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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between Reality and Actuality?

I do not understand exactly what you are saying. Actuality is not always ambrosial.

You distinguish between real and actual things the same as between illusory and actual things. It seems very unclear considering their definitions. In any case, since no thing labelled real or actual has any truly independent ongoing substantial existence, we can say that its existence is apparent. Clinging to the notion of some truly existing ‘me’ or some truly existing actual thing or physical body or physical universe seem to be an expression of the same fearful clinging.

When a person is not experiencing either ASC or PCE, what is one experiencing? Is the ‘actual’ person NOT seeing the ‘actual’ world? NOT hearing the ‘actual’ world? NOT smelling, tasting, and touching the ‘actual’ world? I haven’t noticed people walking into walls or failing to respond when called. What’s happening? I won’t presume that my understanding based on my experience matches yours, but I find it intriguing that you used the phrase ‘pasting as a veneer over actuality’. I understand that all 6B+ persons are experiencing the ‘actual’ world but in addition to that, like a veneer, imagine and project concepts such as social relationships. In this way, ‘PCE’ is always available, in fact occurring now, and is experienced when we cease believing in concepts and/or free our attention from them.

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