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Please note that the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Judgement: 1 The action of trying a cause in a court of justice; trial. 2 In some faiths: the judgement of humankind by God expected to take place at the end of the world, when each is rewarded or punished according to his or her merits. 3 A divine sentence or decision; (joc.) a misfortune or calamity regarded as a divine punishment or as a token of divine displeasure. 4 The pronouncing of a deliberate (esp. adverse or critical) opinion on a person or thing; an opinion so pronounced. 5 In biblical translations: a justice, righteousness b a divine decree or ordinance; c a sentence or decision in a person’s favour. 6 The formation of an opinion or notion concerning something by exercising the mind on it; an opinion, an estimate. 7 a The function of the mind by which it arrives at a notion of a thing; the critical faculty. b Good judgement; discernment. A person having (good) judgement. d Reason, senses, wits. 8 Logic. The action of predicating or mentally apprehending the relation between two objects of thought; a proposition, as formed in the mind. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: Whenever Vineeto and I talk or write of becoming free of the Human Condition, we are often seen (judged?) as being judgemental or attacking and not tolerant or respectful of the other’s position. In considering this, the only sense I make of it is that we are threatening in that we are putting into practice the concept that one can become free of the Human Condition – i.e. how human beings think, feel, believe and imagine themselves to be and how they are instinctually programmed by blind nature to function. Now any sensible investigation of the Human Condition involves observation, investigation, comparison, contemplation, consideration and judgement. One has to come to a conclusion as to what is silly and what is sensible, otherwise the whole exercise is merely intellectual wanking.

Having made a judgement as to what is best, then action is required – one is compelled to action, unless one wants to settle for second-best – but that’s another story. So no bleatings of ‘you’re being judgemental’ will work with me – it’s a furphy that’s been bandied around since morals and ethics were first chiselled in stone and devised to silence the sensible. ‘Judge ye not’ is a platitude invented by God-men and other charlatans in order that no one would question the rest of their inane platitudes. It is one of many dimwitticisms, passed off as Guru-wisdom, that have no other meaning or purpose than to keep their followers and disciples under control, humble, grateful, loyal and, above all, non-thinking.

But if anyone wants to remain as they are, second-rate, rooted in the past, or off in la-la land, then fine. Somewhere there is a Peter or a Vineeto who might appreciate a bit of ‘judgemental’ straight talking, a first hand account about becoming free of the Human Condition, what it’s like to challenge all beliefs, what it’s like to leave one’s ‘self’ behind. I strongly recommend being judgemental – making a judgement, an evaluation, a discernment, a decision, a finding, an appraisal, an assessment, a conclusion. At the very least one practices thinking, at best it may provoke action, at worst you may be inaccurate and need to re-assess. This is the process of learning called trial and error. One simply proceeds to what is sensible and what works, and one finds one has discovered a fact. And one can rely on a fact. It takes a little practice but eventually ‘you’ become redundant in the game as the facts start to speak for themselves.

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