pasture planting trees.

Richard, you wrote: [quote] ‘I see that extracting myself from the Altered State Of Consciousness and finding out an alternative way of living, outside of any psychic consciousness at all, is the optimal choice, a freely selected way to live no matter how macabre and gruesome this transition phase is proceeding.’ (../richard/selectedwriting/sw-asc.htm). I am intrigued by the words macabre and gruesome and I’m curious as to which aspect of your new condition made you choose words that are usually (AFAIK) associated with fear, revulsion or horror, even though fear could not have been present. Was it mainly the shock of being unable to locate any ‘self’ whatsoever? Or was it perhaps the shock of the intense physicality of post-psychic existence? Also, do you think the macabre and gruesome nature of the transition phase is an inevitable consequence of going through psychic disintegration or did the fact that you had been in an altered state for the preceding 11 years make it more macabre and gruesome than it would be for a ‘normal’ person?

By the time you became actually free you had experienced numerous PCE’s, some of which had come while painting and/or listening to music. If I am not mistaken, you had even produced some of your best work when ‘you’ were absent. Why, then, would it be disconcerting, or even surprising, to find yourself experiencing on a permanent basis something which you had experienced many times before and had actively sought to make permanent? Also, if I may ask, how did you experience being disconcerted without the affective faculty? I understand that, but I do not yet understand how such perplexity can be experienced as suffering when there is neither physical pain nor affective distress. You seem to have suffered a lot during that period, yet you also say that actual freedom is the end of all suffering.

Presumably the 1992 sensational event had somewhat different qualities to it. What particulars about the two events seem to be significantly different? Was passionate altruism as motivating as previously? Or was disgust with the trap of ‘being’ more to the forefront? What in particular stands out as entirely unique to the 1992 event that makes you confident that it was unknown to all other humans? What other specifics are unique to Richard? * Presumably, in spite of the ‘aggrandising’, it took you 11 years to get what was happening sufficiently to do something about it.

Richard, you wrote [quote] ‘Becoming free of the human condition is a physiological occurrence, centred at the nape of the neck (the top of the brain-stem/ base of the brain), wherein the ‘lizard-brain’ mutates out of its primeval state ... but if this mutation is not allowed its completion one becomes enlightened’ [endquote]. What do you mean by [quote] ‘but if this mutation is not allowed its completion one becomes enlightened’ [endquote]. Is it physically not possible for some for this mutation to be allowed completion?

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