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Please note that the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

Real and Reality

Real: That is properly so called; genuine; natural, not artificial or depicted; having an absolute and necessary, not merely a contingent, existence. Aware of or in touch with real life. Corresponding to actuality; correct, true. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: As opposed to the actual world, the ‘real’ world is a world where things, events and people are seen in the light of one’s ‘self’-ish perspectives, morals, beliefs and values and the over-riding animal instinctual passions that are innate in every human being. Hence what is right for some is wrong for others, what is true for one is false for another, what is beautiful for one is ugly for another, and the primary emotional view of the world is one of fear and aggression.

In this way one’s view of the physical world, is in fact illusionary, given that it is always an affective response, i.e.. variable according to the predilections of who is interpreting it. ‘Reality’ being illusory, no two people are ever able to see or experience anything, anyone or anything happening as a fact, let alone come to any mutual agreement about reality.

The spiritual people recognize this subjective view of the world to be illusionary, as in not actual, but then practice a further separation by pretending the actual, physical actual world is an illusion as well, thus completely losing all grip on reality. To check whether the physical world is illusionary it is recommended that one puts a peg on one’s nose, tape over the mouth and waits 10 minutes. As one rips the tape off, gasping for breath, what is actual is readily apparent.

That which can be experienced by the senses is actual – touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing – and the actual world, free of the veneer of malice and sorrow, can be sensately experienced in a Pure Consciousness Experience as perfect and pure, delightful and benevolent. There is no fear, aggression, sorrow or malice in a tree, a cloud, a table or a computer.

We do, however, see instinctual fear and aggression readily apparent in other sentient beings, and it is brutally apparent in humans in the endless wars, rapes, murder and torture, sadness and despair, even if one is incapable of seeing it in oneself or too proud to admit it. The real world is a world of feelings, emotions, beliefs, passions, morals, principles, rights, justices and truths, laid over the actual world. It may well be an illusion as the spiritual people see it, but those feelings, emotions and beliefs are real and cause actual wars, violence and suffering. Now wouldn’t it be sweet to be actually free of the real world and be able to live free of malice and sorrow in the actual world!

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