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Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Actualists Don’t Care

To assume malice (or crass opportunism, or profiteering) where none is present is a classic example of the human condition in action as well. ... Why didn’t you contact Srid individually before accusing him in public? Just curious. Is that an instance of actual caring? ... I hold that accusing someone of ignoble intent in public, before verifying that intent first by private communication (when such communication is possible), is not sensible and caring.

The most striking aspect of this for me is the incredible lack of perspective and lack of generosity that Richard shows in regard to Srid’s intentions. ... No, it’s easy enough to speak frankly without being harsh. In any case, it’s not the overt ‘harshness’ that I had in mind. It’s what the harshness (apparently) proceeds from: a lack of perspective and generosity / magnanimity with respect to Srid’s intentions. ... People can bend over backwards to explain Richard’s ungracious attitude toward his fellow human being, as they always do; that’s their business; I just don’t see it as something to like or admire or aspire to ... more a case of needing to maintain interest in the PCE/AF condition despite how Richard manifests it in relation to others.

Richard, if I were to knock-knock on your brain there will be no-one to answer, let alone your heart?

The point under discussion right now]: that of your aggressive style of communication. I presume you want to say that I do not ‘actually care about my human being’ whereas you do. Do you have any evidence to back up your above claim about me? Since people who visit this website and mailing list are within the human condition, is it too much to suggest that your conversational style is mostly counter-productive ...

Richard wrote: ‘life is too much fun to take it seriously.’ [link to a news item about a recent seismic sea-wave] Yeah fun, fun, fun for every one. Let’s bury the dead .... such fun! Let’s dig out our dead ... fun, fun, fun! Perhaps we should hand them Richard’s method as they bury their loved ones. Perhaps in addition to food, clothing, building materials, etc, we should give them one copy of Richard’s Journal on how to have fun whilst losing your life and your loved ones’ lives.

Your inability to discern the difference in impact between individuals dying daily of old age, accident, disease, or ignorance, and this on-going horror as millions of human beings try to deal with a mass tragedy on a scale never experienced in our lifetimes reveals you to be a callous and mentally dissociated sick human being.

Were you having fun when you heard about the tsunami? Did you lift a finger to help?

I find neglecting someone telling, that he has gone into a state of psychosis to the degree that he had to have himself be taken for psychiatric treatment, an apt sign that caring is not a word that is coined in the actualist dictionary. So … not only that the Actualist method is not working (save for some morons who blindly accept all the hogwash about instincts) it [the actualism method] is downright dangerous especially as Richard may be a severely affectively disabled/handicapped personality. If you read an allegation into that you are right, the charges are malpractice in the field of psychotherapy, because no matter how you’ll twist and turn it, that’s what you (and your actualist henchmen) have been doing teaching a quack method stepping way beyond their expertise in psychotherapy

(Yep ... so far for actual caring.) Why be surprised? These people are actively trying to abort their souls. They’re deadly sincere. Did you think they were joking? Actualism is all about cutting themselves off from their own and other people’s suffering. There are people here who claim that their ‘actual caring’ is superior to affective caring. But what does this superior brand of post-human ‘actual caring’ amount to? In practice it amounts to nothing at all.

Does actual freedom make you respond as though you were in complete freedom from social graces too?

Now you’ve pulled out your history of grudges against the identity formally known as <No. 56> ... Don’t feel you have to protect me ...

Actualism won’t spread like a chain letter till we ‘actually care’ enough to learn how to observe and examine human instincts without ‘investigating’ them as though they are criminal.

Your inability to discern the difference in impact between individuals dying daily of old age accident disease or ignorance, and this on-going horror as millions of human beings try to deal with a mass tragedy on a scale never experienced in our lifetimes reveals you to be a callous and mentally dissociated sick human being. So often AFers assume no one else is capable of comprehending that actual, practical caring is minus the self-indulgent warm fuzzies and that neither does it kowtow to protect the self or others from the [dreaded] facts.

What a degenerate world this would be if all human beings were sick actualists like you, smuggly sitting back feet up watching tragedies from the comfort of your government funded lounge room, rising reluctantly off your bludging arse between rollies and decaf to tap out trite words about the virtues of doing nothing and the marvels of having no desire to help not to mention nothing to donate. Brain damaged (and therefore) on a government pension pretending no one cares or cared about any other deaths so why should they (or you) care about this horrific tragedy?

I suppose we should not take the fact of our parents coming down with some disease seriously. I suppose we should not take the fact of one of our children’s untimely deaths seriously & see how much fun that whole episode brings to each and every one of us. I suppose we should abandon our young children to trot the globe in pursuit of our deluded dreams of becoming the first actually free person ever. That would explain why life is too much fun to take serious or seriously or to be serious. I suppose all these wars, rapes, murders, injustices of man on his fellow man would qualify as not serious, not to be taken seriously or just to be plain fun.

On further reflection, Richard, I don’t see much point in thinking about you or your claims any longer. Whatever it is you’ve discovered I’m sure it is great fun for you but there is also an obvious (to me) brokenness in there somewhere ... and it is not something I want. Selflessness, absence of malice and sorrow, should (I think, and remember from various times in life, not just PCE’s) result in an easeful and friendly manner that isn’t defensive, pedantic, prone to rub people’s noses in their every mistake, lord it over people, put them down, etc. It should be an obvious improvement that everyone wants to emulate ... but instead you seem for all money to be a prick that everyone bends over backwards to make allowances for on account of you having something to offer.

Richard, why do you say you are free of malice when you make the decision to occasionally say something to someone on this list that would obviously insult/ upset/ piss off? Just very recently you told No. 53 that he might not be able to understand grown-up words ... remember?

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