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Please note that some text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Hedonism: The doctrine or theory of ethics in which pleasure is regarded as the chief good or the proper aim. Devotion to or pursuit of pleasure. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: Malice and sorrow are so endemic and intrinsic to the Human Condition that Hedonism has a very bad press. Anyone seen to be too happy, or indulging in pleasure is quickly bought back into the fold with comments like – ‘It won’t last’, ‘you’re just avoiding’ or ‘you’re just repressing’. Another line used is that ‘you don’t care for others’ as the sacred covenant of human compassion – an agreement to common suffering – is seen to be broken. For an actualist the breaking of this covenant, together with freeing oneself from a blighted Humanity, is an essential step to becoming free of malice and sorrow. To run the gauntlet of scorn is the lot of the pioneer and the scorn heaped on Hedonism is of the ‘sour grapes’ variety, but to run the gauntlet of scorn is the lot of the pioneer.

Richard: The perfection of this moment in eternal time and this place in infinite space is so pleasurable that people who call me a hedonist are missing the mark … hedonism is nowhere near as pleasurable as this that is my on-going experiencing. As I have been living in this invaluable condition for five years now, endeavouring to convey to others the priceless character of an actual freedom from animosity and anguish – as distinct from having merely transcended and smothered them over with a honeyed coating of Love Agapé and Divine Compassion – then I am inordinately pleased whenever someone can grasp what this means for peace on earth. It is one thing to bask in Rapturous Bliss, Ineffable Ecstasy and Exalted Euphoria while perpetuating the status-quo and quite another to delightedly enjoy the ripples of pleasure that this body is patently capable of manifesting whilst actualizing benignity and blitheness.

These organic waves of sensational pleasure are usually constrained by the demands of the entity for emotional and passionate feelings … which are the synthetic compensations for the supposed indignity of having to be here at all as this despised body. When the psychological – and psychic – entity willingly abdicates its sovereignty and takes its leave, the senses can act in their optimum manner … just as when a normal person becomes blind, for instance, all the other senses are heightened. The result is a phenomenal increase in the pleasurable sensitivity of being a corporeal body in this very physical world. The resultant benevolence produces easy good-will, kindness and altruism, for one is living in a friendly world … made all the more amiable because of the innate munificence and magnanimity of the purity of the perfection of the infinitude of the universe as is evidenced only at this moment in time.

This is important to comprehend, for under different conditions thoughtful people are prone to jumping to the conclusion that one would then be an out and out hedonist – an unfortunate appellation for I rather like the term and wished it received far better press – yet as a matter of fact and actuality, one is demonstrating one’s appreciation of all that the universe can offer by being here in a palpable and tangible sense. Instead of standing back and expressing a feeling – an emotion or passion – about this world, one is saying yes to existence in the most evident and obvious way … with tactile approbation and sensibly discernible relish. One is fully committed, for one has realised that life is inherently perfect ... and it is possible to live that perfection all the time. Then – and only then – is one being here. Being here is a direct experiencing of the actuality of this moment that is hanging in time and is vastly superior to ‘me’ as an identity ‘living in the present’. When one is actually being here, one is totally immersed, completely involved in living. One is no longer ‘holding back’, saving oneself for Something after death or Someone who is deathless. One is out from control; no more is one keeping part of oneself in reserve, for this moment is freely living me ... and I am all of me. Being here as an actuality is to be doing what is happening with the full endorsement of one’s entirety.

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